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The metamorphosis of the Shards Online caterpillar into the Legends of Aria butterfly has now seen it spread its wings and begin flight. Today marks the start of Legends of Aria closed beta with an update that brings balance adjustments, new areas, and system adjustments.

Legends of Aria Begins Closed Beta - collectionfifatips.com

Closed beta will see a new Eastern Frontier world area added to the game, along with two new major cities: the mining city of Helm and the port town of Pyros Landing. There’s also an additional world dungeon and a triggered server-wide Catacombs encounter that requires large groups and features a final boss fight that will “require more than just numbers to defeat”.

The new build is also introducing an overhaul to the criminal/flagging system, with player actions – positive or negative – contributing to an overall Karma score. The system is meant to remove arbitrary criminal flags and maintain a sense of risk vs. reward. There’s also new UI elements, changes to character movement to make it feel smoother, and a variety of balance tweaks to skills, Guard Zones and more.

Closed beta will run from today, January 29th through Sunday, February 11th. The closed beta has no NDA and characters who were in the final alpha test will not be wiped. Closed beta launch will also signal the start of Founder’s Pack sales, which will include closed beta access and a variety of other perks.

Our Thoughts

Congratulations are in order to Citadel Studios for making it to closed beta. We’re looking forward to seeing how this new phase of development will steer Legends of Aria and whether there will be more changes in store…though likely not on the same scale of changing the game type entirely.

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