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FIFA 16 Attributes: Vision

Vision is the attribute that increases (or reduces) the possibilities of a successful long pass. It affects both outfield players and goalkeepers when going for a long pass. When we’re playing looking at the screen we usually have an above view of the game, just like when we’re watching football on TV. However, a player has quite a different view for himself, a first-person pitch view, and it’s very hard to see where his teammates are. Without seeing where they are, a long pass will have a random destination, it might be a teammate or an opponent that receives the ball. The better the Vision attribute, the wider your player will see in order to locate his teammates and therefore the bigger the chances of a successful long pass. 100 of Long Passing won’t do a thing if the player has zero of Vision, it’s like blindfolding Messi and then telling him to pass, even he will fail while in a game.

For the first time the attribute is also crucial for goalkeepers, he must have good Vision in order to be able to throw the ball well, however people usually just look at their basic attributes not knowing of this importance. I set low for centre backs because they shouldn’t really have to pass, it doesn’t matter how the clearance is done as long as it’s done, just let luck decide what comes next. Although the full backs and CDMs are defending players, they also attack from time to time, and although the CAM is a crucial attacking player, he doesn’t perform long passes as much as short ones to assist the strikers, so they get medium importance. The wingers need this attribute a lot for crosses and vision is of great importance for them to know where the attackers are at. As a striker, having 100 of att. positioning and being in the best place to finish won’t be enough if blindfolded Messi is the one trying to assist, of course.

Although the Serie A has been doing well on the previous attributes, they’re really not about Vision, they have only 6 players with 85+ (with 85 or more on this attribute). The champions are the BBVA with 16 players, followed by the BPL with 15.

Making good use of Vision

– The players that assist with long passes will need to find free receivers, so having receivers with high Att. Positioning will give you more chances to score.

– Vision doesn’t have an influence over short passes, after all any player is able to see his teammate in case he’s nearby, whether the short pass is made successfully or not depends exclusively on the Short Passing attribute. On the other hand, Vision is crucial for both long passes and crosses, so do choose players with high Long Passing and Crossing (especially for wingers in this case).

– Vision is extremely important for when choosing your penalty taker. A player with high vision will notice exactly to where the goalkeeper will jump and then try and shoot beyond his reach. Just kidding, that’s nonsense, it was just see if you were paying attention (actually some people do come up with ridiculous things like this making them look like true for attention). Anyway, just don’t consider that.

Conhecendo os Atributos de FIFA 16: Vision
Squads with high Vision
There’s no point in building a team full of players with high Vision because some defending players and other attacking ones don’t need this attribute. Plus, some of the players with the highest Visions are extremely expensive. Our suggestion for today is that you get midfielders and wingers with high Vision but low prices at the same time, that’s it if you just want to try out a “Vision” team. The chosen league was the BBVA for they have the biggest number of players with high stats on here.

Unlike you might have read somewhere around the web, the player being tall won’t make him have better Vision. On the contrary. There’s not a single player who’s 1,90m tall or more with 85+ of Vision, the short ones rule on this attribute.

Normally the players with good Vision also have good Long Passing, but it’s not always that good, Kaká and Ribery for example, although they’re in the 85+ of Vision group, they have just 73 of Long Passing, so in case they miss it’s probably not because of their Vision, but their bad long passing.

FIFA 16 Attributes: Stamina

And finally the last attribute of this series! Actually we did skip a few small ones, but the idea was to cover the most important attributes for now so that you have some kind of basis for choosing your players.

One of the most underrated FIFA attributes. Admit it, you’ve never even analyzed or picked a player over another by looking at this attribute. Of course just looking at this attribute wouldn’t be enough, but it is in fact an attribute of great importance for some positions. You always think of blaming the game or its bugs the second you concede a 45th or 90th minute goal, right? Stamina is the attribute that usually screws you over in the last minutes of the match, so how about taking a look at it more carefully?

Stamina is the attribute which determines how tired your player gets as the match approaches half time or full time (that’s right, the last minutes of the first half count as well), so in case he runs out of stamina, having excellent attributes won’t be doing much. And don’t think that your player is tired only when he stops to catch his breath, when he gets to this point it actually means he’s stopped playing, his performance starts being affected way before this happens. Stamina is also responsible for your player getting injured more easily in any challenge, not necessarily in the last minutes of the match.

Importance by position depends a lot on how you play, which players you choose, there’s a direct relation between Stamina and Work Rates, because the bigger the area your player covers on the pitch, the more tired he’ll get, so players with High/High work rates must have high Stamina, otherwise they become useless after 30 minutes past on each half. Midfielders always have the necessity to cover more pitch. The fullbacks, although they run through both defending and attacking fields, normally don’t need to be on the other side, that’s why I set medium importance. Low importance only for centre backs with L/H work rates (low for attacking and high for defending).

With 90+ (since too many players have at least 85 of Stamina) both the BPL and the Serie have 20 players, while the super BBVA has only 12, and none of the super stars from there are in this list.

Making good use of Stamina

Choose players who cover less pitch when possible. One or two centre backs with high work rate for defending and low for attacking will help. The same goes for strikers, pick medium or low for defending for them to stay put instead of run the entire pitch like crazy.

If money is not a problem, switch some of your regular cards for their IF, this is an attribute that normally gets a ridiculous bonus that can be up to 10 points.

FIFA 16 Attributes: Aggression

The first impression we have on aggression is that it is a typical attribute of tall and slow players, but hold on, the player with the highest aggression in the game is called Jaime Vardy (IF), with 97 of aggression and he’s the type of player who would hit his mother. However, he has only 76 of Strength (he does hit a lot, but he’s not strong) and insane 92 of pace. Maybe you don’t really know him for the fact that he is actually a silver player who recently received an 82-rated Record Breaker IF card.

So let’s unveil the myth and clarify that aggression is the attribute which determines the player’s power of will or commitment to a match. You know when your team loses but you still feel like they fought bravely until the last whistle was blown, everyone would give their best no matter what? This is pretty much what aggression means. Naturally it does mean you’ll cause more fouls and get tired faster in the last minutes of the match. A typical aggression-based action is when you go “shoulder-to-shoulder” against someone, with high aggression our player has the initiative to push the opponent strongly (as far as his strength allows him to) and this determines the winner of the challenge. Another important moment for aggression is when you jump in order to dispute a header. If you play football you know exactly what this is, you jump placing your body against the opponent (if you’re a defender), if you manage to hit the ball with your head, great, if you don’t at least you’ll have to displace the other guy so he can’t perform the header correctly. In this case Aggression needs to work alongside Jumping and Strength.

Players with high aggression offer some risk while inside the area because they can cause a lot of penalties without you pressing a single button, and that could possibly end with you smashing a controller, so be careful when you choose centre backs like this. However, generally, defending midfielders, attacking midfielders and strikers with high aggression can be excellent options, or at least having them on the bench for the second half, they can really be a game changer sometimes.

The way I see it, the most important thing in this case is that the defending midfielder has high aggression, because he’s a defending player that is usually outside of the area, preventing the opponent from getting there in the first place, while the full backs are the ones I reckon don’t need this attribute much, there are other attributes of more relevance for them, which doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a certain level of aggression. For the remaining players there’s a medium importance, that is why I like bringing aggressive players on the bench that I’ll only use in case I’m losing.

Such as in the list of fast players, here in aggression we also have a great amount of players with 85+ in all categories. With that being said we raised the filter to 90+ in order to verify which league has the most aggressive players, that resulted in the BPL winning with 8 players total.

Making good use of aggression

As we’ve mentioned before this attribute needs to work alongside two others, so do look out for Strength and Jumping (if you prefer to be aggressive while in the air) for better results.

Due to the fact that in this FIFA the referee will blow the whistle at almost anything, I suggest you do exactly the opposite with your centre backs, find players with low aggression because the chances of them causing a penalty are already too high.

In order to choose players with high aggression you’d be better off using the BPL as basis for it has the most aggressive players. We’ve got two quality aggressive strikers up ahead, no need to check their other attributes. Fellaini as a CAM, Tiote and Cattermole for the two CDM positions and this way you’re free to choose your LM/LW and other defending players as you like, although do consider using less aggressive centre backs like Mertesacker, Ogbonna and Steven Caulker, for example.

FIFA 16 attributes: the Crossing

Attributes are responsible for determining a player’s quality, and knowing them well can give you the opportunity to choose your team more efficiently. In this new series presented by Silvio Teixeira – also the author of tête-à-tête – you’ll have the opportunity to go deeper on each one of the game’s attributes according to the new FIFA 16 rules. Welcome to “Learning about FIFA 16 attributes”.

Atributos de FIFA 16: Crossing

The attribute that determines the accuracy of crosses during both normal running and free kick set pieces. This is basically the attribute for the players who play through the wings, but it also has an influence over free kick set pieces, which although aren’t used very frequently can be a good way to catch the opponent’s defence by surprise.

Cross runs are a role that’s also performed by the full backs, and that’s why the position gets medium importance. Although if your full backs cross more often than your wingers, something’s not right. Usually the wingers and wide midfielders are the ones who perform the most crosses. Depending on your formation a CAM might also participate on that.


The BPL is by far the best league on this attribute having 11 players with 85+, the Bundesliga comes in second with just six players. The great BBVA has only got 5 players and among the most popular names Marcelo is the only one that shows up.

Making good use of Crossing

– This is an attribute that actually “needs” to be made good use of. Crossing just as you reach the goal line might result in the goalkeeper intercepting even if your player has excellent Crossing. Don’t cross while over the goal line unless you’re able to make your player turn around first.

– Use a left footed player on the right wing and a right footed one on the left wing. Run towards the area then fake shot your way into his preferred foot in order to make the cross, hold L1 while crossing and fill 2-3 power bars. Do that and just be happy, you’ll see the results are good.

– Choose players with good Heading Accuracy and Volleys so that you’re able to make the most out of your crosses, after all scoring is the objective here.

It doesn’t make sense to build a team full of players with high Crossing. However, if you intend to abuse of crosses, using the Serie A is a good alternative, with Candreva on the left and Mounier on the right (switched up like we said before). Madzukic smashing with headers and Higuain for lower balls. I say you can win the third division title with this team.

– You may be surprised for not seeing Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar in the top 3 list, but what if I said that they’re not even in the top 30?! That’s right, and they do play as RW and LW. They’re all excellent players but this just doesn’t happen to be one of their highlighted attributes.

– For the first time we have three silver players with 85+ in the list of the best.