High-flying Kerr hits rarefied air on collectionfifatips

  • Sam Kerr is the first Australian to be nominated for The Best
  • Kerr hails from a famous sporting family
  • Kerr said she “learnt a lot” off reigning Women’s Player of the Year Carli Lloyd

Sam Kerr has always been a bit special.

At 15, she became the youngest Australian female international footballer for well over a decade. A few months prior, the then high school student had become the youngest player to debut and score in the Australian W-League.

Such was Kerr’s meteoric rise, few knew the name of the swaggering, fearless teenager when she first donned national team colours. Most referred to her as ‘Daniel Kerr’s sister’, name-checking her older brother, a high-profile Australian Rules football star.

But Sam Kerr started carving out her own niche, and the landmark achievements have been coming ever since for this dynamic attacker.

Kerr completed her most recent W-League campaign as the competition’s player of the year, but it is in the rarefied air of USA’s NWSL where the Aussie has really impressed. Now in her fifth NWSL season, Kerr sits atop the league’s all-time goalscoring list. Her 16-goal haul in 2017 also equalled Kim Little’s record single-season tally.

With that kind of form it is little wonder that Kerr was shortlisted for this year’s The Best FIFA Women’s Player Award – the first Australian to be nominated for an individual FIFA global award. Kerr, and the Matildas, are suddenly hugely prominent in the Australian sporting zeitgeist. 

“Those kind of things can be hit or miss, and although a few people had mentioned it to me I wasn’t getting too caught up in the idea, and it was a nice surprise,” Kerr told FIFA.com about her mindset prior to the awards shortlist being announced. “It is a massive honour of course.”

Kerr has previously played alongside two of her fellow The Best nominees, having suited up with reigning world player of the year Carli Lloyd at Western New York Flash, as well as Jodie Taylor when the England striker featured for Sydney FC.

“I really enjoyed playing with Carli at Flash. She took me under her wing and I’m still good friends with her, and we chat all the time. I learnt a lot off Carli in terms of her training regime, that includes taking care of your body.”

Kerr, however, revealed injury nearly ended her career. Eight months out with a knee injury was followed by a further eight-month absence with a foot injury.

“I always say the foot injury not only changed my football career, but changed my life. I nearly gave up on the game. Injuries like that have forced me to become a better professional.”

From the beach to the bright lights
Kerr grew up on the beach in sleepy Fremantle on the Western Australia coast, where playing sport was a way of life.

A dazzling turn of pace, a remarkable vertical leap and innate game sense marks out Kerr as a danger to any defence. Then there is her back-flipping goal celebration which offers further tangible evidence of a rare natural athletic ability, just in case there was any doubt.

“I had no choice but to pick up sport. I played every sport under the sun when I was kid. It sounds bad, but if you are not good at sport in our family you would get a little bit bullied,” laughs Kerr.

When it comes to pinpointing her favourite male player, Kerr is unhesitating in her answer: Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I just love him, he is a goalscorer, entertaining and a game-winner. I strive to be like him in being someone your team-mates can always rely on. I feel I am a little bit like him, being a bit of a fire-cracker.”

So has Kerr thought about the possibility of sharing the red carpet with the Portugal and Real Madrid star next month in London? “I would be lying if I said no,” said Kerr with a cheeky chuckle.

Regardless of whether a trip to London next month is forthcoming, the dynamics in the Kerr household have surely now changed leaving Daniel Kerr as ‘Sam Kerr’s brother’.

collectionfifatips | FIFA 18 Features – Champions Channels, Objectives, Squad Battles & SBCs

All of the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team new features have been revealed during FUT live which streamed worldwide on Twitch. For those of you who may have been busy and missed it, here is the lowdown on all the news that EA Sports shared with us including Champions Channel, Objectives, Squad Battles and some much needed improvements on already established features such as SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) which can be viewed below.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Features

Champions Channel

FUT 18 Champions Channel

FUT 18 Champions Channel

Due to the huge success of FUT Champions in 17, Electronic Arts have decided to release champions channel. A feature which allows gamers to re-watch an entire match from the past FUT Champions weekend of some of the best players in the world to learn exactly how they play and get better at the game.

Watching full 90 minute matches of the best FIFA has to offer will only be a good thing as it’ll teach average players into becoming pro players. You’ll have total control of cameras and playback so you never miss a thing.


FIFA 18 ultimate team objectives

FIFA 18 ultimate team objectives

FIFA 18 Objectives

FIFA 18 Objectives

You will now be eligible for some fantastic in-game rewards on FUT this year thanks to the new objectives feature. All you’ve got to do is complete daily and weekly challenges at your own pace either on your consoles or via the companion app.

The objectives vary from squad management to actual matches! Just remember, the more difficult the challenge is, the greater the reward.

Squad Battles

FIFA 18 Squad Battles

FIFA 18 Squad Battles

Now for an amazing new feature that is sure to go down well within the FUT community. Squad Battles is a single player mode within FUT which allows players to play against other peoples squads and earn incredible rewards. It’s much the same to FUT Champions just think that but with the difference of single player instead of online.

You will play against the computer controlled AI but it will be another real players squad. The great thing is you can rank up the leaderboards and in the Featured Squad Battle, you’ll be able to challenge the squad of real football stars, pro FIFA players and celebrities to test your skills and squad building abilities.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges

FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges

SBCs went down a treat in 17 and was really popular with the community, as such they will be back again in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. All the old features remain with some new ones that include Combined Player Requirements, and Brick Slots allowing you to create deeper Squad Building Challenges in FUT.

What do you think about the new features in FUT 18 this year? Are you disappointed or pleased, let us know in the comments box designated at the footer of this page and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest news on the game.

collectionfifatips – FIFA 18 Carryover Transfer Guide – FUT Coins, FIFA Points, XP & FC Credits

FIFA 18 Carryover Walkthrough

FIFA 18 Carryover Walkthrough

With the highly anticipated release of FIFA 18 this fall, many gamers are asking us questions regarding the carryover of their items in FUT. Your players, teams and coins unfortunately do not carry over to the next installment along with many other items. In this FUT 18 carryover article we’ll discuss and share with you the things that do.

FIFA 18 Carryover

FIFA 18 Carryover Tips

FIFA 18 Carryover Tips

All Non Transferable Items


It is quite a known fact to the FIFA community that coins cannot carryover to the new game but for newbies this may be what you’ve been searching for and the answer is unfortunately no! If coins just stayed on your account for when 18 is out, everybody would be able to get Ronaldo or at least a beast squad.

Making all players equal at the start of the game is the fairest way possible to keep the game competitive. It sucks we know that you will lose your best players and team but you will always have that there on that specific game if you ever wanted to go back.

(EASFC Catalogue Items)

All items that have been unlocked via the EA Sports Football Club Catalogue will remain on that version of FIFA and will not transfer onto the new one.

(Leaderboards, Wins to losses Record and Divisions Progress)

All your in-game records will be wiped from the division you’re currently in to your actual record of wins, draws and losses and that included everything on the leaderboards too.

(Players, Staff, Consumables and Club Items)

It goes without saying that you will lose all your players and literally everything in your FUT club you have right now come September for FIFA 18. Generations however will give you the opportunity to show off your old squads you used to have which is kind of cool.

Transferable Items

(FIFA Points)

This is probably one of the most searched terms in regards to the whole carryover process. FIFA Points can indeed be transferred over from one title to another and the process is rather easier than it may seem. You must note that you cannot transfer them over whilst the demo is out or when the FUT 18 web app is live.

You should transfer the FIFA Points over from the exact same console you’ve been using and the origin account you’ve used all year when the early access is released which is available on Xbox One via EA Access or if you buy the Icon or Ronaldo editions of the game for either console.

EA Early Access members will receive a bonus 10% discount on all FIFA Points prices (full price listed below)

100 = £0.79
250 = £1.99
500 = £3.99
750 = £5.99
1,050 = £7.99
1,600 = £11.99
2,200 = £15.99
4,600 = £31.99
12,000 = £79.99

Established Date

It really doesn’t matter when you established your club, it will still say exactly the same in the top left corner this fall and forever.

PSN Trophies and Xbox Achievements

All of the achievements on Xbox One/360 and PSN Trophies on PS4/PS3 will stay forever on FIFA 17. That’s just it though, you would have unlocked these milestones for that game and not the new one.

FUT Club Name

You’ll get the opportunity to keep or change your FUT Club Name right at the start of the game. If you decide to change your mind halfway through the year, then you can always complete a simple manager task from the main FUT hub or use a one-time catalogue item instead.

XP Level

Each and every time you earn XP, you will gradually build up your levelling bar which appears in the top right of the screen, until you reach a new level. Each XP level becomes gradually more and more difficult to obtain as you’ll need to earn more XP for each level if that makes sense. Once you manage to unlock a level, you’ll never lose it within your chosen account which is great.

The XP will transfer over to new FIFA titles every single year. The more XP that you have, the more items you will be able to unlock in the catalogue.

Pro Clubs Player Appearance and Club Badge

These two would normally remain the same however, due to the Frostbite engine we will have to wait and see when the game actually appears on our screens late this September.

Football Club Credits

All FCC will be transferred over to FIFA 18 from what you’ve gained in previous FIFA titles.

That’s the lot! We hope this article has answered any of your questions and if you’re still not sure then leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we possibly can.

FIFA 18 Celebrations Guide – All New Goal Celebration List – collectionfifatips.com

FIFA 18 New Celebrations

FIFA 18 New Celebrations

So if you had a really good eye for detail you may have noticed that EA secretly leaked the brand new FIFA 18 celebrations that are going to be in the game. This is not the complete list but 90% of it as a couple more will surely be added to the final cut.

Below you will see screenshots that we captured from the official gameplay trailer that was released by the game developers and the newest additions to the already epic celebrations list which features Cristiano Ronaldo, Matuidi, Dybala and many more, check them out.

FIFA 18 Vardy Mannequin Challenge Celebration

FIFA 18 Vardy Mannequin Challenge Celebration

FIFA 18 Ronaldo Celebration Thinking Pose

FIFA 18 Ronaldo Celebration Thinking Pose

FIFA 18 Dybala Celebration Dybalamask

FIFA 18 Dybala Celebration Dybalamask

FIFA 18 Matuidi Charo Celebration

FIFA 18 Matuidi Charo Celebration

What celebrations do you want to see added to this years title at the last minute and will you be using any of the ones featured in this article? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box designated at the footer of this post. Check back for more updated FIFA 18 latest news stories right here on the official website.

collectionfifatips | Nebula Stone Showdown

Earn Dueler’s Medallions for participating in Duel Arena or Tag Match.

Hearing of a special celebration of the martial arts, a wealthy patron, who wishes to remain anonymous, has sponsored an event for the Duel and Tag Match Arenas. From August 16 until September 13 you will be rewarded with Dueler’s Medallions for completing the arena specific daily quests you’re already familiar with. This mysterious patron has brought along with him some special Nebula Stones. These powerful Nebula Stones, Auric and Cardinal, are used for enhancing your Seraph/Dawnforged and Baleful/Riftwalk weapons with reduced costs, respectively.


Daily Quest Name

Quest Objective

Dueler’s Medallions Amount

The World Martial Arts Tournament

Participate in 1 Duel Match


One on One

1 Win in Duel Match


You Get a Gold Star

Participate in 3 Duel Matches


Tag Match Win

1 Win in Tag Match


Triple Tag Trial

Participate in 3 Tag Matches



Completing the Daily and Weekly Challenges will also grant you with Devoted Hero Chests—which contains Dueler’s Medallions, and possibly other high value items.



Devoted Hero Chest Amount

Daily Challenge


Weekly Challenge



The Hongmoon Store will also be offering two Dueler’s Medallions daily for the price of 1 NCoin.


The anonymous sponsor has elected to use the Dragon Express to peddle his wares; some of the most valuable items are listed below.

  • Auric Nebula Stone
  • Cardinal Nebula Stone
  • Sacred Oil
  • Xanos Disc
  • Hongmoon Pentagonal Sapphire & Ruby
  • Forging Orb
  • Steel Heart Outfit 
Steel Heart

collectionfifatips | Regional Championship Sweepstakes

The Regional Championships are underway, and you can enter a sweepstakes to win some exclusive prizes!

The Blade & Soul Regional Championships are underway, with teams from Europe and North America battling it out at gamescom and PAX West to take home a piece of the $341,090 USD prize pool (head to http://esports.bladeandsoul.com for more info). For those attending the live events, we’ll be giving away some exclusive goodies like MXM and Blade & Soul pins, but for those of you not attending we have a way for you to get in on those freebies too—plus a lot more!

In addition to the pins, we’ve partnered with Corsair to create an extremely limited run of Blade & Soul-themed peripherals, and we’re throwing in a Cyperpower gaming laptop to further sweeten the pot. We’ll be picking 11 total winners in each region, with the Grand Prize winner from both North America and Europe getting the Cyperpower laptop, the custom Corsair peripheral set, and the pins.

Enter the Regional Championship Sweepstakes below for a chance to win some exclusive prizes (click here for a direct link to the sweepstakes form). Each action you complete in the sweepstakes will gain you additional entries and increase your chances to win!



Please click here to see the official rules and ensure your eligibility to enter and win. Sweepstakes end September 4, 2017.

Gunslinger Class Arriving September 13 – collectionfifatips.com

The next player class release date announced at gamescom.

Right before the Grand Finals at the European Regional championship, the next Blade & Soul player class—the Gunslinger—and its release date were announced at gamescom in Cologne, Germany. So hold on to your hats and glasses folks, the Gunslinger rides into town on September 13 with the Blade & Soul: Rise of the Gunslinger update!

The Rise of the Gunslinger is a free update for all players, and includes the Gunslinger class, as well as systems updates, and in-game events and promotions. And speaking of promotions, don’t forget to check out our Regional Championship Sweepstakes for a chance to win exclusive prizes—including custom Blade & Soul peripherals from Corsair as well as new a gaming laptop.

We’ll be going further into the Gunslinger class, its abilities, and the upcoming special events arriving with the update in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!

collectionfifatips – NA Regional Championship at PAX West

All you need to know about the NA Regional Championship.

The NA Regional Championship will be held on September 3, 2017 in the PAX Arena at PAX West in Seattle with a $170,000 prize pool! Here’s everything you need to know about this inaugural event:


The NA Regional Championship is the penultimate event for the NA Championship Series. Teams from around North America earned Fighting Points over the course of two seasons, both from in-game Arena and Tag Team rankings, and online and offline tournaments. The top 7 teams who earned the most Fighting Points over the Championship Period, plus the NA Wildcard winner, have qualified for the NA Regional Championship.

In addition, we’ll be holding a special MXM showcase match during the tournament break. Visit playmxm.com for more info.


The following teams have qualified for the Regional Championship (in seeded order):

  1. Hurricane (Wildcard Winner). Watch their interview here.
  2. Guardian.
  3. OuO
  4. Flicker
  5. Creative Spoon
  6. Small Fan
  7. Toxic
  8. Karma

Prize Pool

Through the efforts of the community via The Golden Lotus, over $341,090 USD was raised for the prize pool for both EU and NA. Along with the prestige of being the first NA Blade & Soul Champions, teams are competing for a chance to represent their region at the Blade & Soul World Championship in September. Teams will earn prize money that correspond to their final position:

  • 1st: $66,000
  • 2nd $33,000
  • 3rd $21,000
  • 4th $15,000
  • 5th (two teams) $10,500
  • 7th (two teams) $7,272.57


A ticket to PAX West in Seattle for September 3 will allow you to attend the matches live at the PAX Arena. Throughout the day we’ll be giving out exclusive Jinsoyun pins, and Carnival or Speakeasy costume codes.

Come meet the players and members of the Blade & Soul team during special meet and greets held during the day!


Can’t make it to PAX West? Watch all the matches live on twitch.com/bladeandsoul. Join our casters Jaesung Lee, Bartosz “Intro” Kulak, Jacob “Kitfox” Punton, and Ben “FuzzySeal” Harris as they commentate all of the day’s matches.


The tournament will follow a double-elimination, seeded bracket. This means that teams have to lose twice to exit the tournament.

Each match will follow the Mix’n’Match format. The 4-set Mix’n’Match format will be used for the regular play rounds; the semi-finals and finals will use the 7-set Mix’n’Match.

4-set Mix’n’Match summary:


Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Match Type











Any team member can play this set

A different team member than in S1 must play this set


Any team member can play this set

Winners receive the points granted in the table. In the 4-set, the first team to reach 3 or more points wins the match.

7-set Mix’n’Match summary:









Match Type

















Any team member can play this set

A different team member than in S1 must play


The final team member who hasn’t played a 1v1 match must play this set

Any team member can play this set



Winners receive the points granted in the table. The first team to reach 6 or more points wins the match.

If the teams are tied 3-3 upon entering Set 6, the winner of Set 6 will be awarded 3 points and Set 7 will be removed.


Each team is required to nominate the teammates playing each of the 1v1 sets and their class, and the classes played for the 3v3 set.  For example:






Match Type













BusterBluth: Soul Fighter
CrazyCatLady: Summoner
TomPom: Warlock

Blade Dancer


Teams cannot have two or more of the same class in the 3v3 sets!


We look forward to seeing you at PAX!

collectionfifatips – Crafting System Streamlining

The crafting and gathering systems are getting a revamp on September 13.

In our next update—Rise of the Gunslinger—the crafting and gathering systems are being streamlined to reduce the complexities of crafting in Blade & Soul. For those that have already put time and effort into their crafting guilds, we’ll provide some tokens of our recognition toward that time investment (more details to follow soon).

New Changes

The number of simultaneous tasks you can have in the new crafting system is three for each guild (including gathering tasks within the guild), and the overall level cap for each guild is being increased to five.  You can now also craft varying amounts of items with a single task.  The cost and time to complete the crafting orders vary based on the amount chosen, and some options require an achievement to unlock.

With the streamlining, each crafting guild will have a slew of new and different items you will be able to craft. Have a look at some of the most exciting for each guild below.

The Forgekeepers

  • Empyrean Spirit Stone – Used to upgrade legendary weapons
  • Transformation Stone
  • Master Field Repair Tool
  • Void Fragment
  • Ascendance Stone
  • Galaxy Fragment

Radiant Ring

  • Brilliant Key – Key used to obtain class-specific weapon
  • Ivory Beluga Orb
  • Smelting Orb
  • Aransu Orb

Soul Wardens

  • Shield Bases – Exchangeable for Soul Shield Primers
  • Shield Engravings – Used to enhance attributes for a specific set of Soul Shields
  • Serpent Calling Bell
  • Purification Jar

Acquired Taste

  • Dragon Soups – Increases combat EXP by 100% and 200%
  • Mild & Spicy Dumplings & Dumpling Soup – Recovers 100% HP and gives various combat buffs

Silver Cauldron

  • Cactus and Prickly Pear Potions – Instantly recovers HP
  • Persistence and Awakened Potions – Raises Max. HP or AP


  • Revival  & Resuscitation Charms – Revives yourself or a party member
  • Cooldown Reset Charm – Resets all cooldowns

Removed Content

The following guilds are being removed with the update:

  • Merry Potters
  • Herbside Service
  • Green Thumbs
  • Tree Fellers
  • Trapper’s Alliance
  • Fish Network
  • Stonecutters
  • Prospector’s Union


Merry Potters Guild
The Merry Potters Guild is being removed as an available crafting guild. Some items that could previously be crafted with Merry Potters will now be available in the other crafting guilds, and clan crafting contracts will no longer require contribution from Merry Potters.

Gathering Guilds
Instead of having gathering guilds be a separate specialization, the items they provided and their associated quests are being made available straight from the new crafting guild UI as a task—except for Quartz and Spring Water, which are being removed from the game. In addition, you’ll be able to find these materials from dungeons, raids, and battleground quests.  Additional crafting materials and Elements can be obtained through Material Chests which will grant the appropriate guild’s materials when opened with the corresponding guild’s Guild Key.

Many previous crafting and gathering items will no longer be useable after the Rise of the Gunslinger update, and you’ll be able to exchange them through the Antiques window for gold or equivalent items. Additionally, all Secret Techniques will no longer drop and their quests will be removed, and Soul Warden’s Emblems will no longer drop from Midnight Skypetal Plains.

Achievements that are associated with Merry Potters and gathering will be updated. If you’re still working on your Crafty Collector achievement, you’ll be able to visit Kiyeon the Achievement Merchant in Zaiwei to purchase the Merry Potters outfit and adornment.

All crafting and gathering requests will be disabled on September 9, to reduce the potential of unneeded cost and effort put into any crafting before the maintenance on September 13.

Look forward to the full patch notes and much more coming in our Rise of the Gunslinger update launching September 13.

Dele Alli says middle finger was in jest to Kyle Walker, not aimed at referee on collectionfifatips

Paul Mariner says England’s comeback victory against Slovakia left him uninspired by Gareth Southgate’s side.

Dele Alli says his middle-finger salute during England’s win over Slovakia was aimed at his teammate Kyle Walker in jest and not the referee.

Alli had just endured a rough challenge from Slovakia defender Martin Skrtel, but referee Clement Turpin waved play on.

Cameras then caught Alli showing his middle finger in the direction of Turpin after he had turned away, an action that could result in retrospective punishment if it is included in the referee’s match report.

But after England secured a 2-1 win, Alli wrote on Twitter that Turpin was not the target of his gesture, but rather it was intended for Walker, his former teammate at Tottenham.

England coach Gareth Southgate, initially unaware of the incident, said before Alli’s tweet that the player had told him the same story.

“I’ve not seen it but I’ve been made aware of it,” Southgate said. “Kyle and Dele were mucking about, and Dele’s made a gesture towards Kyle.

“I don’t know what’s been visible on the pitch, or what the angle of the pitch was.

“The pair of them have a strange way of communicating, but that’s what they’ve said when it’s been raised. Without seeing it, I’ve literally just gone and asked him quickly.”

Whether Alli and Southgate’s claims are accepted by FIFA remains to be seen.

Dele Alli could yet face a retrospective ban after displaying his middle finger.

In March, Lionel Messi was suspended four competitive games for Argentina for verbally abusing a match official, though that ban was later lifted on appeal for insufficient evidence.

FIFA rules call for “at least four matches for unsporting conduct toward a match official.”

Should Alli be dealt a similar ban, he could miss England’s final two World Cup qualifiers and the first two games of the finals in Russia if England win their group, or the UEFA playoff tie instead if England finish second.

The win took Southgate’s side five points clear at the top of Group F, with Eric Dier and Marcus Rashford providing the goals after England fell behind early to a Stanislav Lobotka opener.

Southgate was keen to focus on Alli’s fine play against Slovakia, rather than the gesture.

“For me, what it does is detract from what was his best performance for us since I’ve been the manager,” Southgate said. “His work without the ball was top drawer, intelligent positions and turning people over. He made fantastic runs behind the opposition defence and was a threat.

“I don’t know what the angle picked up by the camera is, so I don’t know if that is clear. Hopefully we’ll be talking about that.”

Follow @ESPNFC on Twitter to keep up with the latest football updates.