Problems with career FIFA mode

Some issues Ive found with career mode

1: Manager does not get pay increase whatsoever, just remove that from the game altogether and let us “imagine” how much you are making. Its a * killer to see yourself making measly 25,000 euros a week after winning CL.

2. Too much player drama, asking to leave, asking to play, asking for better contracts etc. It should not happen as often as it is, Ive got 8 players who are unhappy and want to leave because they don’t play every single game in a season.

3. Growth cap has to be removed, every player has potential to improve, new system should be utilized in which the player avr match rating determines how much player grows with say a cap of +4-6 a season depending of course on age so say divide players into 6 different categories those aged from 16-21 can grow 1-5 ovr a season, 21-25 1-6, 25-29 – 1-4, 29-32 1-3, 32-36 1-2, 36+ 0-1.

4. Bring custom formations back

5. Fix the bugs with player growth, sometimes players become bugged like for example Ive had Eric Dier in my Valencia squad for 7 seasons. He didnt grow at all for no reason whatsoever even though he avg 7.1 and played over 20 games every season. Also bugs like selling a player who reached his full potential (for me Otamendi who got to 85) I check his ovr in Real Madrid after 3 games and he is 88, are common.

6. Kinect is useless, Ive had to disable mine in options simply because if Im playing my career mode and say anything I get a warning that they will terminate my contract even if I didnt use swear words.

7. The hidden ovrs are dumb, theres no point in that.

8. AI is still hogging players, Real Madrid bought Neuer, Schezhny and Courteouis. They also have Navas and a young regen GK. Manchester city had Benzema, Rodrigo, Dzeko, Aguero, Lewandowski and Cavani in 3rd season of my career mode.

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