Monster Hunter World Touts 5M Units Shipped at Launch –

It would appear that there are a lot of people excited for the latest in the venerable monster hunting franchise. Capcom has proudly announced 5 million Monster Hunter World units have shipped around the world over the game’s launch weekend, breaking new ground for the franchise.

Monster Hunter World Touts 5M Units Shipped at Launch -

While the announcement doesn’t specify exactly how many of those shipped units have translated into sales, the number still represents the largest amount the Monster Hunter series has released in the first three days of launch. The numbers include both physical and digital copies of the game and take into account the fact that World is the first Monster Hunter title to have a simultaneous worldwide release.

To keep up the momentum, Capcom has restated intention to support Monster Hunter World’s release with free updates, starting with a Spring update that will add the Deviljho to the monster lineup. The game will also be kicking off an esports competition this Spring around Japan to determine the best hunter in the country, along with plans for a Hollywood film and the opening of a Monster Hunter: The Real attraction at Universal Studios in Japan.

The game will also continue to release cross-promotional events in-game as well, with the first half of a Horizon Zero Dawn crossover event happening now, a Megaman crossover event due soon, and a recently announced Street Fighter V event where players can make their hunters look like Ryu and Sakura. A trailer for that event can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Yes, yes, we know units shipped doesn’t exactly equate to units sold. That said, the impact of Monster Hunter World’s big weekend launch is not exactly hard to miss for anyone with a Twitter feed dedicated to gaming. While it’s a shame that PC players weren’t able to get into the hullabaloo at the same time, we expect that once that version is ready things will explode for World once again.

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