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Goal! Electronic Arts beats Q2 earnings as FIFA and mobile lift sales

Thanks to sales of FIFA and mobile games,

Electronic Arts beat its earnings expectations for the second fiscal quarter ended September 30.

EA reported GAAP

(generally accepted accounting principles) earnings per share of 70 cents on revenue of $1.1 billion. The company benefited

from continuing success of its Star Wars console and mobile titles, as well as the release of FIFA Mobile. Analysts had

expected EA to report non-GAAP earnings per share of 43 cents a share on revenue of $1.09 billion.


“They beat [expectations] by a mile,” said Michael Pachter,

analyst at Wedbush Securities, in an email to GamesBeat.

EA has a huge fiscal Q3 coming, with the October 21 release of

Battlefield 1 and the October 28 release of Titanfall 2. But those titles will go up against stiff competition in the form of

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Still, it’s fair to say that EA has some big titles coming in the quarter that ends December


“Q2 was an excellent quarter for Electronic Arts, led by breakthrough new EA Sports titles engaging players across

console and mobile,” said EA CEO Andrew Wilson in a statement. “We are in an outstanding position for the quarter ahead,

with two of the highest-rated games of this console generation in Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, global competitive gaming

tournaments underway, and our first virtual reality experiences coming soon. Across all platforms, this holiday season will be

a fantastic time to play.”

Despite the good quarter, EA stock at first fell 2.7 percent so far in after-hours trading

to $75.75 a share, but it’s since rebounded to $80.48 a share up 3.4 percent. EA’s market value is $23.4 billion.

“Net sales in the quarter were better than expected driven by outperformance in FIFA, and supported by strong year-on-year

growth in mobile,” said chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen in a statement. “We are raising our annual guidance today

based on the strength of our holiday slate and FIFA 17’s strong performance to date.”

EA said that the Battlefield 1

total player base for its first week was nearly double that at the start of Battlefield 4, one of EA’s record-breaking games

(though it didn’t provide a specific number).

In the first week of FIFA 17, 20 percent more players were engaged in

the game compared to the first week of FIFA 16 last year and nearly two-thirds of all FIFA 17 players have engaged in “The

Journey” story mode. Net sales from FIFA, Madden NFL and Hockey Ultimate Team are collectively up 15 percent for the trailing

twelve months compared to last year.

And FIFA Mobile reached No. 1 on the App Store free games chart in 138 countries.

Titanfall 2 has been rated 90 or above by more than 40 top outlets. Meanwhile, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has generated

nearly $100 million in revenue and 30 million downloads in 11 months, according to measurement firm Sensor Tower.

On a

GAAP basis, quarterly net revenue was $898 million. Of the total net revenue 63 percent, or $566 million, was digital. GAAP-

based diluted loss per share of 13 cents was above guidance of 17 cents.

Update, 2:22 p.m. Pacific: EA’s share price

has rebounded and is up in after-hours trading. It was initially down.

Best Xbox One ‘ S’ deals: FIFA 17, Battlefield 1, GTA V and many more


Just a couple of months ago, Microsoft at the E3 2016, unveiled their new and current generation Xbox

console called the “Xbox One S.” This is a revision to their original Xbox One but with a touch up of some new features. The

color too has now been changed to white than their precision black colour.

Even though about 40 percent smaller than

its predecessor, it now support vertical mounting with a stand which is unfortunately available only with the 2TB variant. The

console community had a good reception with the announcement. And now about three months into the market, we already have

sales for the games that you can play on the One S. Let’s take a look at some of those.

Recently released Gears of War

4 that debuted this Oct. 11 is on sale at 34.95 pounds sterling instead of the regular price of 49.99. Now if you haven’t yet

heard of the game yet, it’s a beautiful first person shooter that is currently licensed by Microsoft studios and only made

available for the PC Master Race only for those running the Anniversary edition Windows 10 update and of course Microsoft’s

own console the Xbox One.

However if Tesco is accessible for you and you’re not in any mood to shop like Brendan

Rodgers hogging on Southampton players in the past, you can also take a look at the Xbox One S bundle 500GB with FIFA 17 that

‘s currently going for about 240 pounds sterling. If you are looking for some class FPS, then you can head right to Microsoft

store where they’re retailing the Xbox One S 500GB bundled with Battlefield 1 which we believe should be an amazing

combination provided you are the one to enjoy it on limited frames. Ohh and the price? 249.99pounds.

Some GTA:V? We’ve

got you covered. Tesco at it again, has listed GTA:V for 28 pounds which is the usual sale price for the game on PC platform.

Don’t even ask us about reviews, it’s one of the best one out there, beautifully designed and the story line? Emotional yet

fantastic. The game lets you take control of the characters and you can control them how you want them to.

FIFA 17 fans plead for new patch to fix two game-breaking issues

FIFA 17 gets a lot right but there are

still two issues that fans are struggling with.


Problems the recent patch doesn’t seem to have fixed.

Input delay and inconsistent AI are causing massive headaches

for the FIFA community – who are voicing their concerns on Reddit.

The thread, titled “Enough is Enough EA Remove the

input delay & random AI“, calls on the developer to release another patch to fix the issues.

Input delay refers to

a noticeable lag between a player pressing a button and the in-game character performing the action.


incredibly simple way to stop TV lag ruining FIFA 17

Inconsistent AI, meanwhile, covers everything from goalkeepers

refusing to save easy goals, to players colliding into each other and random red cards.

The Reddit FIFA forum is awash

with tons of examples from all of the above. And fans have seemingly had enough.

One wrote: “Yes its a pain in the

ass, and ea should fix it. Nice example of cod, it would be hilarious😂”

Another said: “I’ve literally

crossed the ball in, been controlling the striker who I was aiming for, but then the AI has stormed into the box with one of

my other players and scored for me with an absolutely beating header. Like what. Thanks? But theres literally n0 skill to

that. The game scores for you.

“Also players going for interceptions / blocks when you just want to run back is so

annoying. They always miss and just open your defence.”

Dream Team has reached out to EA to find out if another patch

is on the way, but is yet to hear back.

French Premier Soccer League Unveils eSports League For FIFA 17

French premier soccer league Ligue 1 is

heading into uncharted waters as the organization announced last week eLigue 1, Europe’s first professional eSports soccer



The league has partnered with EA Sports FIFA 17 for competition, making it the first time a

major professional sports league has formed an equivalent league for gaming. Each of the 20 member clubs in Ligue 1 will

sponsor two FIFA players, one for PS4 and one for Xbox One, to compete in the new eSports organization.

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The tournament will be divided into two seasons, with the winter season kicking off in

November followed by another session hosted between February and March. Winners from each season will compete in the eLigue

playoffs in May and the winner will qualify for a European League where it will square off against winners from other similar

eSports leagues from European countries, according to Sky Sports.

Didier Quillot, Chief Executive Officer of Ligue 1,

called the announcement “a great precedent in French and European sport” and highlighted the “increasing value … that

eSports is opening up in sports’ rights, ticketing, merchandising and sponsorship.”

France’s largest soccer club

Paris Saint-Germain, a club member in Ligue 1, dove further into eSports with the creation of PSG eSports as eLigue 1 was


Earlier this month, it was also reported that German premier soccer league, Bundesliga, filed trademarks for

several eSports related terms, including DFL Esport Bundesliga, DFL Virtuelle Bundesliga, eBundesliga, iBundesliga,

SportecSolutions and DFL Sportec. Based on the league’s legal action and expressed interest in eSports, it doesn’t seem

far-fetched to believe that a German eSports league might be created in the near future as well.

Luis Suarez’s FIFA 17 game face has had a drastic transformation over the past 10 years

Like all things over time, FIFA has

found a way of adapting, adopting and evolving.

Technology has thankfully allowed EA to enhance the way the game runs

and looks. The graphics in FIFA 17 are ridiculous.

But back in 2007 (which doesn’t feel that long ago), the graphics

were terrible.

And it seems as though Luis Suarez experienced the very worst of FIFA’s lack of technology, because his

game face was terrible.

The video above shows how the Barcelona star has transformed over the years – from moustache

man to… Luis Suarez.

Luis Suarez celebrates 

his goal

Luis Suarez’s face looks really realistic in real life

In FIFA 07, with a rating

of 61, Suarez looks absolutely nothing like his former self. He’s also sporting a tash, what’s that about?!


the years the Uruguayan doesn’t really improve, and it’s not until we get to FIFA 14 do we get a face that looks a little

more recognisable.

Seriously, though?

Since 2014, the Uruguayan’s game face has mirrored his scoring record and gone from strength to strength.

To be fair, anything is an improvement on that FIFA 07 monstrosity.

FIFA 17 patched to match proper Premier League presentation, plus other tweaks

EA has finally added the new Premier

League branding to FIFA 17, by way of a patch which should auto-install when you start the game on PS4, Xbox One or PC.

The Premier League switched to all-new logos in the summer, too late for them to be included in the game – meaning pre-

match line-ups and in-game scoreboards all used generic designs. That’s all changed, with top flight English matches now

adopting a block-based – and lovely-looking – white, purple and turquoise colour scheme.


Those aforementioned team line-ups are now

much easier on the eye, and delivered like a true TV broadcast.


The chunkier fonts also serve to make

everything on the HUD a touch clearer during actual gameplay. Obviously they don’t affect things on anything more than a

superficial level, but it’s another step towards the total authenticity EA aims to deliver on the kits, badges, bells ‘n

whistles front. And, as I wrote in our review, that stuff matters.


Not bothered about presentation? There are some small

tweaks to gameplay, too. According to EA’s patch notes the AI will now “attack directly” on an increased basis, you’ll see

more errors come about from triple-tap crosses, and corner kick outcomes will be more varied thanks to revised goalkeeper

positioning and “improvements to contested headers logic”.


You can read the full list of changes, which also

include minor amendments to Pro Clubs, career mode and Ultimate Team, on the official FIFA 17 website.

FIFA 17 is out

now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.


From George Best, through Gazza, to

Adriano, every footballing generation has its own cautionary tale. These mercurial talents are so full of promise, capable of

unbelievable skill and destined for even greater glories. Then, usually due to the temptations precipitated by fame, and

possibly dispensed as a liquid or powder, the player self destructs, ends up broke, sick or worse. But surely that won’t

befall EA’s seemingly immortal FIFA series.

Well, probably not so long as its rival keeps making mistakes like the

Aston Villa defence. Remember Villa? Nonetheless, it feels like there’s a growing risk that FIFA will never quite hit the

gameplay peak that its sumptuous off-the-pitch features deserve. Which is slightly frustrating, but far from a disaster.


As expected, this season FIFA is better. It’s better than FIFA 16, and it’s also better than Pro Evo 2017—or it

certainly is on the PC. It’s better than a frozen Sunday morning on a five-a-side pitch. FIFA 17 is bigger, more beautiful,

and better generally. It’s got more new features than Leeds have had managers in the last year—and some of them are class.

One or two are, however, not class.

This year’s game runs on the Frostbite Engine for the first time, just like

Battlefield 1, which does take a little warming to. The crossing feels more like Gary Lineker in pants than Jamie Redknapp in

a fitted shirt. It’s too easy to loop the ball into the air like that spoon-footed guy your brother brought to fill in at

right-back while Jinky Geoff recovers from his vasectomy.

There’s also a new Active Intelligence System, which sounds

like something that tracks aerial threats and downs them with a surface-to-air missile. In practice what it actually seems to

do is sporadically prevent your team-mates from making intelligent runs. Not much of a game-changer as far as I can discern

then, but elsewhere there are plenty of positives.

Here comes the winning

Player collisions are

the best I’ve seen in a football game, though the alchemy behind them is tricky to discern. It’s probably something to do

with the trumpeted Physical Play Overhaul. The result is that you’re now rewarded for relentlessly battling for the ball or

stretching a leg out to deflect a pass when closing down an opponent. 21 years on, it’s actually reminiscent of FIFA ’96,

which felt like a dreadful grind but rewarded doggedness as a counterpoint to the game-dominating trinity of pace, power and

footballing celebrity. Topical reference there.


Compare FIFA 17 with FIFA 16 and the early signs are it

will have the same longevity, the same appeal as an online experience, and the same power to ruin Sundays you should have

spent preparing for that big presentation at work. (Just use last year’s slides and change the date.) And when I say early, I

mean 40 hours in. Because until I make it to division one of the attritional but glorious FIFA Ultimate Team Mode it’s hard

to say with complete certainty.


The big news for FIFA solo players this year is the

inclusion of a story mode, which I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical about. But, to my surprise, The Journey—which immediately

brings to mind a tragic X-Factor contestant montage underscored by Coldplay—is good. You guide plucky young phenom Alex

Hunter from his under-11 cup final to the highs of a career in the Premier League. Through dialogue choices you forge his

personality, negotiating personal difficulties, footballing trials, loan spells and other career-defining moments. It’s a

very welcome additional way to play.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) will remain everybody’s mode of choice, though—not

least EA’s. Here, the act of converting kids’ pocket money into a massive mountain of gold has been refined to an artform.

The volume of trading in the marketplace for players reflects a gaming economy that is probably now worth more than Paul Pogba

to the publisher.

For FIFA 17, FUT has been tweaked with some new competitions and the inclusion of a mode where you

can trade combinations of unwanted players for rewards. It’s still laborious to manage your team, despite some improvements

to menu systems, and the churn of acquiring player contracts continues to feel uncomfortably reminiscent of the much-maligned

freemium model.

Unsurprisingly, FUT’s key new features seem designed to relieve you of more cash, by offering

incentives for you to go out and buy obscure players for which there was otherwise little demand—you know, third-tier

Algerian left-backs and such—thereby injecting even more activity into the market.

That said, FIFA is a wealthy but

largely benign dictator. A particularly pleasing returning feature is a cumulative system that recognises and rewards your own

fidelity to the series. Your level in the game carries over from previous versions, and with that comes an instant shot in the

arm with free unlocks that dramatically reduce the grind. These include star player loans, attribute boosts, and serious

points multipliers to make acquiring the dosh you need to buy big in FIFA much easier.

The bizarre FIFA 17 celebration you haven’t seen – and don’t know how to do

The beautiful thing about FIFA is that

each year the game lets you do more and more. Whether it be scoring a goal like never before or customising your own player,

there’s a lot of freedom.

Something which is

definitely new and you definitely don’t know about, is the incredible celebration in the video above.

After reddit

user ‘bizzarevan’ scored a goal with Arsenal , Aaron Ramsey, Alexis Sanchez and Kieron Gibbs can be seen sitting on the

advertising board at Old Trafford – and then going SCUBA DIVING.


The trio pinch their noses and fall

back, mimicking the action of entering water with scuba gear.

We’ve never seen this before, and judging from the post

by ‘bizzarevan’ – he/she hasn’t either.

The gamer commented: “I

have no idea how I did it. But I think you just have to run to the advertising boards and they would just do a random

celebration with it.”

It’s all very impressive – but surely that’s got to hurt!

Top 50 FIFA 17 Player Ratings Countdown Gets to 31, DI MARÍA, SÁNCHEZ and More

The Top 50 FIFA 17 player ratings has

reached 31 after counting down from 50, going through the best players available to use in the game. All 20 players that have

been reached are also provided with their cards from FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, while the ratings are based on their performance

in the last year.

Top 50 FIFA 17 Player Ratings Countdown Gets to 31, DI MARÍA, SÁNCHEZ and More

FIFA 17 is supposed to be a celebration of some of the best teams in European football, and this

list of the Top 50 FIFA 17 player ratings is undoubtedly intended to celebrate the best players of those teams. In the case of

these 20 different rankings, Paris Saint-Germain player Blaise Matuidi takes the number 50 spot, while Hugo Lloris of the

Tottenham Hotspurs is currently in spot 31.

All of these players being in the FIFA 17 ultimate team part of the game

will allow you to make your dream team out of the best of the best, which you can use to play against other Ultimate Teams

owned by other FIFA 17 players.

Considering that we’ve still got around three or four weeks before the game comes out,

we’ll likely be able to see all of the other Top 50 FIFA 17 player ratings before it releases, so you’ll know pretty much

every player that’s the best in the game for their positions. This likely won’t guarantee victory, however, if you can’t

use your players well.

Luckily, you can use any of the other FIFA 17 game modes to learn all the different things you

can do with your players to become a good FIFA player.

FIFA 17 is going to be released in Europe on September 27, while

it will be releasing in North America on September 29. In addition to its ultimate team mode, the game will feature both a

career mode for players to run their own football club, and a story mode where you take control of Alex Hunter and become a

top Premiere League player.

FIFA 17 demo details confirmed, release due early September

Fancy going hands-on with FIFA 17 ahead of

its release? Then be sure to give the FIFA 17 demo a look when it arrives early next month

FIFA 17 demo details 

confirmed, release due early September

Electronic Arts has announced that the

FIFA 17 demo recently showcased at Gamescom 2016 will be made available in early September.

FIFA 17 demo details

teaser includes a number of clubs to try out, such as Real, Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Olympique

Lion, Paris Saint-Germain, Seattle Sounders, UANL Tigres, FC Bayern Munich, Gamba Osaka, Inter Mailand, and Juventus.

In addition, the FIFA 17 demo features the following stadiums: Stamford Bridge, Suita City Football Stadium, and Centutylink


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FIFA 17 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One,

Xbox 360, and PC on September 27 in the U.S. and September 29 internationally. The game is the first entry in the venerated

footie series to utilise the Frostbite engine.

One of the key new features FIFA 17 introduces is a full story

chronicling the progress of aspiring football player, 17-year-old Alex Hunter. Players will follow the Londoner’s journey as

he attempts to make his stamp on the Premiere League, which includes multiple clubs as well as a Mass Effect-style dialogue