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How can I score against 9.9 FIFA rated goalkeepers?

I come back from a tiring working day, and decide to chill a bit with FIFA. In the first 10 minutes of the first game, I knew the game was against me and wanted to see how this will end.

I played 4 matches before switching of this garbage. In the four matches, the GK’s had ratings of 9.7, 9.9, 9.9, 9.9 respectively. I lost 1-2 in the first game (Weidenfeller 12 saves ),lost 0-6 in the second game (IF Diego Alves 15 saves), 0-1 loss in the third game (Casillas 14 saves), and 1-1 draw in the last one (Courtois 18 saves) . The name of the GK’s in brackets is the opponents goalkeepers.

Even with the game against me, I was averaging 13+ shots on TARGET per game. All my goals were from penalties.

I tried everything and their goalkeepers were doing miracle saves. From simple 6 yard shots (tap-ins) to headers , longshots, finesse shots, chipped shots, and near post finishes. They felt like they had 99 reflexes and diving.

I was especially surprised by how the GK’s saved the near-post shots as they always go in. They would just save it with the edge of their feet and go for a corner.

On the other hand, My Casillas wasn’t saving a single shot. He averaged 2-3 saves a game and some were balls that hit the post. The opponent would just shoot from 30-40 yards and it would go in. Many goals I conceded hit Casillas and he handled it like a bronze GK and they would hit him and go in.

My question to the people who win most of their games. How do you score in these types of matches against 9.9 GK’s. It really doesn’t matter to me losing in this pathetic game but it frustrates me that their goalkeepers save 90% of the shots while mines saves 10%.