FIFA 15: 10 Leaked Chelsea Player Ratings

Jose Mourinho’s return to the Chelsea hotseat may not have yielded any trophies, but did bring stability to a club which seemed in a constant state of turmoil the season before. A resilient showing in a tight Premier League race and a respectable Champions League are rumoured to have earnt rating upgrades for FIFA 15 according to a supposed leak looking at ten of the club’s most high-profile players.

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According to the ratings provided, Chelsea look like they’ll be extremely well balanced across the field thanks to their intelligent new signings. Anyone looking to play as a top class club with an established squad and plenty of money to spend should find plenty to attract them here, with at least six already strong players apparently earning a stats increase. We’ll have to wait until closer to the game’s release before we find out for sure whether these leaks are accurate, but in the meantime there’s plenty to discuss and sure to be a few points of controversy as you’d expeect.

Read on to discover which players will supposedly be on the up when the game arrives on September 25th.

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