FIFA 15 Ultimate Team transfer market changes leaves fans fuming

The new Price Range feature aims to set the highest and lowest Coin prices that each item can be sold on the Transfer Market, including players, in-forms, consumables, and club items.

The changes are supposed to Help FUT gamers understand the value of the players in their club, make high-rated players more attainable for all FUT gamers and ensure a level playing field and further restrict illegitimate coin transfers on the Transfer Market.

FIFA 15's Price Range changes

EA has confirmed that the Transfer Market is back online for PC, Xbox and PlayStation with Price Ranges enabled, following an extensive maintenance period earlier today.

“Although the new FUT item Price Ranges will differ from current prices, their relative value to other player items on the Transfer Market will remain consistent in order to maintain a level playing field for everyone,” a post from EAsports reads.

“We believe the long-term benefits of this new change will make FUT more fun and fair for everyone.”

But the new changes have sparked a backlash on Twitter, with one of the top trending terms featuring the hashtag ‘#RIPFUT’.

One fan wrote: “EA do you not realise what you have just done, rest in peace ultimate team, PES here we come!”

While another wrote: “This update is ridiculous! You’ve ruined your own game.”

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Companion Web App Gets Winter Updates

The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Companion Web App has finally received the winter transfer updates. Apparently, EA has resolved the issues affecting the web app and thousands of users. Below we will find the two most recent updates:

On March 3rd, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team on mobile got an update for winter transfers 2015 (Version 1.3.1 – Size 1 GB).

The new update is compulsory and features team rosters as well as some improvements to gameplay stability. Here is the list of ‘noteworthy’ team updates according to EA:

Xherdan Shaqiri from FC Bayern to Inter
Juan Cuadrado from Fiorentina to Chelsea
Wilfried Bony from Swansea City to Manchester City
Andre Schuerrle from Chelsea to VfL Wolfsburg


The previous app update was available from Feb 23, 2015 for iOS, Android and Windows phones:

FIFA 15 Companion App (Mobile) received a small update (Version 15.2.0 – Size 28 MB).

Here is the new features list for this update:

Ability to preview the full Team of the Week (TOTW) from the Live title on the Home screen
Ability to preview all squads in My Squad section without having to set them as active
Two Factory Authentication for extra account security


If you have been trying to find a way to get your young under 21 players to grow their potential on the FIFA 15 Career Mode, then this is were you’ll learn how to do it. Watch the video tutorial below that’s available in beautiful high-definition as it explains in-depth the way you should do it.

Now one of the first components of this technique in-order to understand it is what order the status of the players are, from the worst to the best possible status. If you sign a young wonder-kid from another club then for a good season it’ll come up with “recently arrived from” then it will have the clubs name that you purchased the player from at the end of that specific status.

The next one up and it’s literally the worst and the one you really don’t want to see it “at the club since” with the year that the player has been at your club being at the end of that status. Up from that is “has that special something” then “showing great potential” after that which is the second best is “an exciting prospect” and finally the best one which is has potential to be special.

The last one is the one that you want to aim for, nothing less than that is acceptable really as the video explains how you can get all of your U21 youth players to 90+ rated at the peak of his career. If you have been a regular viewer of the U21 series that we’ve done this year, you’d have seen loads of players above 90 rating and a variety that have acquire complete defender, complete midfielder and complete forward.

All of those unbelievably world class players were a result of this little method that we are teaching you in this post. After you have acknowledged what order the statuses go in, it’s time to move on to the FIFASolved loan method.

This simply involves you loading your game back up after around 4 to 7 days have passed on the calender, if you go further than that and save your progress then you’ll be making a big mistake. You should just simply re-load your saved game back up again which you can do really fast by selecting continue career instead of load career and it’ll go to the last point in which you saved your data. Then simply load up every-time until you receive a loan transfer offer in from another club.

We’ve found also that going for the short-term loan instead of the season-long one seems to produce better results for some reason. What you have to do now is start loaning your young players out and then recalling them instantly, remember to save your game so you can load it back up before recalling though as this is important.

What this does is change the players status and you’ll be aiming for one of those high ones like either an exciting prospect or has potential to be special. You can do something like build it up over each loan and if you want to see what order they go in easily then we’ve ordered them for you below.

Recently Joined From…
At The Club Since..
Has That Special Something
Showing Great Potential
An Exciting Prospect
Has Potential To Be Special
Obviously it goes without saying that it goes from top to bottom with the latter being the best possible outcome and what you should be aiming to get your player to. With an exciting prospect however, your players will develop to a minimum of an 86 rating which isn’t too shabby and will still turn out to be a decent footballer.

One important factor that you need to remember when using this technique is not all players have the potential to be special on Career Mode. There’s quite a few that do but there’s a lot that don’t and if you’re having trouble finding the talent then check out any of our under-21 posts or videos from either here at the official website or via our YouTube channel. There’s literally hundreds of wonder-kids there and you’ll not be short of talent in your squad if you pick a few from all the major leagues covered.

Just simply click on our career mode or best young players tab from the menu and it’ll take you to the page with all the content there for you in one place. So that’s pretty much it for this tutorial on how to grow players potential, let us know how well it works for you by leaving a cheeky comment in the box designated at the footer of this page.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTW 24


EA Sports have released the latest edition of their Ultimate Team Team of the Week for FIFA 15 and the headline news in week 24 is that Juventus midfielder Andrea Pirlo is selected following his sublime goal against Atalanta.

Pirlo, who had the highest performance score in Europe’s top five leagues over the weekend, is joined in the midfield by young PSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot who scored during the French champions 3-1 win against Toulouse.

Manchester City’s Spanish midfielder David Silva is in the team for his sensational performance during the team’s 5-0 win over Newcastle United as he scored twice and assisted Edin Dzeko as well.

Arjen Robben has been in sensational form recently for Bayern Munich and he was at it again during the 6-0 win over Paderborn on the weekend.

Like Robben, Silva and Pirlo Reims goalkeeper Kossi Agassa was in our top five highest performing players in Europe’s top five leagues over the weekend due to his heroics during his side’s 0-0 draw with Metz.

Martin Skrtel leads the defence in front of Agassa after he helped Liverpool to a hard fought clean sheet against Southampton.

Lazio forward Antonio Candreva leads the line along with Antoine Griezmann after the Italian scored a sublime goal to give his team a 2-1 win over Parma.

You can see the full team below.


After the recent FIFA 15 Ultimate Team squad builders going down with viewers and subscribers alike, we decided to do a sweaty overpowered hybrid Italian Serie A team that will win you loads of tournaments and gain you plenty of promotions on FUT. Take a look at our HD video below where we build the team of players that like creating and scoring sweaty goals.

We were unable to put a price tag on how many coins this squad would cost you to put together due to the market prices changing from day to day. There’s also a very good reason why we couldn’t attach a cost as well and that’s explained in-depth in the actual video. As usual, i’ll take you through every single player and tell you why they were included into the team but i also give you loads of alternatives that are on the bench and in the reserves to as an added bonus.

I recommend which chemistry styles you should apply to each player in their respective position too just like i always do and then go into a match and test out these tanks in action on the pitch. If you’re not one for spoilers then you should stop reading on now as the full list of players that were part of this starting eleven can be seen below.

GK – Samir Handanović (Inter Milan)
LB – Patrice Evra (Juventus)
CB – Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)
CB – Nemanja Vidić (Inter Milan)
RB – Martín Cáceres (Juventus)
CM – Paul Pogba (Juventus)
CM – Radja Nainggolan (AS Roma)
CM – Arturo Vidal (Juventus)
CAM – Francesco Totti (AS Roma)
ST – Víctor Ibarbo (Cagliari)
ST – Seydou Doumbia (AS Roma)
As you can see from the final starting lineup it’s completely OP in every sense of the word! The reason the Victor Ibarbo card is still the Cagliari one and not his transferred AS Roma one is his old card he’s a striker and the new one he’s a right winger which is no good with this particular formation I’ve chosen.

Seydou Doumbia however has his new winter transfer card included as he is now eligible for Serie A squads compared to his previous card which was for the Russian league and CSKA Moscow. With the legend that is Totti in Cam and his IF (in-form) you can’t really go wrong as he’s got an incredible shot on him and the ability to be a world class playmaker too. He also is the captain of this team and takes almost all of the set-pieces too.

With Vidal, Pogba and Nainggolan making up the central midfield roles on the pitch you will have most of the possession of the ball for the 90 minutes as well. Let us know what you think of this squad builder by leaving a comment in the section below and all feedback is welcomed.


So with transfer deadline day coming to an end yesterday across Europe, EA have released the final batch of winter transfers that are now available to pack in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. The full list of big name moves can be seen below.

FUT 15 Winter Transfers February 2015

Juan Cuadrado – Moved To Chelsea – Position RM

Seydou Doumbia – Moved To AS Roma – ST

André Schürrle – Moved To VFL Wolfsburg – LM

Aaron Lennon – Moved To Everton – RM

Victor Ibarbo – Moved To AS Roma – RW

Please remember that the players above that you packed from their previous clubs will not be upgraded, you’ll have to obtain the newer version and then you will have the same player twice but for two different clubs. These players can now only be acquired from the new respective clubs that they’ve joined and the old versions are only obtainable through the transfer market now.

Let us know what you thought of the January transfer window this year by using the comments section at the footer of this page and you can follow us on social media to stay up to date. All of our social accounts have the name of FIFASolved to avoid any confusion.

EA FIFA 15 FUT Announce Release Dates for January Winter Upgrades

Full FIFA can now confirm the release date for the first batch of EA FIFA 15 winter upgrades. Last year, EA released the January upgrades in two separate batches, one slated for mid-February and the other in the early part of March. This year, we can expect a wonderful Valentine’s Day treat, winter upgrades will be released next Friday, February 13th, 2015. According to our inside sources, it is expected that the upgraded players will be entering packs at 6pm GMT.


The anticipation is building for winter upgrades, following the remarkable TOTY release that featured a 99-rated Cristiano Ronaldo and 96-rated Manuel Neuer. In addition, EA has released four batches of winter transfers to-date. What’s next?

Understanding Upgrades


Gold In-Forms

The regular card located in transfer market and in your club remains the same. The in-form (IF) card only come in new packs. However, the in-forms both on the market and in the club receive a ‘live’ boost equal to that of the upgrade.

For example, if Alexandre Lacazette gets upgraded from a 79 to an 81 the this is what will happen. His 79 card will not be changed, but will be replaced in packs with his 81 card. His 80 and 81 rated in-forms that people own will automatically be upgraded to 82 and 83 in-forms, with stats upgraded to correspond with his new overall.

Silver In-Forms

Whenever a silver player gets upgraded to a gold card, the silver IF card does not get upgraded. For example, if Harry Kane gets an upgrade from a 68 to 76 gold card, his 71 IF card remains the same.

No In-Forms

If a player has not received an IF card, but will get an upgrade, the old card located on the market or in your club remains the same. The newly upgraded card will only come in new packs. There will be a resulting drop in price of the old card and a price hike for the new card.

We are a week away from January upgrades, so start saving your fifa coins!

Arsenal’s record signing and ex-Chelsea man make FIFA 15 team of the week

EA have revealed the latest FIFA Ultimate Team team of the week, featuring a very key player from Arsenal and a high-flying former Chelsea man.

Arsenal fans will be delighted to see their star Mesut Ozil earning a team of the week card so soon after coming back from a lengthy injury lay-off. The German has only made three appearances since his return from a knee ligament injury, but already appears to be getting back to his brilliant self.

The £42.5 million signing from Real Madrid was supreme in Arsenal’s 5-0 thrashing of Aston Villa on Sunday. A brilliant outside of the foot flick from him put Olivier Giroud in on goal for Arsenal’s first. The Frenchman then returned the favour by sliding a through-ball into Ozil’s path and he completed the move by deftly finishing across Brad Guzan.

As a result of this performance, EA have awarded the 26-year-old an 87-rated left-winger card, which is an upgrade of one and a position change from centre-attacking midfielder.

View image on Twitter

Kevin de Bruyne once again showed Chelsea what they let go as he produced a stunning display against Bayern Munich to receive his second inform card of the season. The Belgian ex-Blues man assisted one and scored two in Wolfsburg’s surprise 4-1 thumping of the German champions. For his exploits de Bruyne has been boosted to 83-rated centre-attacking midfielder.

Other Premier League first-11 players include Swansea City defender Ashley Williams, who gets an 80-rated centre-back card for his brilliant performance in their shock 1-0 win away at Southampton. Newcastle United’s Remy Cabella is the other man to feature with an 80-rated right-midfield card. The French winger opened the scoring and dazzled Toon Army fans in their club’s 3-0 win away at Hull City on Saturday.

Another notable inclusion is Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema, who stepped up in place of the suspended Cristiano Ronaldo to score two in their 4-1 win over Real Sociedad. The striker has been awarded what looks like a frighteningly good 87-rated card.

See below for the full FIFA Ultimate Team team of the week first 11 and their ratings.

GK – Gorka Iraizoz 80 – Athletic Bilbao

CB – Ashley Williams 80 – Swansea City

RB – Maxi Pereira 79 – Benfica

RB – Diogo Figueiras 77 – Sevilla

CM – Rafinha 80 – Barcelona

RM – Remy Cabella 80 – Newcastle United

CAM – Kevin de Bruyne 83 – Wolfsburg

LW – Mesut Ozil 87 – Arsenal

CF – Jeremy Menez 81 – AC Milan

ST – Fabio Quagliarella 80 – Torino

ST – Karim Benzema 87 – Real Madrid

What do you think of FIFA 15’s latest team of the week?

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team teases TOTY loan players

In an effort to spice up the real world Premier League transfer deadline day, EA Sports’ FIFA 15 twitter account has teased some TOTY loan players for Ultimate Team. It’s also giving some away in a ‘retweeting’ promotion.

Here’s the initial tweet about the Team of the Year loan possibilities:

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team teases TOTY loan players

When asked when these players would be available as loan options, the twitter account just directed people to the general FIFA 15 Ultimate Team news and updates page. That rather implies that they’ll be coming as a general option for all players in a future update (perhaps the one which will add the currently ongoing deadline day deals.)

However, the same twitter account is also running 50 match loan ‘giveaways’ on the four players shown in the image above. They’re encouraging people to retweet in order to win loan versions of Kroos, Robben, Messi and Ronaldo. Given the number of retweets already, though, the chances of winning don’t seem particularly high. Ronaldo’s already has close to 12,000 and (at the time of writing) it’s been up for less than a minute.

Hopefully this giveaway promotion isn’t the only way people will be able to get hold of these players as FIFA 15 Ultimate Team loan options.

FIFA 15: 20 Free Transfers You Need To Sign

Since a manager is as only as good as his signings, if he has no transfer budget to make any, it’s unlikely he’s going to be particularly successful with the just the previous manager’s favourites at his disposal. Particularly if those same players got the predecessor sacked.

Misha Japaridze/AP

But even with no money, when taking over a new club, a manager needs to put his own stamp on things, and there is good news for FIFA managers looking to do just that without the luxury of playing with a moneybags side where embarrassingly expensive signings are an inevitability.

The sacred Bosman ruling has changed the game of football for the sneakier, allowing players to talk to other clubs and engineer transfers without a fee six months before the deal at their current club expires. So with that in mind, it’s worthwhile looking through the list of players who are in the last year of their deals at the start of career mode. All are talented, and all should be considered genuinely good contenders to offer pre-contracts to in the January 2015 transfer window. And bear in mind, don’t go blowing all of your wage budget when you could have any of these lads a few months down the line.

So if you’re taking over a cash-strapped club or merely love a bargain these are the 20 best players you can pick up for absolutely nothing from the first January in your new game.

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