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This is one of my biggest gripes with FUT in general and Im sure many feel the same way

This is one of my biggest gripes with FUT in general and Im sure many feel the same way. But I see a lot of stuff writtent so I wanted to clear a couple things up and give my take on things.

Inflation in the FUT market is horrible, when you see players like Messi and Ronaldo rise 600k in a week how are you supposed to compete with that? How much can you legitimately make while trading/playing games. We saw what happened to the FUT 14 market towards the end.

Inflation, or the increase of coins in the market is caused by:

1) Playing games and rewards
2) Discarding cards bought with fifa points
3) Free packs/gifts
4) Glitching

1 and 2 are completely natural and part of the game, 2 doesnt even add many coins to the market (how much do you discard a pack for 2k at most?). 3 does not have that big of an effect on the market overall, it helps get things started at the beginning. 4 is where the real problem is. Glitchers make 10’s of millions of coins per account each week. Take a look at the match coin leaderboards, it does not take a genius to figure out its impossible to play that amount of games in 7 days. This causes a huge problem to the market for your average gamer. The people who buy these glitched coin do not care so much how they use the coins as the coins are in effect much better value that coins returned by fifa points, making these coins ‘cheap’. These cheap coins inflate the prices of the top players ridiculously. Id go so far as too say its an epidemic that ruins the market.

Deflation, or the decrease of coins on the market is caused by:

1) Opening packs
2) Trading
3) Keeping cards in your club

Opening packs with coins is 100% deflationary, it cost 7.5k for a premium gold pack on average it would probably return about a third of that, 2.5k, over the course of the year. You might get lucky sometimes but overall it averages out less. Opening packs with fifa can be inflationary if you straight discard, but also deflationary if you sell the cards on the market.

Trading deflates the market as every time you trade you lose 5% when you sell a player ‘EA tax’. This is needed tbh because without this the market would inflate out of control. I dont know the statistics but the amount of items on the market I would assume it more than makes up for the amount of match coins earnt that inflates the market.

Obviously keeping cards in your club deprives the market of these cards and is thus deflationary. These cards would have come out of packs at some point.

Coin sellers do not inflate the market as a rule, they infact deflate the market with their AB’s and real money sales. The problem I have with them is that these bots control the prices on the market, basically redistributing coins from your pockets to theirs. Some might consider themselves smart because they’re able to do it and make real money from it but having computers to do your work for you is an unfair advantage. Regardless, Im talking about the gaming aspect of it and they have no concern for your average gamer.

EA has a tough job on their hands controlling this market as it has become so lucrative financially, its almost a victim of its own success. Where they have fallen is they have become greedy manipulating probabilities of packing high rated players for their own gain. Ea keeps the probabilities low expecting people to open a lot of packs. It is in effect like gambling, and seeing some gamblers have a big win with a lucky pack pull encourages other gamblers to gamble. We all want that high rated card. And when we open packs and get nothing we feel cheated, the coins/fifa points do not seem worth the value assigned to them. So people turn to coin sellers to get better value.

What EA could do and should do imo is increase the probabilities. That would make their coins/fifa points better value and lessen the demand for coin seller coins. This would also deflate the market. What EA are doing instead to deflate the market is put out more happy hour packs and special cards. This makes the market way more erratic, up and down all the time. Overall the market has not deflated since launch, it has risen and risen and risen. There are the Christmas and TOTY crashes around the corner which will help deflate the market massively. However EA needs to do something long term to combat the glitchers and coin sellers and make buying packs more worthwhile for the community. Otherwise we will at some point get fed up of the game and its issues and move on.

Soz for the long post got a lil carried away with it /rant