Like Roots in the Soil tells a story from two perspectives –

Like Roots in the Soil tells a story from two perspectives -

Like Roots in the Soil [official site] tells two stories at once: you watch two men, one older and one younger, walk the same route through the same city. If you click and drag the mouse you rotate the camera between their two perspectives. It’s a really cool mechanic that is used to tell a short story about how the setting has changed over time, with some poetic writing and a happy ending. It’s completely free from developers Space Backyard, and worth having a look at.

The old man is walking through a desolate place, with crashed cars and smog everywhere, and he’s got a rifle slung over his shoulder. The younger chap sees a different version – a futuristic, serene space. The question is: how are they linked?

Spend five minutes with it and you’ll have a satisfying answer that left just enough mystery to compel me to look up YouTube videos of other people playing it to see what they thought.

The city itself looks great: the graphics aren’t flashy but the setting is colourful, and because the characters move slowly through the space you can take in all the little details.

Basically, it’s neat, and it costs nothing. Click here to check it out.

collectionfifatips | Children of Morta hacks and slashes out next year

collectionfifatips | Children of Morta hacks and slashes out next year

Children of Morta [official site], the pretty hack-and-slash that hit Kickstarter in 2015, is coming out for real in the first half of next year. It’s about the Bergson family, adventurers that guard Mount Morta and take it in turns to leave the house to hunt for loot and slay monsters.

They all have unique combat styles to master: some fire magic spells, other wield two swords, for example. Expect looting, upgrading, and procedurally-generated dungeons and temples. An early build is available to the Kickstarter backers who helped raise a combined $109,000 for development, and they are all saying nice things about it in their Steam reviews. A promising start, then.

I love the hand-drawn art and I’m impressed by a new-ish gameplay trailer, below. The combat looks silky smooth and is all very colourful, with lots of over-the-top spell effects. There’s puzzles to be solved and tiny pixel babies to be had, too. Plus, there’s a co-op mode so you can dungeon crawl with a friend.

It has permadeath, and I’m intrigued to see how that feeds into the overarching story. You’ll get a different narrative based on who survives, which could give it some replay value. Here’s more on the story from developer Dead Mage:

“The Bergson family has watched over Mount Morta for generations as the guardians of the mystical mountain. They now face their most dangerous trial as a family. Corruption has spread, morphing the once peaceful mountain into a violent and monster infested nightmare. Experience what it means to be in a family of heroes. Take part in their journey, their struggles, and their victories”

The news was announced by 11 Bit Studios (of This War of Mine fame), who have added the game to their publishing lineup.

collectionfifatips – Exploring the dark side of Cities: Skylines – Green Cities

collectionfifatips - Exploring the dark side of Cities: Skylines – Green Cities

Green Cities might look like urban paradise, but beneath the lush vertical gardens, something sinister is percolating. Sure, the draped greenery clinging to the side of the new high density apartment blocks looks attractive, but it’s also reminiscent of post-human imagery; nature reclaiming the land. Zoom out far enough, so that the little cars and people are less apparent, and it’s not a great leap from green city to Twelve Monkeys, I Am Legend and The Last Of Us.

But forget the future for a moment because the now of Cities: Skylines [official site] upcoming expansion isn’t the paradise it initially seems to be. Your attempts to create an environmentally friendly utopia might end with the construction of a new Silicon Valley. The road to hell is paved with reclaimed wood and good intentions.

I’ve been building a new city on Skylines recently and it’s taking on an unusual shape. Usually, commercial zones form the buffers between industry and residential areas in the early stages, ensuring that people have at least a little distance between their homes and their smoggy workplaces. This time, I’m experimenting and the first few people who moved in lived right in the backyard of the pollution-belching smoke-stacks.

collectionfifatips - Exploring the dark side of Cities: Skylines – Green Cities

Predictably, they got sick. Happiness was low, health was a problem, and I was a very unpopular mayor. The roads were quiet though because nobody had much of a commute to deal with.
Long-term, the plan was always to make some money off the back of those early communities and spend it to build a beautiful beach-front community, with beautiful designer houses and extravagant sky-scraping apartment blocks with only the most luxurious fittings. The people there would be educated and they’d have office blocks to work in. No noise, no mess, no sickness.

Keep up that kind of city for long enough and it’ll probably develop its own Young Adult Novel style social segregation system for the youth. For now, the city seems like it’ll develop just fine and even if the people out in the industrial district aren’t too happy, the overall happiness of the city as a collective is just fine.

Green Cities would fit perfectly into my experiment in division though. You might think cleaner energy and workplaces are wholly positive things, excepting perhaps the price, but even if all of the numbers and info overlays look good, I’m not entirely sure I want to unleash the IT crowd onto my city. Or at least, not onto my ideal city. They can go and create more social segregation in this new place I’m building.

IT specialisations allow for new types of district populated with high-tech offices. They produce lots of tax revenue but don’t require as many employees as traditional industry, and attractive as they are with their garden terraces and shiny solar panels, you know they’re packed full of beanbags, ball pools and marketing departments called Idea(l) Stations. Bowtie-wearing Imaginauts hired straight out of college, with degrees in Twenty-First Century Business Dynamics. That one guy who walks around chewing a stalk of raw cane sugar because “it’s the only way to snack that isn’t compromised”.

collectionfifatips - Exploring the dark side of Cities: Skylines – Green Cities

Peel back the green curtains and you’re going to see all of this and more, and chances are you’ll still have some manual labour happening elsewhere in the city. The extremes of the IT specialisation should highlight the divisions between one district and the next, and you might not only be able to build San Francisco as it is today, but come some way to seeing the various shapes it moved through before getting there.

The accelerated timeframe of Skylines, which has every city go from genesis to metropolis in the same era, prevents it from exploring the ways in which history provides shape. There are no great technological leaps forward or social changes that alter the course of development. Instead, you’re broadly free to sculpt as you wish.

Some of Green Cities features, including the cleaner energy options, might be prohibitively expensive for a fledgling settlement though, so you’ll build toward them rather than throwing them down as soon as you start. There are even floating water cleansers, that look like something out of science fiction. They sit in the bay, sucking up that brown poopy liquid that Skylines itself specialises in, and leaving behind beautiful blue water fit for drinking and swimming in.

The waterfront might be the most attractive area of Green Cities. There are new floating buildings, connected to the mainland by a pier. This allows for all kinds of attractive cafes and restaurants out on the water, and with all of those beautiful high-rises topped with garden terraces as a backdrop, it’s a reminder of how beautiful the game can look when a handsome skyline is framed at just the right time of day.

collectionfifatips - Exploring the dark side of Cities: Skylines – Green Cities

And framing is what Green Cities is all about, I think. It’s an asset pack, tied to some new rules around noise pollution (which I’m grateful for) and policies that encourage use of electric cars and other green ways of living. It’s a massive asset pack, for sure, with over 350 new things, and it’s a very attractive one. But it’s adding new options rather than more complex simulation. I very much doubt there’ll be any pushback to my silicon valley, or any real drawbacks to reshaping the city’s economy around it.

As I mentioned at the beginning, even my sickly workers in the muck-zone don’t have any real impact on the wellbeing of my city as a complete organism. Their unhappiness is drowned out by the happiness of the masses. While I’m not asking my people to protest in the streets when the gated communities around their IT overlords fall into place, I’d like to see some tension between urban progress and those it leaves behind. There’s overlap between social strata, transit, high-tech industry and all the rest, after all.

Perhaps Skylines will never touch on these issues. It is, after all, at its best when it uses the land as a canvas and the city as a set of toys. The simulation is robust enough to make it more than a construction playground, but not so complex that it requires more than a basic awareness of how things move from one place to another.

That’s fine. I want that game in my life and I want it to have more and more variety, so Green Cities is welcome. But I will absolutely be simulating the dark side of my Green Cities as I play, and the more time I put in, the more I’m starting to realise that I’m still in the market for a modern city-builder. Not a replacement for Skylines, but an alternative. One where every choice of asset has a possible consequence down the line, as the city pushes back or recoils.

Green Cities will cost £9.99/12,99€/$12.99 and is out later this year. As always with Paradox expansions, some features will be available for free in a big ol’ patch delivered at the same time.

Headbutt the pucking ref in Super Blood Hockey on collectionfifatips

Headbutt the pucking ref in Super Blood Hockey on collectionfifatips

I’m moving to Canada next month. Every Canadian I mention this too ends up asking the same question: “Do you like hockey?” It’s like a religion over there, apparently. I’ve never watched a game in my life, but once you reach international airspace apathy is not an option (and don’t you dare call it ‘ice hockey’). So perhaps playing the newly-released, ultra-realistic sim Super Blood Hockey [official site] would be a good way to assimilate with the locals.

It’s a game without rules, it boasts. Expect huge brawls with up to 24 hockeyists, spells that make you vomit blood, broken bones, bashed-in skulls, violent seizures and and lots of flashy goals. Oh, and if you lose you bring shame on your country and that means execution, whether by Korean tank or getting chewed up by an ice resurfacer in front of a Canadian mountain. Like I said, ultra-realistic.

It looks very fun and frantic, and its original prototype was one of Brendan’s favourite freebies of last year. This full release contains two main game modes: Global Showdown, a world-wide ice-hockey tournament, and a Challenge mode with a variety of scenarios, including 4 vs 8, controlling the goalie manually and a 12 vs 12 ‘Mega Rumble’ that sounds incredible.

It’s an ongoing project and developer Loren Lemcke is searching for feedback from players so that he can later add new features. If you fancy it, skate over to Steam, where launched earlier this month at £5.59/7.99€/$7.99.

Have You Played… Dropsy? –

Have You Played… Dropsy? -

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time.

I have played Dropsy but sometimes I feel like I didn’t play it at all. It’s a peculiar game and it put me into a peculiar state of mind.

Dropsy is about acceptance and the difficulty of communicating. It’s about solving mysteries that might actually be mundane or might be so wonderful and strange that they don’t actually make any sense at all. It’s about perception and surfaces and depth, about peeling back the facepaint to understand what’s beneath it, about unconditional love and stranger danger.

It’s about a funnysad clown and non-verbal language.

It’s a point and click adventure, and some days I remember loving it and some days I remember finding it all very frustrating.

I still don’t know quite what to think about Dropsy and the more time that passes, the more I’m convinced that might be a good thing.

Niger set sights high for historic bow –

  • India 2017 will be Niger’s first world Cup appearance in any level
  • Coach Soumaila Tiemogo led the Junior Menas to the semi-finals in CAF qualifying
  • Tiemogo says his U-17 players can form the backbone of the nation’s senior side

Niger’s past
0 – The number of appearances previously made by Niger at a FIFA competition in any age group. The Menas have never progressed beyond the qualifiers of the FIFA World Cup™, though they did achieve some promising results in the preliminaries for Spain 1982 and USA 1994. As for the CAF Africa Cup of Nations, Niger made their debut in the tournament in 2012, when they lost all their group matches. On their final appearance in the continental finals, in 2013, they lost two and drew one.

Niger’s present
1 – The number of times Niger have now qualified for a world finals, with the Junior Menas set to make their debut at the FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017. Coach Soumaila Tiemogo puts that achievement down to the strides made in developing grassroots football and the interest generated by Niger’s appearances at the Africa Cup of Nations in 2012 and 2013.

“The seniors achieved two good results and our youngsters have followed up by reaching the World Cup,” he told “Niger is not really a footballing country but the sport’s coming along now, thanks to youth development and the courses the national FA, the CAF and FIFA are laying on for coaches. And we’re making the most of them and giving all we can to young players.”

How Niger made it to India 2017
“The qualifiers were tough for us,” recalled Tiemogo, whose players claimed the scalp of two-time reigning world champions Nigeria. “That turned a few heads in Africa and earned us some attention. We backed that up at the finals, where we faced Mali, the runners-up at the last world finals, in the group phase. Our young players still managed to qualify and they deserved to do so too. We’ve come a long way.”

Niger claimed their ticket to India by reaching the semi-finals. They lost 6-5 on penalties to Ghana in the last four, having played out a goalless draw in normal time. Guinea then beat them 3-1 in the match for third place.

Niger’s future
Three formidable opponents in the shape of Korea DPR, Brazil and Spain, await Niger in Group D at India 2017. “Unlike senior level, when you know who the star players are, it’s harder to judge in youth football,” said Tiemogo. “If you asked Niger to knock out Ghana or Gabon at senior level, you’d doubt they could do it. But that’s just what we did at junior level. There’s a lot of talent in Niger.”

Asked if their India 2017 group would be too tough for Niger, their coach gave an upbeat response: “I can’t guarantee that we’ll go on and win the competition but I can guarantee that we’ll make people talk about us, just like we did in Africa. Maybe we can’t work miracles, but we can do our best.”

Tiemogo is looking nowhere but ahead: “Niger has a development programme in place. We are going to create a national academy where young players can stay and receive training for two years.” The head of a football academy himself, the coach has high hopes of his current crop: “We’ll be hosting the U-20 Africa Cup of Nations in 2019, and this generation should provide the spine of that team. We hope to see them kick on after 2019 and represent Niger at senior level.”

The lowdown on Soumaila Tiemogo
– Known as “The Emperor” in his playing days, Tiemogo was a defender who captained his country.
– Formerly a PE and sports teacher.
– Previously a director of football and coach with the national team.
– Has taken part in a number of CAF and FIFA training seminars.
– Director of the Atcha Football Academy.

collectionfifatips – FIFA 18 Icons Trailer Feat: Diego Maradona, Pele and Thierry Henry

Two of the very greatest players of all time in world football will be coming to FIFA 18 Icons this year after Electronic Arts Sports announced the inclusion of Brazilian legend Pele and Argentina great Diego Maradona.

The two South American former players will be joining the now retired legendary Real Madrid striker Ronaldo in FUT for the latest edition of the video game, which will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

They will be joined by all the legends now known as icons who have previously been in the title which will be available to gamers when the new game launches on September 29th 2017. Watch the full HD trailer reveal below which shows mostly cut-scenes of the new icons gracing the pitch once again.

There’s the likes of Lev Yashin who’s highly regarded by many football experts as the greatest goalkeeper of all time in the sport. Famous Arsenal all-time top scorer and Premier League legend Thierry Henry also makes a rapid return to FIFA where he’s been a normal card in Ultimate Team over the years gone by but will now become a rare icon card.

FIFA 18 Maradona Henry

FIFA 18 Maradona Henry

Make sure to follow us on social media and check back here at the official website for more FIFA 2018 news. The demo will more than likely be released in early September so stay tuned for that.

How to Play a Two-Player Season on FIFA 17 –

FIFA 17 Two Player

FIFA 17 Two Player

A common question for those who are new to the FIFA franchise, or even just new to the FIFA 17 edition, is how to play a two-player offline season? With so many game modes available, many of which are more complex than the classic football games of the past, it’s pretty easy to get swept up in a world full of options. Soon, I’ll outline exactly how to play an offline season with a friend, but for now, let’s take a quick look at some of the modes available.

The major addition to this year’s FIFA is the “Journey,” a mode that some fans will love and some will hate. You follow the story of Alex Hunter, a relative of England striker Jim Hunter, from his humble beginnings in a team in London to realizing his premiership and international dreams. The Journey is a single player mass-effect style game that mixes RPG cutscenes and dialogue elements with FIFA skills and gameplay.

Interesting, but a mile away from any classic two-player mode. This sort of “Journey” style play would work well in a single-player game like tennis, where you could control your favorite player like Andy Murray, who had 14/1 on BetStars odds of winning the Wimbledon semis, but football is a team game, and players seeking the co-operative team experience will be disappointed here.

There is also plenty of online modes in FIFA 17. “Pro Clubs” lets you join or create online teams for up to 11-V-11 gameplay with people across the web in ranked matches. The “Online Season” is one of the most competitive arenas for ranked online play, but it’s a single player game. The “Online Co-Op Season” is similar, but is played with one other player online for 2-V-2 ranked matches.

As you can see, there are plenty of co-op games to be found in the online modes, but on the flip-side, you have to join up with and play against others online. You can’t play these modes with your friend who is physically sitting in your room with the second controller in hand. Each player in online mode requires their own connection and game for online play.

This takes us to the offline “Career Mode,” the bread-and-butter of FIFA seasons, and perfect for the classic gamer who wants to compete against the computer. There are two distinct modes within the Career. They are the “Player Career” and the “Manager Career”.

In the “Player Career,” you create or control a single professional player and compete to improve your skills and reputation, and ultimately to try to make your national team. You receive emails from firm managers about your performance and their expectations.

Although “Player Career” comes across like an obviously one-player affair, you can actually play this offline mode co-operatively. When the games start, you will have the option to choose the same team with two pads. The only problem is player 1 will always be in control of just one

player; whoever they choose for the career. Player 2, meanwhile, will control the rest of the team. A little imbalanced to say the least.

The actual mode you are looking for if you want to play an offline two-player season is “Manager Career”. In management mode, you are in charge of the team’s finances, tactics, transfers, new team member development, and all key decisions relating to your club. You can choose whether to simulate the season’s matches (making for a pure football manager-style game) or to play the matches yourself. Simply choose to play the matches manually, and activate the second pad as you would in any other game. You will be free to play a complete two-player offline season. In fact, you can play with up to four friends on the same team!

So, there you have it. After sifting through FIFA 17’s many brilliant gaming options, we have found the solution. For a two-player co-operative offline season, enter “Manager Career” and manually play all games co-operatively.

FIFA 18 Features – Champions Channels, Objectives, Squad Battles & SBCs on collectionfifatips

All of the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team new features have been revealed during FUT live which streamed worldwide on Twitch. For those of you who may have been busy and missed it, here is the lowdown on all the news that EA Sports shared with us including Champions Channel, Objectives, Squad Battles and some much needed improvements on already established features such as SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) which can be viewed below.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Features

Champions Channel

FUT 18 Champions Channel

FUT 18 Champions Channel

Due to the huge success of FUT Champions in 17, Electronic Arts have decided to release champions channel. A feature which allows gamers to re-watch an entire match from the past FUT Champions weekend of some of the best players in the world to learn exactly how they play and get better at the game.

Watching full 90 minute matches of the best FIFA has to offer will only be a good thing as it’ll teach average players into becoming pro players. You’ll have total control of cameras and playback so you never miss a thing.


FIFA 18 ultimate team objectives

FIFA 18 ultimate team objectives

FIFA 18 Objectives

FIFA 18 Objectives

You will now be eligible for some fantastic in-game rewards on FUT this year thanks to the new objectives feature. All you’ve got to do is complete daily and weekly challenges at your own pace either on your consoles or via the companion app.

The objectives vary from squad management to actual matches! Just remember, the more difficult the challenge is, the greater the reward.

Squad Battles

FIFA 18 Squad Battles

FIFA 18 Squad Battles

Now for an amazing new feature that is sure to go down well within the FUT community. Squad Battles is a single player mode within FUT which allows players to play against other peoples squads and earn incredible rewards. It’s much the same to FUT Champions just think that but with the difference of single player instead of online.

You will play against the computer controlled AI but it will be another real players squad. The great thing is you can rank up the leaderboards and in the Featured Squad Battle, you’ll be able to challenge the squad of real football stars, pro FIFA players and celebrities to test your skills and squad building abilities.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges

FIFA 18 Squad Building Challenges

SBCs went down a treat in 17 and was really popular with the community, as such they will be back again in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. All the old features remain with some new ones that include Combined Player Requirements, and Brick Slots allowing you to create deeper Squad Building Challenges in FUT.

What do you think about the new features in FUT 18 this year? Are you disappointed or pleased, let us know in the comments box designated at the footer of this page and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest news on the game.

FIFA 18 Carryover Transfer Guide – FUT Coins, FIFA Points, XP & FC Credits on collectionfifatips

FIFA 18 Carryover Walkthrough

FIFA 18 Carryover Walkthrough

With the highly anticipated release of FIFA 18 this fall, many gamers are asking us questions regarding the carryover of their items in FUT. Your players, teams and coins unfortunately do not carry over to the next installment along with many other items. In this FUT 18 carryover article we’ll discuss and share with you the things that do.

FIFA 18 Carryover

FIFA 18 Carryover Tips

FIFA 18 Carryover Tips

All Non Transferable Items


It is quite a known fact to the FIFA community that coins cannot carryover to the new game but for newbies this may be what you’ve been searching for and the answer is unfortunately no! If coins just stayed on your account for when 18 is out, everybody would be able to get Ronaldo or at least a beast squad.

Making all players equal at the start of the game is the fairest way possible to keep the game competitive. It sucks we know that you will lose your best players and team but you will always have that there on that specific game if you ever wanted to go back.

(EASFC Catalogue Items)

All items that have been unlocked via the EA Sports Football Club Catalogue will remain on that version of FIFA and will not transfer onto the new one.

(Leaderboards, Wins to losses Record and Divisions Progress)

All your in-game records will be wiped from the division you’re currently in to your actual record of wins, draws and losses and that included everything on the leaderboards too.

(Players, Staff, Consumables and Club Items)

It goes without saying that you will lose all your players and literally everything in your FUT club you have right now come September for FIFA 18. Generations however will give you the opportunity to show off your old squads you used to have which is kind of cool.

Transferable Items

(FIFA Points)

This is probably one of the most searched terms in regards to the whole carryover process. FIFA Points can indeed be transferred over from one title to another and the process is rather easier than it may seem. You must note that you cannot transfer them over whilst the demo is out or when the FUT 18 web app is live.

You should transfer the FIFA Points over from the exact same console you’ve been using and the origin account you’ve used all year when the early access is released which is available on Xbox One via EA Access or if you buy the Icon or Ronaldo editions of the game for either console.

EA Early Access members will receive a bonus 10% discount on all FIFA Points prices (full price listed below)

100 = £0.79
250 = £1.99
500 = £3.99
750 = £5.99
1,050 = £7.99
1,600 = £11.99
2,200 = £15.99
4,600 = £31.99
12,000 = £79.99

Established Date

It really doesn’t matter when you established your club, it will still say exactly the same in the top left corner this fall and forever.

PSN Trophies and Xbox Achievements

All of the achievements on Xbox One/360 and PSN Trophies on PS4/PS3 will stay forever on FIFA 17. That’s just it though, you would have unlocked these milestones for that game and not the new one.

FUT Club Name

You’ll get the opportunity to keep or change your FUT Club Name right at the start of the game. If you decide to change your mind halfway through the year, then you can always complete a simple manager task from the main FUT hub or use a one-time catalogue item instead.

XP Level

Each and every time you earn XP, you will gradually build up your levelling bar which appears in the top right of the screen, until you reach a new level. Each XP level becomes gradually more and more difficult to obtain as you’ll need to earn more XP for each level if that makes sense. Once you manage to unlock a level, you’ll never lose it within your chosen account which is great.

The XP will transfer over to new FIFA titles every single year. The more XP that you have, the more items you will be able to unlock in the catalogue.

Pro Clubs Player Appearance and Club Badge

These two would normally remain the same however, due to the Frostbite engine we will have to wait and see when the game actually appears on our screens late this September.

Football Club Credits

All FCC will be transferred over to FIFA 18 from what you’ve gained in previous FIFA titles.

That’s the lot! We hope this article has answered any of your questions and if you’re still not sure then leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we possibly can.