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FIFA 15 Pro Clubs: Perfecting the striker and forward build

EA Sports’ famed club soccer franchise, FIFA 15 was released just a few months ago and a couple of Orange in the Oven writers have spent some time playing Pro Clubs, the highly popular online mode. Over the course of the past couple of months, we’ve brought you a couple of articles focusing on the broader play style differences in FIFA 15 Pro Clubs over other past iterations. This week we wanted to bring you a bit more of a focused set of tips and tricks to help those who want to play as a striker or forward.

The first thing to remember for FIFA 15 Pro Clubs if you want to play as a striker is you need to figure out what style of striker you want to be. Are you more of a pacey, quick striker who burns defenses with balls sent in over the top to give you one v one opportunities against the opposing keeper or are you more comfortable playing as a stronger hold-up forward who focuses more on creating opportunities for your striker partner or midfielders?

I have found in my time playing FIFA 15 Pro Clubs my preference leans toward the stronger, bigger forward who is a playmaker. In fact, my preferred “build” is a 200 lb., 6’0″ forward. This build gives me reasonable strength, good height for taking headers on set pieces, but most importantly it gives me sprint speed and balance. I’m harder for defenders to knock off the ball when in possession, and when necessary I can still beat defenders on the dribble.

In this FIFA 15 video for Pro Clubs, we highlight some key points to building a better forward for Pro Clubs in FIFA 15. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for all of our tips videos

Not everybody will be comfortable with this build, but I can say since the switch, our Pro Club (Wombles FC) has been on an absolute tear through successive divisions. It helps having great midfielders capable of timing balls sent into the box, or passes played right where you need them for runs through the defense.

The other important tip this week, and you’ll see it a time or two in the video above, is to learn how to pace your sprint. Use it to get by a defender and into the box, then just as they approach you for a tackle, switch gears to a dead stop, turn and pass to a streaking midfielder or striker into the box. This one move alone is more effective than any dribble move in the game.

And getting teammates involved in the attack is honestly more fun than doing it all yourself as the celebration becomes about the team and not just one player. At the end of the day, that is what makes Pro Clubs the most fun mode in FIFA 15.

Feel free to subscribe to Wombles FC’s Youtube channel via the video above, and keep an eye peeled on Orange in the Oven for more FIFA 15 Pro Clubs tips and tricks as we try to figure out some useful midfielder and defender builds for you.