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Sea of Thieves Datamining Finds Items, Creatures and More on collectionfifatips

We suppose it was inevitable in times like these. A Sea of Thieves datamining expedition has unearthed a long list of various items buried in the sand of the game’s code, including a number of new items, NPCs and maps. So once again Spoiler Puppy is here to shield you from upcoming spoilers for Sea of Thieves. So don’t scroll by the puppy if you don’t want to learn more.

Sea of Thieves Datamining Finds Items, Creatures and More on collectionfifatips

For those who have moved on past the cute puppy; the dataminer know as m4rx on Reddit has offered up a laundry list of items from the title’s CBT files. According to m4rx, the list is an ongoing process, which is being stymied by a missing decryption key to decrypt additional assets.

That said, the list found so far is long indeed, with a number of treasure chests; a number of ship customization items including livery, cannons, capstans and figureheads; and a number of different weapons such as a boarding axe and a heavy sword.

The mining also found reference to a Kraken, or at least the tentacles of the creature which appear to wrap themselves around your ship. The data also included reference to a Harpoon Gun for player ships, which could be specifically engineered to protect against very large and overly huggy sea monsters.

According to m4rx, the datamining is being done in an attempt to find what Rare is holding back from closed beta until release, as “the general consensus on the beta is that the game is lacking content”.

Our Thoughts

Even knowing that there’s a possibility of a kraken beneath the waves of Sea of Thieves’ world makes us eager to see it in action. Of course, how much of this data is actually going to make it to full release is up to assumption, but we’ll be looking forward to learning more from the devs directly.

Source: Sea of Thieves subreddit via VG247

What Are We All Playing This Weekend? –

What Are We All Playing This Weekend? -

Alice is at GDC, which is why it falls to me to ask in her place: WATYPWPATWPAWAPTPYPWAWPAPTPTP this weekend? If you need time to think about it, you can peruse our own selections below, with Joe and Medoly kindly standing in for Adam and Pip as they have done all week.

What Are We All Playing This Weekend? - collectionfifatips.comJoe: This weekend I’m heading to the Isle of Mull for a rescheduled trip that Storm Gertrude made impossible back in January. I’ve never been before, but I’ve heard it’s lovely. I can’t wait to relax in a tranquil setting, converse with some of the friendly locals, cook some delicious meals, do a spot of fishing, and perhaps even a little bit of farming. Of course I’ll be doing all of this in Stardew Valley on my laptop, while the real world outside passes me by.
What Are We All Playing This Weekend? - collectionfifatips.comAlec: I’m still bludgeoning my way (and tearing up my shins, as I had to trick the system into thinking I have more space than I do in order to use it) through Vive games and demos. It’s time to stop drawing massive neon space-cocks in Tilt Brush and try out Fantastic Contraptions physics oddities, for instance. I’m also told that Universe Sandbox ² has a rudimentary but mighty impressive VR mode. Haven’t tried out Elite Dangerous on a VR headset with a usable resolution yet, either. There’s a ton of stuff to dabble with even before this thing is released to the world: I guess I’m going to be overwhelmed come April.
What Are We All Playing This Weekend? - collectionfifatips.comMelody: I help run a guild in Final Fantasy XIV, so I’ll surely spend at least a couple of hours being a catgirl. For me it’s as much a game as it is a place to hang out with friends so it doesn’t really get tiring even after months. I’ve also rediscovered the joy of jolly cooperation in Orcs Must Die 2, but this annoying debuff called “Getting a degree in Philosophy” is severely limiting my time.
What Are We All Playing This Weekend? - collectionfifatips.comGraham: I installed Black Desert Online five days ago and have yet to boot it up; I haven’t been back to The Division since last week and I’m craving it; and I’m pretty sure that Stardew Valley will be playable remotely over Chrome Remote Desktop, so I’m keen to give that a shot. But in all likelihood I won’t play anything because I’ll be too busy mucking around in Game Maker.
What Are We All Playing This Weekend? - collectionfifatips.comJohn: [Last week reader lowprices heard tell of John’s activities. “I heard a rumour that John was at GDC, roaming the halls in a coat made of skin, picking his teeth with his favourite gutting knife and bellowing “I HUNGER” at passers-by.” Is it true? Is John now headed east at a terrifying pace, headed who-knows-where? Sound the alarm and warn us of your sightings below.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

collectionfifatips | Arsenal appoint ex-Barcelona sporting director Raul Sanllehi

The Exploding Heads wrap up a wild matchday 16 in England with Premier League in 90 seconds (plus stoppages).
The ESPN FC panel discuss how Arsenal’s winning mentality has continued to erode under Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal have appointed Barcelona’s outgoing director of football Raul Sanllehi as their new head of football relations.

Sanllehi’s contract with Barcelona runs out on Dec. 1, and he will move to the Premier League club Arsenal to take up his new role in February.

The club announced that Sanllehi would “lead future player negotiations” alongside manager Arsene Wenger, chief executive Ivan Gazidis and contract negotiator Huss Fahmy as well as “represent and support the club with international and domestic governing bodies.”

Gazidis told the club’s official website: “In the past three years we have supplemented our team with more top-class expertise across every aspect of our football operations.

“Raul’s appointment is another important step in developing the infrastructure we need at the club to take everything we do to the next level. Raul has extensive contacts across the football world and has been directly involved in some of the biggest transfers in Europe in recent years. We look forward to him bringing that expertise to Arsenal.”

Raul Sanllehi reportedly played a key role in Barcelona’s signing of Neymar.

Sanllehi’s arrival will be another major part in the ongoing reshuffle of Arsenal’s backroom staff, with CEO Ivan Gazidis having also brought in Borussia Dortmund’s chief scout Sven Mislintat earlier this month to head up recruitment operations.

Sanllehi has been credited with playing a key role in Barcelona’s signing of Neymar from Brazilian club Santos and has a reputation as one of Europe’s most respected transfer negotiators.

The backroom shuffle by Gazidis is seen by many as an attempt to prepare Arsenal for life after Wenger, who has kept a number of key staff members on for a large part of his 21-year reign as manager.

Arsenal announced in September that transfer negotiator Dick Law was stepping down, while chief scout Steve Rowley has also taken on a lighter workload since Mislintat’s appointment and is expected to eventually retire.

Mattias is ESPN FC’s Arsenal correspondent. Follow him on Twitter: @MattiasKaren.

Hudson-Wihongi striding towards world stage –

  • Auckland City set for record ninth FIFA Club World Cup appearance
  • Midfielder Te Atawhai Hudson-Wihongi suffered injury on eve of Japan 2016
  • Hudson-Wihongi says injury has “made me a stronger person”

New Zealand’s FIFA World Cup™ dream may be over for another four years, but the nation has another international football tournament to refocus on. The FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2017 is just 15 days away where Oceania champions Auckland City FC will have yet another shot at mixing it with the world’s elite.

For Te Atawhai Hudson-Wihongi, simply travelling to UAE will be a personal triumph of sorts. Twelve months ago today – just days away from departure for the 2016 Club World Cup – the midfielder heard the dreaded snap in his knee.

A torn knee ligament is a devastating blow for any player given the mandatory long rehabilitation involved. Perhaps doubly so for Hudson-Wihongi, whose career at the time was very much on an upward trajectory after featuring in three New Zealand national teams in a six-month period. It was a remarkable achievement sandwiched at either end by the FIFA U-20 World Cup on home soil, and a debut appearance for the All Whites.

But then came the injury and seemingly endless hours, days and weeks of rehabilitation. Helping drive Hudson-Wihongi was the lure of featuring in another Club World Cup.

“I had a good support network, so not so much of a mental challenge, but [it was difficult] at times to stay motivated,” Hudson-Wihongi told “It is really really repetitive, doing the same thing over again, but eventually you can start to see improvement.

“It has made me a stronger person. It made me rethink everything. How much I wanted to play football, and it also makes you think that something can happen just like that. I consider lucky myself to an extent, because worse things can happen maybe that can stop you playing football.”

Lure of world stage
If there was one positive for Hudson-Wihongi – who owes his exotic-sounding name to Maori parentage, albeit mixed with English and American lineage – it was that his return was timed perfectly for the upcoming Club World Cup.

The Navy Blues will kick-off their campaign against local champions Al Jazira in the opening match on 6 December.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” added the 22-year-old. “I had a little taste of it in 2015 when we played [Sanfrecce] Hiroshima, and I was looking forward to it, but injuries are part and parcel of the game. It [UAE] is a place I have never been before so it will be a good cultural experience as well as the football.”

Auckland City are bound for a record ninth appearance at the world club showpiece. In 2014, the Navy Blues were in touching distance of a barely-believable match-up against Real Madrid in the tournament decider, only to fall just short despite pushing South American champions San Lorenzo all the way to extra time in the semi-final.

It remains one of the Club World Cup’s greatest stories, but Hudson-Wihongi says the current crop are energised to write their own chapter in the tournament’s annals.

“The players that were there do [talk about it], we hear that a lot,” Hudson-Wihongi said with a smile in is voice when asked about Auckland City’s Class of 2014.

“It is amazing what the club achieved in 2014 and some of those players remain. We have a good balance of youth and experience in the team, and it is important to have players that have been there and done that.”


collectionfifatips | Vindictus Outlines Further Plans for Server Merge, Tentative Date Announced

collectionfifatips | Vindictus Outlines Further Plans for Server Merge, Tentative Date Announced

Vindictus announced plans for a server merge earlier, with the intention of bringing US-EAST, US-WEST, and the Australian server into one massive megaserver. Now, we have more information, with an updated FAQ, and a date.

A tentative one, however. The Vindictus team states that they are still in the process of checking things and making sure everything is ready to go, and the big day, marked for Wednesday, November 8th, may be pushed back. If all goes according to plan, however, maintenance will start at 12:00 AM Pacific Time/3:00 AM Eastern Time/9:00 AM CET/7:00 PM AEDT. How long this merge will take has not been announced. My personal bet is that it will be a 24-hour maintenance.

Some updated FAQ points, however, include-

  • Players with more than 7 Free characters across all 3 servers will be unable to make more new characters, but existing characters will not be deleted nor made unavailable.
  • If the Shared Storage will overflow with items after the server merge, the excess items will be placed in an invisible queue. To access these items, remove items from the Shared Storage, and re-log to access the queued items.
  • All items in the normal, Quest, and NX Inventory tabs will be carried over as normal, but players from US-WEST and Australia will find items in the Temporary NX Storage screen sent to their inbox. Vindictus apologizes for the inconvenience.

Check out the full FAQ here, and prepare for a new megaserver once the maintenance finishes. Hopefully it will make the game feel more lively, and won’t be a lagfest.

  • Reddit


Kyle Martino to run for U.S. Soccer presidency, taking hiatus from NBC on collectionfifatips

Max Bretos and Herculez Gomez delve into Kyle Martino’s decision to leave NBC Sports to run for president of U.S. Soccer.
Herculez Gomez explains why he doesn’t think Sunil Gulati’s position as president of U.S. Soccer is at risk.

Former United States midfielder Kyle Martino has entered his name in the growing field of candidates who are running for president of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Martino, 36, will take a hiatus from his prominent role as an analyst for NBC Sports’ Premier League coverage to focus on his campaign.

He will hope to replace Sunil Gulati as U.S. Soccer president at February’s election, joining a list of names that has lengthened steadily since the U.S. men’s national team failed to qualify last month for the 2018 World Cup.

Martino told The New York Times he would take a group approach to leading the federation.

“This is not about a person for a person,” Martino said. “There’s no one person who’s going to save U.S. Soccer. This is about a consortium.

“When a club in England is failing and they’re in jeopardy of going into administration and disappearing, fans, former players, business people — they all get together with their time, experiences and resources with the sole purpose of saving a club they love. We need to do that with U.S. Soccer.

“We need a group, to step up and say, ‘Enough is enough, we’re here to save this thing.’ I can mobilize that group.”

Kyle Martino says he will run for the U.S. Soccer presidency.

Martino also gave the Times letters of recommendation from former global stars David Beckham and Thierry Henry, who both played in Major League Soccer in the U.S. during their careers.

In running for USSF president, Martino joins fellow former U.S. players Eric Wynalda and Paul Caligiuri, as well as attorneys Steve Gans and Mike Winograd, and amateur league official Paul Lapointe.

Gulati, 58, hasn’t decided whether he will run, but the likelihood of him seeking a fourth term decreased when his top aide, U.S. Soccer executive vice president Carlos Cordeiro, announced last month that he would also be running.

Martino was named MLS Rookie of the Year in 2002 and spent five years with the Columbus Crew before joining the Los Angeles Galaxy for two seasons. He played in eight games for the U.S. national team, but after mounting injuries led him to retire in 2008, he worked as an MLS analyst for ESPN before joining NBC.

Martino had told Bleacher Report last month that he would not run for USSF president because it was a volunteer position, but he has since changed his mind.

“I didn’t dream of doing this job, but I know I have to do it,” he said. “And if Feb. 10 comes and goes and I’m not the president of U.S. Soccer, I can promise that whoever is, I will make sure that, if they beat me, they have soccer’s best interests at heart. And that they know the soccer community can mobilize and we’re watching them.”

Follow @ESPNFC on Twitter to keep up with the latest football updates.

collectionfifatips – Bayern Munich should look at Christian Pulisic deal – Lothar Matthaus

Gab Marcotti says Christian Pulisic was ‘absolutely tremendous’ despite Dortmund’s defeat against Bayern in Der Klassiker.
Christian Pulisic says Borussia Dortmund’s downfall in their 3-1 defeat to Bayern Munich stemmed from a slow start.

Bayern Munich legend Lothar Matthaus has said his former club should look to make a move for Borussia Dortmund winger Christian Pulisic.

U.S. international Pulisic was Dortmund’s best performer in an otherwise disappointing showing Saturday’s 3-1 home defeat to Bayern, drawing specific praise from sporting director Michael Zorc, who said he was the only player to show “courage,” and coach Peter Bosz.

The 19-year-old is under contract until 2020, but Matthaus said Bayern should target him when they look for successors for Arjen Robben, 33, and Franck Ribery, 34.

“Whenever Bayern are looking to replace Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery, they must put out feelers to Christian Pulisic,” Matthaus said on Sky following Bayern’s win on Saturday. 

The German champions have signed several key Dortmund players in recent years, with Mario Gotze, Robert Lewandowski and Mats Hummels all making the move, but Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge suggested in April that his club had moved away from targeting their rivals’ players.

Pulisic’s father has also played down the prospect of a move to Bayern, while the player himself indicated this summer that he had no intention of moving to the Allianz Arena.

Christian Pulisic appears set to sit out United States’ upcoming friendly against Portugal.

Meanwhile, Dortmund have told ESPN FC that they expect Pulisic to remain at the club for the upcoming international break, with the United States set to announce their squad on Tuesday.

The U.S., who failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, have a friendly away to Portugal on Nov. 14 but Dortmund have said he is not on the release list. No reason was given for the absence.

Portugal have already confirmed that players including Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani will not feature in the matc. 

Stephan Uersfeld is the Germany correspondent for ESPN FC. Follow him on Twitter @uersfeld.

collectionfifatips | FIFA 18 How To Grow Young Players Potential Glitch

So if you’ve been wanting to learn how to grow your young players potential on FIFA 18 Career Mode then we have the tutorial that covers it. Watch the full HD video guide below to find out how to do it and get all your wonderkids to a 90+ potential.

It is the same as years gone by regarding the loan glitch but there are a few small tweaks and changes along the way too. There are the four different potential statuses that you need to know and they are the following.

  • At The Club Since
  • Showing Great Potential
  • An Exciting Prospect
  • Has Potential To Be Special

The first one is at the club since and that is the worst it means the young players growth will be completely and utterly random and out of your hands. Showing great potential means they’ll get to at least and 80 rating. An exciting prospect will ensure your player gets an 86 overall rating and has potential to be special ensures a 90+ rating and is were you want to get your player at.

Has that something special means the player has the flair trait and nothing else! One of the worlds best means that the player is 90 rated plus. Now that we’ve discussed the status of the players it’s time to get to how to glitch them.

You want to send them out on loan and recall them instantly but only players who’ve got showing great potential and not at the club since like in previous installments you could glitch any player but it has changed in FIFA 2018.

You can also look out for the financial side of things as well with the players market value increasing when you recall them from loan spells as well. You might get a lot of loan offers rejected and fall through as talks break down with the player and clubs. Just keep saving your progress and reloading your saved data back up again and keep loaning them out.

This glitch can also be done with the youth academy in career mode too not just real life players. make sure to subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get the very latest updates on all our videos and check back here for more career mode tips.

collectionfifatips | FUT 18 Cheap Under 10K Premier League Squad Builder

Here we have another FIFA 18 Ultimate Team squad builder for you and this time it’s a cheap under 10,000 coins English Premier League team. This squad can be put together for around 7K and is extremely overpowered. Check out the full HD video below that shows the team selection and the match i go into to show the stars in action.

The formation has been chosen so that all the players fit into all available positions on the pitch and can fit any formation. Be aware that this squad will only be good for so long though, as it’ll help you get through the divisions but then once you reach higher divisions like Division 2 or higher then you will have to strengthen dramatically.

This is also the case for FUT Champions as well! There’s no point competing in the most toughest online competitive game mode with an under 10K squad. You will be annihilated just because of the sheer quality of players the opposition will have.

These cheap squad builders are specifically designed to help rise you up the football ladder in online seasons in FUT and then increase the quality in the team when the time is right.

Make sure to subscribe to the official YouTube channel to stay up to date on all things FIFA 18. More squad builders will be revealed on the website soon.

collectionfifatips – First FUT Champions Rewards Of The New Season

So the first FIFA 18 Ultimate Team FUT Champions Rewards have been rolled out by EA Sports and in this pack opening i open the 3 packs i got for Gold 2 level. Watch the full HD video below to see what i got.

Without a spoiler of what i got in the packs i can say that i did get an in-form and the packs opened are two rare mega packs (55k) and a 25K pack. I will post what i get every week on the official YouTube channel and right here on the website.