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FIFA 15: 15 New Legends Ratings Predictions

The woes of Playstation owners who play FIFA look to be mounting as EA Sports announced last week that 15 new Legends would be introduced to FIFA 15. These historical powerhouses of the beautiful game will be added to the already-ample roster of 42 Legends from FIFA 14, available exclusively to Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers.

The notion of a team spear-headed by the combo of Pelé and Messi with service from Iniesta and Gheorghe Hagi is part of the reason virtual football can be so much more entertaining than the real thing; a cross-generational team of this nature is only possible thanks to FIFA Ultimate Teams’ inclusion of Legends.

EA Sports

Though there are still several notable absentees from FIFA 15’s roster of Legends such as Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane and Brazil’s Ronaldo, the 15 new players all improve an already excellent Xbox exclusive. One question which now needs answering is how these new Legends’ ratings will compare to those of the other Legends returning from FIFA 14. Of course we won’t definitively know the answer to this until the game is finally released next month, but it is always fun to speculate.
The dazzling gold-and-white Legend cards are some of the highest rated players in the game with the highest rated – Pele (95) – being even better than Lionel Messi. Here’s our prediction of how the 15 new Legendary players will be rated: