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FIFA 16: FAQ’s and Answers

To get all the useful information into one post, that we can then have stuck for people to use instead of flooding the sub with the same old post.
I will tell you, I don’t have the answers to the FAQ – I do know a lot of the questions however, so if you can add some information to the FAQ answers – or a question I missed, comment in this thread I will then edit the post to reflect the changes so we can have a useful post for all.

Most of the information in this post will be relevant to PS4 and XB1 – as this is the FIFA with the most questions, XB360 and PS3 FIFA’s have remained fairly unchanged.
There will also be some links to useful sites that we all use.

FAQ’s of FIFA 16
How does training work?
Well, it’s a new feature for the PS4 and XB1, you can use it to train your players and improve their stats. That’s the short hand of it – some more details are:
You get 5 slots per week, which are available from the Sunday of each week.
You can train the same player in multiple slots per week yes, but you can not train the same stats in more than one slot per week.

Training is overpowered we know this now, for example a goal keeper trained in all his stats for a season and a half can come out the academy at 85+ OVR without having played a match.

You can only train mental and technical stats with training, but not physicals – with the exclusion of Stamina which can be trained directly in a dribbling drill, and sprint speed and agility which appear to grow while under speed dribbling drill
You can train players in your academy, the same way as those on your squad.
Press Y/Triangle to re-load your last training sessions, trust me this will save you time week to week if you want to train the same players.

The following are a few Redditors observations on training.
About player training.. is a post by /u/Jayisking that outlines a little about who you should train, who you shouldn’t train and why training is still effective even for Ronaldo and Messi.

So, I did some more Player Training Research and Most Effective Player Training Difficulty/Grade Combinations is a pair of posts by /u/efgray that give a lot of insight into the results you can expect from training drills across their drills, grades and overalls – highly suggest reading it, once you make sense of it, it helps.

Will Training Youth Break Physicals?
Now, it’s mentioned in /u/Jayisking’s post that this can happen, though I am not sure a consensus has been reached – the general opinion, on the face of it, is that youth players physicals are broken in the same way that they were in FIFA 15 at least – as for over training players already in the game, I will need more information.
The difference? The fixes that worked in FIFA 15 don’t work as well, or as regularly.
Some info on training and physical growth by /u/RK4Life gives a pretty solid look into the effects of training on youth players, and answers this question the best that I’ve found on the sub.

There is also the new may bump that you can make use of, if you’re unsure on a players physical growth and would like to have them bumped after leaving your academy.

What is the new May Bump?
Every FIFA since the Youth Academy was introduced had the “old May update” which was as simple as leaving a player in the academy until May 1st, when their overall would get a huge boost in overall that you could enjoy.

However FIFA 16 changes that on the new gen, eliminating the old may update and replacing it with something far more sophisticated:

“Promote a youth player, and sell them in the next transfer window, wait for May of the next season and scout them at their new team – and there you have it, a large physical boost will have occurred, oh and some technical growth too” – Someone, probably.

It really is that simple to be honest, I think, the links below will explain it much better.
May Bump is Not Gone!!! is a YouTube video by Bamastriker9, which does a far better job of explaining this than I did.

New May Bump Findings is a short post by /u/TinHeartWarriors that tells you the kind of boost that can be expected and the random nature of it; the same user also posted some Clarifying Answers in this post, that further this information.

With those two posts you should know enough to not have to question this too much.

So May Update for the Academy is Gone?
Yes, I am sure of this, it’s a goner in the new gen consoles absolutely gone. Done, finished gone, if you want the same effects then do as the above question tells you, but not less.

If you’re playing on PS3/XB360 then good news! It’s still the same, you get your may update.

What is a Regen/Pregen/RandomGen?
A common question, and a simple answer, it’s been the same since I can remember.
When a player retires, a new player is generated to replace them. This new player collects the same Potential as the retiree, some positions and nationality.

That’s all they have in common – your Neymar regen, for example, is not guaranteed to have 5* weak foot and skills just because Neymar did.

Regen Players FAQ is an older post /u/Cant-Find-Username that holds true still for FIFA 16, definitely give a read.

Zlatan’s Regen is a search results of this sub, go have your fun looking through our favourite regen.

Pre-gens are a the same as a regen with one key difference – they appear before the player has retired, and will be on the same side as that player, for example an Argentine RW can appear on Barcelona with potential to be special, this will be Messi’s pregen

Search results for “Pregen” because there are various players you will want to see, including a monstrous Suarez pregen and a lot of Messi’s, you may also find the answers to any questions left over by looking here.

It is possible to have a regen and pregen of the same player.
A random gen is a little more complicated, as they are produced by the game to fill a position and tend to be players with huge potential with no apparent links to former players – though speculatively it could be said they’re regens of bad players with glitched potential.

Since they are random, you may not even notice when you find one, or if they even exist – finding them is more likely if you follow the same methods as any glitched player.

How Can I Find Retiring Players?
This is actually simpler than you’d think, with two main methods:
1) Add anyone you want the regen of to your shortlist, and check it at the start of every season – it will tell you in their player bio “Actions can not be taken with a retiring player” or something similar and that’s how you know they are retiring.
At the start of the next season search for a player who has the same position as the retired player, and you should find their regen in the same league as the retiree or on the free agents.

2) Set up a GTN with “World Class” and ages 33-60 and then every time he comes back with players, check them for the “retiring” status, make a note of them if they are and if they look like a player you’d want the regen for.

What is a Glitch Player?
This is an AI controlled player that far exceeds his potential as part of the games coding – they’re named glitches to give them a distinction from the game.

Players will not glitch on your team, the glitch is not the same as a player naturally out growing their potential while you own them.

FIFA 16 All Glitched Players by /u/frabax will show you who is who in the world of the glitched players this season, as well as telling you some more information.

My new signing has signed a pre-contract with another club?
A new glitch to FIFA 16 sees your brand new signings signing pre-contracts with other clubs upon arrival with your club – You do not need to worry about this, it’s purely cosmetic and just poor coding on EA’s part, he’ll come with the “Will join x club when his contract expires” but this will disappear within a year of his joining.

All that’s happened here is the game isn’t coded to be intelligent in negotiations, so when another club goes for a pre-contract they “skip” the club negotiation phase, and the Player AI isn’t coded to say no to or even stall any deals put in front of them when they’re considering a perma-deal, if it meets the criteria (squad role, club prestige, league prestige, wages and contract length) the player wants then they’re like “yes boss”, and they will still be able to process your bids and say “yes boss” to you as well.

This actually can be “abused” in that you can agree terms on players who are available for pre-contracts and leave them stalled in your negotiations and 9/10 even if the deal goes dead you can just come back to it when you have the money, renegotiate the deal and sign that player even if they’ve agreed a pre-contract with another club.

My new pre-contract signing has signed for another Club?
An old FIFA 15 favourite, your players can – and will – join other clubs even if they’ve agreed to join you, leaving you to pay their wages for the next 5 seasons and generally screwing your budget.

Is there a fix? Nothing that I can personally confirm but according to /u/ccchhris commenting back in FIFA 15 regarding a FIFA 14 fix, you can release the player and re-sign them.

Another “fix” is to observe the transfer market, for the most part the players who go through this glitch are ones who get the “Homesick/unsettled” news articles in the window/before the window, and thus they’re auto-AI transferred to conclude the various resolutions of that article.

So say Mata becomes unsettled, and the news says “Mata wants to leave for home..” and you can get him on a pre-contract.. Don’t bother, the chances are that he will sign for Pohang Steelers, even if you’re managing Real Oviedo – if their profile says Interest shown by.. while under the effects of a “transfer saga” then don’t risk trying to sign them, if the news says they’ve received a bid, then don’t risk it.

Wait for the transfer rumour to resolve and if it says “Mata decides to stay!”, then that’s when you can make a safer approach for his pre-contracted services.
Homesick? So why are you moving to Ghana, you’re literally from Australia!
Homesickness is a nice addition but its horrendously glitched and poorly coded, I think we can all see it’s a mechanism intended to give players a bit of a personality and leverage in transfer negotiations.

But no one wants Ozil to get homesick in England, then move to the MLS in a bizarre turn of events – to avoid this you can try and loan trick, in that you short loan the player instead of selling and then recall them and this’ll prevent the perma-deal going through.

This is include because we get a lot of posts regarding this that we don’t need to see.

What Team Should I Be?
Please, please don’t post a strawpoll for this – if you insist on doing so include some information about what kind of career you intend to do. Nothing more annoying than a random strawpoll popping up, expected to be voted on and never be heard from.
Looking for a new career idea? is a post made by /u/dragjab that will give you some ideas for a career to do, and some teams to use.

Career Mode team ideas! is a two year old post by /u/Gotchaah that will give some ideas too.

If you feel you have a unique idea, and want a team to use it, then at least do a text post explaining the idea and then ask us for votes on a team or suggestions.
I have also recently started the posting of “Who to Manage in…” posts that you may find Useful

Premier League – Championship – League 1 – League 2 – Germany – France

Do You Want To Read My Career?
Yes, simply put, we will be interested in your career mode write-ups.
Yes, simply put, we will be interested in your Twitch Streams/YouTube content and Documents post of your career mode.

However follow the rules – don’t just post your content, leave for a week, come back and post your content again. We are not your personal sub box. Be a part of the community, comment here and our sister sub /r/FIFA regularly as well.
Active content is good, inactive users are bad.

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  1. Into year 2019 with Wigan Athletic, just signed Reus on a pre- contract deal. It says he’s arrived, I’m paying his 280k per week wages. But he’s not in my team. Can’t do anything about it but say this is absolute bullshit. Not a good way to end FIFA 16.

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