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Legends of Aria Begins Closed Beta –

The metamorphosis of the Shards Online caterpillar into the Legends of Aria butterfly has now seen it spread its wings and begin flight. Today marks the start of Legends of Aria closed beta with an update that brings balance adjustments, new areas, and system adjustments.

Legends of Aria Begins Closed Beta -

Closed beta will see a new Eastern Frontier world area added to the game, along with two new major cities: the mining city of Helm and the port town of Pyros Landing. There’s also an additional world dungeon and a triggered server-wide Catacombs encounter that requires large groups and features a final boss fight that will “require more than just numbers to defeat”.

The new build is also introducing an overhaul to the criminal/flagging system, with player actions – positive or negative – contributing to an overall Karma score. The system is meant to remove arbitrary criminal flags and maintain a sense of risk vs. reward. There’s also new UI elements, changes to character movement to make it feel smoother, and a variety of balance tweaks to skills, Guard Zones and more.

Closed beta will run from today, January 29th through Sunday, February 11th. The closed beta has no NDA and characters who were in the final alpha test will not be wiped. Closed beta launch will also signal the start of Founder’s Pack sales, which will include closed beta access and a variety of other perks.

Our Thoughts

Congratulations are in order to Citadel Studios for making it to closed beta. We’re looking forward to seeing how this new phase of development will steer Legends of Aria and whether there will be more changes in store…though likely not on the same scale of changing the game type entirely.

Sources: official site, official forums

CCP Games Reacts to EVE Online’s Latest Large-Scale Battle –

After the single largest battle in EVE Online history over a keepstar was waged, CCP Games has had a moment to consider what it means for the EVE Online server infrastructure and how to improve it to better support such large engagements.

CCP Games Reacts to EVE Online’s Latest Large-Scale Battle -

While the game’s single Tranquility server did not suffer any form of catastrophic failure, the devs do contend that additional work is needed in order to support and even encourage similarly large battles to take place.

“The attackers did report problems launching fresh waves of unmanned fighters from their carriers, which was their main tactic and which accounted for the lion’s share of their damage output,” explained CCP Guard. “The keepstar was going down slowly but surely for two hours and only managed to heal itself once these problems started getting reported.”

In spite of the fact that the planned battle of attrition appears to be confirmed lost as a result of input lag, CCP Games is looking on the bright side. “Tranquility remained online for the fight, and thankfully we didn’t experience any unscheduled downtime,” said CCP Falcon. “This allowed us to watch performance, look at where the main bottlenecks are for an engagement of this scale, and provides us with a substantial amount of data that we can use to help plan the next steps toward strengthening our infrastructure to support these massive engagements.”

Those next steps, according to Guard, are software-based, with “active development” on systems that will transfer non-essential calculations away from the main server cluster and into the cloud. The battle has also reportedly reinvigorated discussions among the team to look into additional long-term solutions.

“We want to continue to allow our pilots to wage war on a scale that’s never been seen before in online gaming,” closed Falcon.

Our Thoughts

It’s definitely a shame that the keepstar stayed upright as a result of server problems instead of a well-executed defense strategy, but we are going to join CCP Games in looking at the positives in the aftermath of this latest war. Especially if those positives lead to more galaxy-shaking conflicts. After all, like the video touting the fight stated, neither the battle nor the war are over.

Source: Polygon

collectionfifatips – Managing And Upgrading Gear In Black Desert Online

collectionfifatips - Managing And Upgrading Gear In Black Desert Online

In case I haven’t said this enough, Black Desert Online ain’t your average MMO. And one of the places that is more apparent is when gearing your character. It can be a confusing process thanks to BDO’s not-so-great localization and how different it is from typical MMORPGs. I’m going to spell it all out for you in this guide, showing you how to upgrade equipment while demystifying some of the more obtuse concepts—like what the hell a ‘fail stack’ is.

As well as explaining how all of this works, this article should demonstrate, to those who aren’t convinced, that BDO is worth a look even if you’re burnt out on traditional entries in the genre.

How Equipment Differs From Most MMOs

In most MMOs, players are used to being handed a steady stream of marginally better gear as they work towards max level, but Black Desert treats its equipment system quite differently.

For starters, gear doesn’t have level restrictions, meaning a level one character can be decked out in the most powerful endgame gear. Don’t worry though, they won’t have the skills to make good use of it so you won’t get your ass kicked by a brand new player in sweet gear. There’s also quite a small selection of equipment to choose from, and you’ll typically only swap pieces a few times on your journey to level 50.

collectionfifatips - Managing And Upgrading Gear In Black Desert Online

Finding gear can also be a bit challenging. With only a few options to choose from, tracking down where each piece resides can be a headache. By and large, the easiest way is to earn as much silver as you can and purchase everything from the player marketplace. There are a few valuable pieces that can be purchased from certain NPC merchants, and others that you’ll find grinding certain monsters or bosses. But by putting crafting skills to good use, you can make more than enough money to cover your equipment costs.

How to Upgrade Your Gear

Because gear isn’t level restricted, even the pieces considered valuable for endgame will start out relatively weak. In order to make them stronger, you need to upgrade them through three methods: transfusion, enhancing, and quality upgrading. Let’s explore each.


A pretty familiar concept to any RPG player. Using crystals with specific stat bonuses (like +1 attack speed), you slot them into sockets on a given piece of equipment and gain that stat bonus. In order to do this, talk to your black spirit companion and select the ‘transfusion’ option from his dialogue.

collectionfifatips - Managing And Upgrading Gear In Black Desert Online

Starting out, focus on increasing your accuracy, which will help you to hit high level monsters easier and make leveling a breeze. Later, transfusion will play a crucial step in rounding out your character’s stats. You can read the recommended crystals to use for each class over on Black Desert Foundry in their class guides section.


Enhancing is the most important way to upgrade your gear. Around level 27, your black spirit companion will give you a series of quests that walk you through the steps, but you’re more than able to get started early if you have all the materials. To enhance your equipment, talk to your black spirit companion and select the ‘enhance’ option.

collectionfifatips - Managing And Upgrading Gear In Black Desert Online

Using black stones, which can be found on level 25+ monsters or purchased on the marketplace, you can increase the base stats on a piece of gear up to 15 times, adding +1 to the name of the item for each success. Enhancing any item up to a certain point is pretty easy, but beyond that can become very resource intensive. Let’s break it down.

For armor, enhancing it up to +5 has a 100% chance of succeeding. Beyond that, your chances decrease significantly. Weapons can be safely enchanted up to +7 before risking failure.

Accessories are a bit different in that you don’t enhance them using black stones but another version of that same accessory. They always have a high chance of failure, but they’re also not as crucial to upgrade and can only go up to +5. Once you’ve successfully combined two, you’ll create a +1 version of that accessory. To increase your odds of getting a +2, use another +1 instead of the +0 version of an item. Just keep in mind that if you fail the enhancement, both accessories will be destroyed.

Failing an enhancement for weapons and armor doesn’t have the same consequence, thankfully. The black stone you used will be destroyed, and the equipment you tried to enhance will lose maximum durability. Fail enough times and that item’s maximum durability will fall so low that you’ll be unable to use it. The only way to restore that item’s durability is to acquire another version of that same item and take both to a blacksmith to be repaired. When you’ve dropped a few million silver on getting one piece of equipment, having to buy another one can really add up.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining to this in that, for each successive failure while enhancing, you earn what’s called a ‘fail stack’. Fail stacks are a hidden bonus that increases your chances of a successful enhance, and for every failure that chance gets higher.

Now let’s say we’re trying to enhance a weapon from +14 to +15. That comes with a massively reduced chance to succeed, around 20%. You could throw away a ton of black stones and lower the item’s durability trying to luck out, or you can use a much smarter method by exploiting fail stacks.

collectionfifatips - Managing And Upgrading Gear In Black Desert Online

Remember how I said accessories have a really high chance to fail when enhancing? That’s a good thing because some early-game accessories are also dirt cheap. By purchasing several dozen of the same kind, we can combine them together and hope that they fail. Each time that they do the next enhancement has a better chance to succeed. To maximize our odds, create several +1 accessories and then try and combine them with their weaker +0 versions. The odds are so low that you should easily acquire a dozen fail stacks. Once you have as many as you think you can manage without accidentally succeeding, you can use that increased chance to succeed on the item you’re actually trying to enhance — often saving some precious silver instead of wasting it on destroyed black stones or sacrificial equipment to repair lost durability.

Getting all of your gear to +15 will take a long time, but it’s also not something you need to fret about unless you aim to be one of the top PVPers in the game. Once you’re around level 30 and start finding black stones while killing monsters, consider purchasing whatever best-in-slot equipment you can for your class. An entry level endgame set will cost you just under a million silver, which isn’t a great deal if you’ve been investing in your crafting skills or grinding monsters and selling loot drops.

Quality Upgrading

The final step in the process should only be completed once you’ve already achieved +15 on a piece of equipment, as doing so will significantly increase the costs of repairing max durability. Upgrading the quality will essentially transform the rarity of your equipment, taking it from a common green to rare blue to the coveted yellow. Doing so will also unlock extra stats, which can make that piece of gear all the more powerful.

collectionfifatips - Managing And Upgrading Gear In Black Desert Online

To do this, you’re going to need to purchase special workshops located within cities while also acquiring some special materials needed for the upgrade. To find out more about purchasing homes, you can reference our production guide. which goes through the process, though if you’ve upgraded your equipment to +15 and haven’t bought a house at this point, I’d be amazed.

Upgrading from green to blue will always succeed, while blue to yellow has a random chance of success. Don’t worry though, all you’ll lose is some maximum durability and your materials if you fail, not the equipment itself. Unfortunately, fail stacks don’t seem to apply here, so you’ll just need to try your luck.

Final Thoughts and Some Quick Tips

With all of this spelled out, you should be able to start hunting down some nice pieces of gear and working towards a killer endgame set of equipment. Each class has their own preferences for which stats they should prioritize. However, just about every class flourishes using the Grunil armor set along with Yuria weapons and Bares accessories. Rangers are the only ones who work better with the Heve armor set instead, but still use the same Bares accessories and Yuria weapons.

Fortunately, all of those items are readily available on the marketplace for reasonable amounts of money. Even better, Yuria weapons can be purchased directly from an NPC named Ronatz in Calpheon City (use the NPC search button to find him!). You’ll need to befriend him first using the conversation minigame, but he’ll sell Yuria weapons for 90,000 silver, which is quite a steal.

For more advanced gear choices, you can reference your class on Black Desert Foundry, which will also show you where to find the ultra rare gear for building the ultimate warrior.

Now go forth and enhance!

VAR experiment discussed at The IFAB ABM –

  • The 132nd Annual Business Meeting (ABM) of The IFAB took place in Zurich on Monday
  • Main focus of the meeting was on the experiment with Video Assistant Referee (VAR)
  • Items related to football development and the quality and fairness of the game were also discussed

The 132nd Annual Business Meeting (ABM) of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) took place at the Home of FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland, on Monday. Chaired by FIFA’s Deputy Secretary General, Zvonimir Boban, the meeting covered an extensive list of important items related to the development of football and how best to improve the quality and fairness of the game.

The main focus of the ABM was on the experiment with Video Assistant Referee (VAR), which has been taking place in more than 20 football competitions around the world over the last two years. This has included the use of VAR in over 800 competitive matches. Full analysis of the VAR experiment can be found here.

The IFAB were encouraged by the positive and thorough results of the VAR experiment and agreed that a proposal to ensure consistency in using VAR would be made for approval at The 132nd IFAB Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Zurich, Switzerland, on 3 March 2018.

Among the other items discussed during Monday’s ABM was a detailed report on the two-year experiment of allowing an additional substitution in extra time, which has been conducted in various competitions around the world, and proposed changes to the Laws of the Game for 2018/19.

Further details on the items discussed at Monday’s ABM can be found here.

Pep Guardiola: Man City players will have say on January transfer business –

The Exploding Heads wrap up a wild matchday 16 in England with Premier League in 90 seconds (plus stoppages).
Janusz Michallik credits Man City for staying true to their formula after they secured their 11th straight Premier League win.

MANCHESTER — Pep Guardiola will speak to his Manchester City players to see if they are happy before deciding on his January transfer business.

City are in the middle of an 18-game winning streak, with Guardiola using a core of his first-team squad while other players such as Ilkay Gundogan, Eliaquim Mangala, Claudio Bravo and Yaya Toure have not made any Premier League starts this season.

Guardiola has hinted that he may look to strengthen his squad in the transfer window and the Catalan doesn’t want anyone at the club who doesn’t want to be there.

“In the winter break and the window in the summer time, we are going to [assess] everything and if they are happy or not,” he told a news conference ahead of City’s clash with Southampton on Wednesday night.

“If they are comfortable being in the position they had in the past — playing or not playing — they have to decide because the future will be like this. Always we want players that want to stay here.”

City maintained their eight-point lead at the top with a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Huddersfield Town on Sunday.

They had to wait until the 84th minute before Raheem Sterling’s winner in a game they dominated with 80 percent possession.

Kyle Walker
Pep Guardiola has led Manchester City to an 18-game winning streak.

Guardiola was delighted with how his side stayed patient and stuck to their passing principles, particularly ahead of the game against Southampton, who held out for a point at the Etihad last season.

“That’s good. There is no panic. And in the last 15 minutes when we changed Vincent Kompany for Gabriel Jesus, it sends a message to the team that we still want to win,” he said.

“We believe in what we want to do. It happened because last season we were working on that as well. The results help a lot for the mentality of the team to believe a little bit more. Winning games in a row helps us believe in what we want to do.”

Guardiola will have a full squad to choose from tomorrow with the exception of injured duo Benjamin Mendy and John Stones.

But he faces a dilemma on whether to select Kompany, who has only just returned from a calf strain, or select Mangala — who has not started a Premier League game since May 2016.

“I am really impressed with his behaviour in training. He hasn’t played regularly until now and he always accepts it,” Guardiola said of the French defender.

“He has his specific qualities and that is so important in the league sometimes. We’re going to use him when we believe we need him.”

Jonathan is ESPN FC’s Manchester City correspondent. Follow him on Twitter: @jonnysmiffy.

collectionfifatips – Everton hope to hire Sam Allardyce as manager imminently – sources

The Exploding Heads wrap up a wild matchday 16 in England with Premier League in 90 seconds (plus stoppages).
The FC crew react to reports Sam Allardyce is set to take over an Everton side bracing for a potential relegation fight.
The FC guys answer your tweets on whether PSG or Man City will make the UCL final and if Sam Allardyce can save Everton.

Everton are hoping to conclude a deal to hire Sam Allardyce as manager in time for Wednesday’s Premier League clash with West Ham United, sources have told ESPN FC.

Discussions between Everton and Allardyce’s representatives have taken place since Monday, with further talks planned on Tuesday, and sources have said there is a growing confidence within Goodison Park that the club’s six-week search for a replacement for the sacked Ronald Koeman is close to an end.

The talks come as sources told ESPN FC’s Peter O’Rourke that Shakhtar Donetsk boss Paulo Fonseca has turned down the Everton job to stay with the Ukrainian giants.

Allardyce, who had publicly ruled himself out of the Everton job earlier this month due to the Merseyside club’s desire to recruit Watford manager Marco Silva, is now ready to accept the challenge of steering Everton away from the threat of relegation, however, and could be in charge for the visit of David Moyes’s West Ham on Wednesday.

The 63-year-old has been out of work since resigning as Crystal Palace manager at the end of last season, with the former England boss claiming at the time that he had retired from management.

Sam Allardyce has been out of management since leaving Crystal Palace at the end of last season.

But after expressing an interest in the United States job following the departure of Bruce Arena in the wake of the country’s failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, Allardyce admitted he was open to a return to Premier League management after Koeman’s departure last month.

With Everton majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri favouring Silva, Allardyce insisted he would not pursue the chance to manage the club.

But Everton’s dismal run of form under caretaker-manager David Unsworth — they have suffered five defeats in seven games in all competitions — and their failure to prise Silva from Watford has forced Moshiri to accept the need to look elsewhere and turn to Allardyce.

Sources have told ESPN FC that Allardyce is keen to appoint former Leicester boss Craig Shakespeare, who worked under the 63-year-old during his brief spell as England manager, as his assistant at Everton.

Mark Ogden is a senior football writer for ESPN FC. Follow him @MarkOgden_

collectionfifatips – God of War release date leaks on U.S. PlayStation Store, coming in March

At E3 2016, Sony opened their press conference with the first look at an all-new God of War game. The game will see an older, potentially wiser Kratos delving into a new setting, specifically one rooted deeply in Norse mythology, while mentoring his young son. The plot mostly remains a mystery at this time but fans have drawn comparisons between the new God of War and Naughty Dog's Last of Us with an older protagonist going on an adventure with a child, guiding them through a cruel and unforgiving world.

Sony has been treating us with trailers and other tidbits for the last year but we're still waiting to know when we can officially play the game. Right now, Sony has an "early 2018" release window but many are expecting the date to be announced this weekend at PlayStation Experience but… we may know the date already.

Thanks to a leak on the PlayStation Store (we have verified that the leak is authentic and saw it ourselves), God of War is listed to release on March 22nd, 2018 which is coincidentally the same day the original God of War released in 2005. Sure, it could be a placeholder but with a reveal imminent it wouldn't be surprising if Sony was updating their store and maybe forgot to hide the date from the public. It's also worth noting that the God of War series has almost always launched in March.

God of War release date leaks on U.S. PlayStation Store, coming in March

The only thing that strikes us as odd about this release date is that March 22nd, 2018 is a Thursday and games typically launch on Tuesday or Friday. Sony may be skipping traditional practices in order to have the game release on the 13th anniversary of the series but we'll likely hear more this weekend. 

It's also worth noting that the leaked release date has appeared on other PSN storefronts such as Chile. PlayStation Experience begins on December 8th. 


collectionfifatips – House of Cards resumes production in 2018; Final season will be shorter

A few months ago, Netflix began production on the sixth season of House of Cards but just a few weeks in, a troubling story involving the show's lead came out. After a number of sexual assault allegations towards film producer Harvey Weinstein came out, a number of other Hollywood icons were accused of similar things, one being House of Cards star Kevin Spacey.

The star was accused of forcing himself on a minor many years ago and many other people came out suggesting that similar things happened to them. With this news, Netflix had to make a major decision, do they cut ties with Spacey and risk muddling the show's narrative or do they stick to the plan and have a really unhealthy and uncomfortable set? The production on the set has been on pause since October while they decide how they're going to move forward and now Netflix has come up with their solution.

House of Cards will resume production in early 2018 without Spacey like rumors have suggested. While Netflix didn't say how they plan on handling his absence in the show, they noted that there will be eight episodes (less than the usual thirteen) and they have a “good, creative conclusion” in store for the series. Robin Wright will assume the leading role for the political thriller, something the show set up in the last season.

House of Cards' sixth and final season has no premiere date but it likely won't hit its expected summer 2018 release window.


collectionfifatips – Disney resumes talks with Fox to buy most of company

Several weeks ago we reported that two of the biggest companies in Hollywood had been negotiating a massive business deal. The two giants, Fox and Disney, were ultimately unable to come to an agreement for a variety of reasons and the conversation ended. After the news reached the public, an outcry for Disney to sign a fat check for Fox's properties spread throughout the internet.

For those unaware, Disney owns Marvel Studios who own some of the biggest superheroes of all-time. Disney has helped spawn the biggest movie franchise ever via the Marvel Cinematic Universe and despite its success, some fans are demanding more from the movies. Fox owns Marvel characters like the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Deadpool, and more, some of these characters are essential for some Marvel comic stories that fans want to see on the big screen and who doesn't wanna see some of the greatest superhero teams interact with each other?

After the response to these talks, Disney and Fox are reportedly back in talks. If it goes through, the sale would not include Fox local affiliate stations (local news stations), Fox Sports, or Fox News but channels like FX would go to Disney along with a number of major movie franchises like Alien.

That last part has some folks worried though, Disney is known for their family-friendly approach, never going into the R-rated territory. If Disney gains all these properties, could we lose out on some major franchises and riskier movies like Logan and Deadpool? It's too soon to tell but it does pose a threat to some of Fox's major IPs.

[The Financial Times via Fortune]

Vincenzo Montella leaves AC Milan; Gennaro Gattuso placed in charge on collectionfifatips

With Gennaro Gattuso set take over for Vincenzo Montella, Craig Burley examines Milan’s outlook in Serie A.
Check out all the best moments from Serie A’s top sides, as Napoli continue to set the pace and Inter stay close behind.

AC Milan have announced the departure of boss Vincenzo Montella after Sunday’s 0-0 draw with Torino.

The result left Milan seventh in Serie A, and the gap to fourth-placed Roma, and Champions League football next season, has grown to 11 points, while the Giallorossi have a game in hand.

Milan, who spent over €200 million in the summer, have now placed their former midfielder Gennaro Gattuso in charge of the first team as they try to rescue their season.

In a statement posted on the club’s official website, Milan said: “AC Milan announce to have parted ways with coach Vincenzo Montella. We are very grateful to Mr. Montella and his staff for all the work done up to today, their commitment and professionalism.

“Management of the first team is entrusted to Gennaro Gattuso, who leaves his position as Primavera coach and to whom AC Milan wish the best of luck.

“A press conference is scheduled for tomorrow to present the new coach at Milanello training centre.”

Gennaro Gattuso has been promoted from his role in charge of the Primavera youth setup at Milan.

Vincenzo Montella admitted leaving Milan was “very painful” but he said he would continue to support the club, while admitting he “failed” in his assignment.

“Leaving Milan is very painful,” Montella wrote on Instagram. “I tried to give all I have got for this club, but I accept the decision which has been taken. I would like to thank the players and you, the fans, for the beautiful moments we spent together, hoping that Milan will get back up there where they belong.

“I evidently failed, but I will keep on supporting these colours.”

Having already played against all the clubs above them in the Serie A standings, Milan’s next five fixtures come against sides below them, starting with a trip to rock-bottom Benevento next weekend.

That is followed by a home game with Bologna and a trip to Hellas Verona before they host Atalanta on Dec. 23 and end the year at Fiorentina.

Milan need to see some improvement in results if they are to finish in the European qualification places, although their general manager, Marco Fassone, said earlier this month that the Serie A club would be able to survive without Champions League football next season. 

There is also mounting speculation in Italy that Milan will not be admitted to either the Champions League or the Europa League due to alleged financial irregularities over the takeover of the club last April.

However, sporting director Massimiliano Mirabelli — speaking prior to the news of Montella’s dismissal — was categorical in denying there being any cause for concern after a meeting with UEFA last week in which they were asked to provide further documentation regarding the deal.

“That’s fantasy football — Milan will never be banned from Europe,” Mirabelli told Mediaset. “The fans don’t need to worry.”

ESPN FC’s Italy correspondent, Ben Gladwell, contributed to this report.

Follow @ESPNFC on Twitter to keep up with the latest football updates.