collectionfifatips – 20% Ship Sale!

collectionfifatips - 20% Ship Sale!

From Thursday, May 18th at 9AM PST until Monday, May 22nd at 10am PST, we are having a 20% ship sale. Enjoy not just a discount on our ships, but fleet modules, dry dock slots and ship upgrade tokens as well! Have you been eyeing a new ship or ship bundle in the C-store? Now is the time to grab the ship you've always dreamt of commanding – including the brand new Advanced Light Cruiser Bundle!

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collectionfifatips - 20% Ship Sale!

Mirrors and Smoke Week 4 Rewards! –

Mirrors and Smoke Week 4 Rewards! -

Each week we’ll roll out new rewards for the Featured Episode “Mirrors and Smoke”. Last week’s reward was the Kentari Fortified Personal Shield. The final reward is the Kentari Partisan Residuum Thrower. In addition, the first completion of this mission on an account this week will grant a Featured Episode Weekly Reward Box. This box gives your choice of an Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrade or a Captain Specialization Point Box, which gives the character who opens it a Specialization Point. The Weekly Reward Box, Tech Upgrade, and Specialization Point Box are all Bound to Account, and may be freely traded between your characters. The Specialization Point Box requires the opening character to be level 50 or above.

When the Kentari see a potential way to cut corners for profit, they don't shy away from it. This lead to the creation of a weapon that fires literal plasma residuum at the target. The caustic nature of this by-product can leave considerable plasma burns. However the Kentari didn't stop there, they went on to mix an undisclosed chemical reactant into one section of the residuum output and a chemical catalyst to the other section. When these chemicals are mixed the output tends to be explosively volatile for the target.

The Kentari Partisan Residuum Thrower counts towards the Excessive Development set. Collect and equip pieces from this set to unlock powerful set bonuses:

Excessive Development

Defensive Countermeasures (2 piece)

This 2 piece bonus provides:

  • Kentari Armor and Shield gain:
    • 12.5% chance: +Temporary Hit Points for 60 seconds when you take damage.
  • +20% Plasma Damage

Residuum Reactant Deployment (3 piece)

This 3 piece bonus provides:

  • Call in a bombardment of Plasma Residuum reactant. The target area is applied with a healthy coating of residuum reactant stacks. Once applied you can then trigger this power again to deploy a catalyst within the hazardous area to deal additional damage based on the amount of residuum reactant stacks.

All unlocked rewards will remain as selected options on “Mirrors and Smoke” once it is added to the normal Episode list. The Featured Episode Weekly Reward box will not be acquirable by running “Mirrors and Smoke” once this week is over.

Matthew Campbell

Systems Designer

Star Trek Online



Mirrors and Smoke Week 4 Rewards! -

collectionfifatips – Interview with Kipleigh Brown – The Voice of Kuumaarke

collectionfifatips - Interview with Kipleigh Brown - The Voice of Kuumaarke

We had the pleasure this week of speaking with Kipleigh Brown, the voice of Captain Kuumaarke in Star Trek Online. She chatted with us about her Star Trek filled career, the development of kuumaarke, and what she loves about working on STO. You can listen to the interview below, or read a transcript on this very page. Enjoy!


AMBASSADOR KAEL: Well hello and welcome to the Star Trek Online audio show, Ms. Kipleigh Brown! Hi!

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Hello! It’s such a pleasure to be here! I’m so excited!

AMBASSADOR KAEL: It’s such a pleasure to have you on! Thanks for joining us. So Kipleigh, for those of you who don’t know, is the voice of Dr. Kuumaarke in our most recent episodes, including Escalation and Reckoning –

KIPLEIGH BROWN: I have a question, actually. I didn’t realize that I was a doctor! So far, I’ve been administrator, and Captain Kuumaarke, I’ve never been addressed as Doctor before. That’s nice, I like to know. I assumed there was a big science degree in there somewhere.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: You’ve gotta be! You helped design a starship, and now you’re captaining a starship, it’s gotta be in there somewhere. So this is something I didn’t know until I started looking around the internet, but this is not your first role in a Star Trek production.

KIPLEIGH BROWN: No! No, I actually played crewman Jane Taylor on an episode of Enterprise.

 collectionfifatips - Interview with Kipleigh Brown - The Voice of KuumaarkeAMBASSADOR KAEL: What was that experience like?

KIPLEIGH BROWN: It was amazing! The episode was season three, it was called “The Forgotten.” It was incredible, because I was already a huge Star Trek fan. And when I got the audition, I’d heard that like, if you were a mega fan, don’t tell the casting directors that, because, well, because some mega fans are after like maybe, take a souvenir or sell it on eBay. Not that all fans are thieves, but it’s happened.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: I mean, I can’t say I wouldn’t.

KIPLEIGH BROWN: I really just wanted to kind of walk off the lot in the uniform, but, I knew I couldn’t do that. So I had to pretend like, “Oooh, Star Trek, oh yeah, what’s that? Sounds great.” But what they didn’t tell me – as a got closer in the audition process, because you audition a bunch of times, but the final time, they said, “Ok, the director’s in the room, just so you know.” I was like, “Great!” And I walked in, and the director was Levar Burton! From the Next Generation, and – I should’ve been warned. But to not react, and to still be very cool, and calm, “Star Trek, what’s that? I don’t know what that is.” That’s the best acting I’ve ever done, not freaking out.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: I was gonna say, that’s the real audition right there, to just not react at all when you walk in.


AMBASSADOR KAEL: So when did you first get into Star Trek?

KIPLEIGH BROWN: I did watch the Original Series in reruns growing up, so I was very very young, but I did have – like, I’ve seen every episode since, and I know it well now, but I really fell in love with The Next Generation. That’s what I grew up on. So especially having Geordi LaForge in that room, was just like “whooooa!” But I’ve since watched the Original Series, which I love, and I’ve also done a web series called Star Trek Continues.


KIPLEIGH BROWN: Which, for anyone who loves any of the Star Treks, I encourage you to check it out. It’s a fan series, but – well, first of all, we’ve got Vic Mignogna, who’s our Kirk and he’s the executive producer. For anyone who’s into Full Metal Alchemist and other anime voices, that’s Vic. But also we have Chris Doohan, who – James Doohan, who played Scotty, that’s his son – who plays Scotty!

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Oh! He plays Scotty in our game, too!

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Oh, I think he told me that! That’s right. And then we have Grant Imahara, from Mythbusters, and now from the White Rabbit Project, playing Sulu. They’ve recreated the original series down to the finest detail. Even the buttons on the helm are made from the exact same mold. Not a reproduction, the same mold!

AMBASSADOR KAEL: That is super cool! I love stuff like that, with fans bringing the things they love to life. Who do you play on the show?

collectionfifatips - Interview with Kipleigh Brown - The Voice of KuumaarkeKIPLEIGH BROWN: I play Lieutenant Barbara Smith, who was in the original series, she was in an episode called “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” and she was a small part. She was supposed to be a bigger part, but the actress left to do movies, but I look like her. So they were like, “We’ll shoehorn her into that roll, and we’ll bring her back.” And we’ve had some really cool guest stars, like Colin Baker from Doctor Who, and just a bunch of people from Battlestar.


KIPLEIGH BROWN: Yeah, it’s really cool. Star Trek Continues, I’m shamelessly plugging it, but that’s because I really – I really believe in it. It’s such a labor of love, everyone’s there because they love Star Trek.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: As long as you shameless plug Star Trek Online when you’re on Star Trek Continues podcasts, it’s totally fine!


AMBASSADOR KAEL: So how did you first hear about STO?

KIPLEIGH BROWN: I feel like I’ve always known about it, since it’s been around, since all of the cool people are playing it. But my friend James Kerwin, who directs on Star Trek Continues, and a few other projects I’ve worked with him on, but he’s always talking about it. And he knows some of you guys over at Cryptic. And I was doing some Vegas conventions, and got to know you guys there, and I was amazed when you asked me to do a role. Al Rivera, I had gotten to know him peripherally through the convention and just talking and things, and I was there at the convention with the G&T show, which is a Star Trek podcast, and he knew them. So it was sort of in that zone that we were getting to know each other, and he likes Star Trek Continues, so he asked me to do it.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: That’s really cool. So tell us a little bit about Ambassador Doctor Captain Kuumaarke. How did you first hear about her, and what sort of preparation did you bring to creating her?

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Well it’s funny, probably the first thing that people will notice is that I’m not British. And Kuumaarke is, and there’s a reason why we did that. Originally, the script had an exotic accent, because the Lukari are brand new, we hadn’t encountered them yet. So it’d be interesting to have an exotic, new accent. And they kind of phonetically spelled it out for me, but when I prepared the accent it sounded very Transylvanian. And we tried it – we tried it!

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Now I kind of want to hear this. Do you think you could pull the Transulvanian accent out of mothballs?

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Let me see. I know it was a lot of extended vowels and rolling “r”s, and I don’t think that’s what they intended, but that’s how it came out of me. So it’d be like, you know, “I am a Lukaaaarrrri. Cuptain Kumaaaarrrrrke.” And it just sort of started to sound like Dracula.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: “Ve are goink to explore the galaxy, and then suck your blood”

KIPLEIGH BROWN: “That’s rrrriiiight. We’re going to suck your prrrrotomatter.” So they said, “Do you do any other accents?” And I was like, “Well, it’s not that exotic, but like, my mother’s British, so I could do that.” And they were like, “Let’s – yeah – let’s go with that.” They thought it was a better choice. So hence the accent. But I do love doing the accent, because I sound like my mother, and I like that.

collectionfifatips - Interview with Kipleigh Brown - The Voice of Kuumaarke

But my first episode was “Echoes of Light,” and you were asking me the preparation apart from the accent. You know, I prepared for Kuumaarke the same way I would for any role, on camera, or on stage, or otherwise. Mostly just putting myself in her shoes. And in that episode it was a scary situation for her, and for her people. First of all, they hadn’t had much contact with the outside community, in the galaxies. And their sun was dying. And they were seeking help. And so, I was thinking, this is a person facing the death of her people. And it’s very easy to find that emotion. Fear, but also hopefulness, and you know, depending on this new person to help you. And the frustration of not being able to do it yourself, either.

I think my favorite part of of this character is that she and her people are new to exploration of the galaxy.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Yeah, that’s one of the things I really like about them, too.

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Yeah, so to be able to play someone who’s discovering what it’s like out there.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: That’s so much of what Star Trek is about, exploring the galaxy and finding new things, and it’s really fascinating to watch the Lukari, but Kuumaarke in particular, seeing the galaxy for the first time, as opposed to our jaded Federation and Klingon Captains.

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Yes, they’ve been around the solar system a time or two.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: So in the most recent episode, Mirrors and Smoke, was it interesting taking the sort of wide eyed, innocent Kuumaarke, and having that more determination, and kind of anger to her, when she encounters the Kentari?

KIPLEIGH BROWN: You know, it really is. Everyone – like an actor, always wants to have their character go somewhere, to have an arc. And I loved the discovery. Because at first, she enters space and she’s passionate, and obviously very intelligent, and insatiably curious, but there’s also a kind of – naiveté? I guess? At the very beginning, just because the Lukari have been insular, and they’re a very peaceful people. And then here’s Kuumaarke, who’s sort of a pioneer for her people, the first Lukari to become a Captain, and the childlike wonder of seeing all these new life forms, and then when she does find this trail of these detonations, the flipside of her childlike wonder was this disbelief. Like, “Why would anyone use Protomatter in this way?” In a destructive way. It just doesn’t compute for her at first. Because her people, it’s like grade school science to them. They’re masters of Protomatter, and it would never occur to a Lukari to use it as a weapon. And it’s that naiveté sort of being –

You know, it could’ve – her naiveté, and wonder look at everything – could’ve become bitter and cynical, as she discovers this dark underside of the Kentari, and the Tzenkethi, and all these things. And she becomes bolder, absolutely, but she doesn’t become bitter or cynical. She’s disturbed and afraid, but she never loses her exuberance, or her hopefulness.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: I know a lot of fans were reacting to the way that she almost becomes Action Kuumaarke in the latest episode. The first time you have to protect Kuumaarke on a mission, she’s kind of cowering and in need of protection, and this time when you’re protecting her, she’s like, “Seriously, I’m shooting these guys, I need to get my work done, can you help me out here?”

KIPLEIGH BROWN: “I am far from defenseless!”

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Yes, exactly!

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Yes, I love that about her, that she can become the warrior that she’s never been before, out of necessity, and she’s brave enough to do it. Being new to space doesn’t make her run away, like some other people might just be like, “I’m going home, bye!” But no, I love that she’s incredibly bold. And the counter side of that being the wonderment of the universe. And then when she needs to pick up a weapon or fire some phasers at some folks, she’ll do it! She doesn’t like it, but she’ll do it. Especially in the name of justice.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: So you’ve acted on three different kinds of Star Trek now.


AMBASSADOR KAEL: What are the different challenges between Star Trek Online, which is a video game, and voice acting, versus Star Trek Continues, versus Enterprise?

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Well, the voice acting versus on camera acting – because it’s not my main bread and butter, voice over work, mostly I do the other kind, I think there was a lot of adapting from you guys for me, because I just get in there and I’m like, “I’m gonna do it like I would do it on camera!” Except like, I don’t have to wear makeup and look awesome or anything, so that’s, you know, less preparation there.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: You don’t have to shave your head for Kuumaarke.

KIPLEIGH BROWN: I would though! If there were going to be a live action, you bet you I would shave my head and put in those contacts and get some electrical clothing, you know I would.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: I’m just saying, there’s a cosplay contest at STLV this year. I’m just putting that out there.

KIPLEIGH BROWN:  That sounds like a challenge!

But, yeah, there’s lots of mentions of pop filters and the like. Which is because I don’t have the technical skill of a voice over actor, who knows how far away to stand from the microphone, and which consonants you shouldn’t emphasize. I figured it out eventually, but at first they were like, “Ok, we just need to tone that down a little bit.” There was an adjustment period! But the passion there, it doesn’t change. Because you can’t, as far as I’m concerned, phone in a voice over. Otherwise it feels phoned in. It’s gotta be as real as it would be in real life.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Normally you get to act with your whole body. How difficult is it to do it with just your voice?

KIPLEIGH BROWN: At first it was odd, there was a disconnect, but when I prepare, I kind of do do all the full on, as I’m reading the lines at home, and my cats are looking at me like I’m insane. So I get the feeling of it there, and I just carry it with me to the voice over session. Although I can’t move around, and there’s not really a mirror, but I bet you my face is doing all the crazy stuff while I’m doing it. Because, you know, you don’t have to not do it. So I’m sure I’ve got the anger face when I’m doing the lines, even though it may not be intentional.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: We should really film some of these voice over sessions.

KIPLEIGH BROWN: The first once I did, we filmed in little bits and pieces, because I filmed it at Cryptic Studios. So if you go to, there is a little link from all of the Seasons I’ve done.


Kipleigh Brown: Star Trek Online from Kipleigh Brown on Vimeo.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: So what’s been your favorite part of bringing Kuumaarke to life?

KIPLEIGH BROWN: I love what I said to you earlier, about the journey that she’s made from brand new, and also this fear for this dying sun and the end of her people, and then they survive, and now her people have this whole new future out in the universe, and then her journey from being kind of wonder and naïve to being a, pardon me, badass. But also maintaining her ideals, and her passion for science and  for being compassionate and good to others. And there’s also a lovely sense of collaboration, because the first time I did it in the studio, and it was great sort of as a group, you know, first of all deciding to nix the Transylvanian accent, and when I do the voiceover I’m online with another of your Mikes over there.  And Lani who’s the director, and the writers as well, because sometimes I have to ask, “What’s the context here?” Because it comes out of order, and we kind of put the story together. You know, the order of the story, and that helps me. I just like that it’s like a group effort, too.

Yeah, all of you guys, down to a man or woman, and just the coolest people.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Well thank you!

KIPLEIGH BROWN: It’s something I kind of noticed – and I may be a little biased – but it’s something I’ve kind of noticed about all Trek fans. There’s something about Trek fans – because Trek fans in general are intelligent, and curious, and playful, so when I’ve done the Star Trek Vegas and things, and everyone you meet is so fascinating and interesting to talk to. I like Trek fans a lot.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Yeah, there’s something about Trekkies, or Trekkers, or whatever you want to go by, I think it’s because we all grew up on this very hopeful show, it inspires people to be a lot nicer to each other.

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Yeah, and Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek, you know I really stopped to think about it, and I know books have been written about this, so I’m not coming up with a new revelation no one has before, but – you know, it was right after this sort of nuclear showdown with Russia, and the Bay of Pigs, and the idea that the human race was going to blow itself up. Which it may still. But it was very immediate in the sixties, And you had all this apocalyptic sci-fi, you know, about the world ending in various different ways, and Aldous Huxley, Brave New World and all these great novels, but none of them seemed to end well for the human race.

And then Gene Roddenberry comes along and he puts, not only have we not blown ourselves up, but we’re in space, and we’re in space not as conquerors but explorers. Just these bold moves, and that’s why it’s still around today. There’s something magical there that just captured the hopefulness of the human spirit, and it keeps on doing it. It’s amazing.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: It’s kind of amazing that it even happened at all, and it’s amazing that it’s still continuing today, and still breaking down barriers.

Obviously, you can’t mention anything about upcoming content, you can’t give anything away, but where would you like to see Kuumaarke go in the future? What would be – you personally as an actress, your hopes and dreams for where you’d see her end up?


collectionfifatips - Interview with Kipleigh Brown - The Voice of Kuumaarke


KIPLEIGH BROWN: I would like to see her – I’m just thinking about, in this recent episode, there’s a lot of parallels to things happening on Earth.


KIPLEIGH BROWN: I would like – it would make sense for me to see her go for more than being a scientific explorer to a crusader of sorts. Trying to change the way that people look at Protomatter and its use. And trying to take the lessons of her people, and sort of this peace and togetherness, and oneness, and wanting to try and spread that idea around. Especially back to the Kentari, who, they were once the same race. To maybe try and pull them back into the fold and to teach them the peaceful ways, the loving ways, the compassionate ways of the Lukari. You know, becoming a sort of cosmic teacher of sorts. Which would be also be a somewhat difficult position, because sometimes people don’t want to learn those lessons, or they don’t care to, you know? But I can see her indignation over the corruption of this technology, and the harm that it has caused, and in many ways this sort of residual feeling of guilt. You know, that back in time they had sprouted from the same seed, and they went so wrong. To bring it back to a peaceful, loving place.

But I’m sure that would be an enormous challenge, just like it would be on Earth. And a job bigger than just one Lukari, but I can see her wanting to at least try.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: That feels like the path the character would logically take – not that we can talk about anything she might be doing in the future.

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Oh, she just joins a beauty contest, and she gets a yacht, and –

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Oh god. And we get her a blond wig, and –

KIPLEIGH BROWN: That’s right, yes.


KIPLEIGH BROWN: She joins the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” of the future.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Only it’s “Keeping up with the Cardassians.”

KIPLEIGH BROWN: There you go! I’ve often thought “Kim Cardassian” would be an awesome Halloween costume.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: I think we’ve just hit on a joke that the internet has been making for about ten years. We’re very original.

KIPLEIGH BROWN: We are. We rediscovered it, and we’re making it cool again. That’s’ what I like to think.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Exactly. Well, Kipleigh, thank you so much for joining us! It’s been a pleasure chatting with you.

KIPLEIGH BROWN: And you, thank you for having me!


KIPLEIGH BROWN: And thanks to the fans for playing STO, and making it awesome, and for liking Kuumaarke, I’m so honored.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: I do like her a lot. And I think they do, too.

KIPLEIGH BROWN: I love playing her, so thank you.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Of course! If people want to find out more about you, where do they go?

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Oh! To I have a very normal last name, so my parents gave me a very strange first name. There’s a lot of Browns, but as far as I know only one Kipleigh. Except I believe there’s also an award winning Westie Terrier of the same name.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Oh no! Well, at least they’re award winning?

KIPLEIGH BROWN: That’s right!

But no, That’s where you can see things I’ve done, and things I’ve got coming up, and a link to Star Trek Continues. And links to STO trailers for Seasons, which I doubt your fans need to see any of those.

AMBASSADOR KAEL: Probably not, but it helps anyway. Kipleigh, thank you so much, and we will talk to you soon!

KIPLEIGH BROWN: Lovely, thank you! Live Long and Prosper.



collectionfifatips - Interview with Kipleigh Brown - The Voice of Kuumaarke

collectionfifatips | Ten Forward: A New Weekly Stream!

collectionfifatips | Ten Forward: A New Weekly Stream!

Captains, we’ve been really enjoying the chance to interact with you on the livestreams we’ve been doing lately. So we’ve decided to do a little more of them – a weekly stream, in fact. Every Wednesday, you’ll be able to gather with your community manager, Ambassador Kael, at 4pm PST as he plays content from Star Trek Online, takes a look at your fan creations, and more!

(Have fan art, or a video, or something else entirely you want featured on the stream? Send it to [email protected] with the subject line "Ten Forward Weekly.")

And most importantly, you’ll be able to decide what content Kael plays. Every Monday, we’ll have a new poll on Twitter, asking you what content you want to see in the next stream. And if you stay tuned, there may even be some prizes.

So join us this Wednesday, and hop onto Twitter to let us know what you want to see Kael play!


How do I watch?

There's two ways to check out the stream. The first is to head to our Facebook page:

The other is to hit up our Twitch channel:


collectionfifatips | Ten Forward: A New Weekly Stream!

Nuhiu: Kosovo fans never thought they would see this –

  • Atdhe Nuhiu reflects on scoring historic goal for Kosovo
  • Nuhiu discusses the impact the team has on Kosovo’s people
  • Sheffield Wednesday striker predicts bright future

Beautiful things and priceless memories can come from paths you may not have initially chosen to follow. Kosovo’s Atdhe Nuhiu has found that out first-hand.

Having moved to Austria aged six months, with his family fleeing the conflict in their homeland, the towering forward grew up among the central European mountains, before rising to become part of his adopted nation’s youth system. No surprise that he wanted to wear that shirt as a full international, but that dream never materialised.

The likes of David Alaba and Marko Arnautovic were his team-mates in the U-21s but, having been on the fringes of the first team, it became clear the chance was not going to come. “One door closes, another opens,” he told Kosovo came calling and “I didn’t need to think twice.”

That gateway has led him to make history in land of his family, with Nuhiu heading Kosovo’s first ever competitive goal on home soil – a cathartic moment of elation for the Shkoder crowd, despite the 2-1 defeat to Iceland in their 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ qualifier. “It was very nice for them and the goal made my family particularly happy,” he said of his debut strike, “especially my father as he’s a very patriotic guy [laughs].”

While the result was not what was hoped, the simple fact of seeing Kosovo compete on the world stage is still a reality that is awe-inspiring for their fans. “They cheered the goal in a way they are not used to, because this kind of [sporting] happiness is new to them,” Nuhiu explained. “Taking part in football, the Olympics, is a big thing and it’s more than pride.

“They suffered so much through the war and never believed they’d ever see Kosovo compete against somebody else. When people see the national team on TV they cry tears of happiness because they didn’t think they’d see that happening in this generation.”

Once this honeymoon period has dissipated, Nuhiu is confident the country of almost two million people can flourish, simply by looking at the Kosovan talent already dappled around world football. “There is the national team of Albania – half of whom are from Kosovo, plus [there are many] of the Switzerland team who could play for Kosovo too,” the Sheffield Wednesday striker said.

“We have players taking part in three national teams. [This shows the] the talent of players they have there. If you think about it, it’s a big thing! I think the future is there!”

Iceland prove dreams can come true
One such star is Switzerland’s Xherdan Shaqiri. Nuhiu went to great lengths to show his support and understanding for Shaqiri representing the Alpine nation. The Stoke City player grew up there and, ultimately, the timelines between his rise and Kosovo’s emergence on the international stage don’t match up.

It is a scenario Nuhiu understands pointedly, as it reflects his own upbringing in Austria and desires to represent them, but the Switzerland midfielder’s visible pride in Kosovo resonates strongly with those back in the Balkan state. “You cannot blame him for playing for Switzerland, not at all,” Nuhiu states emphatically. “Everybody respects that as it’s the country he grew up in.

“When he won the Champions League [with Bayern Munich in 2013] his Switzerland flag was there alongside the Kosovan and Albanian flags. These kind of things show how together and how much it means for him to be part of Kosovo. A person who hasn’t lived there or isn’t from there can’t put themselves in this kind of situation.”

So, while he hopes the raw talent is in the pipeline, right now he sees the Russia 2018 qualifying campaign as one of growth and foundation-building. “Don’t forget that [Iceland was] the fifth game since Kosovo was accepted by FIFA and UEFA,” Nuhiu said. “We have to keep following this path together.”

With Turkey up next, previous opponents Iceland – following their run to the UEFA EURO 2016 quarter-finals – stand as a model for them to follow in Nuhiu’s eyes, with regular points and potential qualification standing as goals for the future. “Why can’t we do it? They’re not a bigger country than us, population-wise, so they should be our example. But nothing goes from zero to 100 quickly.”

collectionfifatips – FIFA 17 High Pressure Custom Tactic Guide

Here you will learn how to create the perfect FIFA 17 High Pressure Custom Tactic with our unique strategy guide. Watch the full HD video tutorial below which explains in-depth the players you need to use, the player instructions, the actual ideal custom tactic to use and gameplay footage of it working a treat.

As detailed above, the typed of players that you need to assemble into your squad is a vital component to this style of play working for you. You’ll need to go out and buy players that have high stamina and the engine specialtie if possible. Players with high and high work rate for their defensive and attacking duties is also key to being successful with high pressing tactics.

Secondly the player instructions given in the video are not to be tampered with as i have done extensive research and tested loads of different instructions and they seem to be the real deal. Applying aggressive interceptions, stay back while attacking and press back line to the appropriate players is vital to this having the desired effect for you.

Lastly the actual custom tactic that I’ve provided will make sure that your high pressure game is on point and it’ll be very difficult for your opponents to combat this. Having the team width at 60 is what makes this tick but that’s not saying any of the other attributes applied should be altered or changed in any way because they shouldn’t.

When all is setup and you start playing. It’s all about using the teammate control feature which is holding down RB on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation. Whilst doing this you will want to be switching icons by flicking the right-analogue stick and covering holes in defence as well as charging towards the player who’s got possession of the ball.

Sliding tackles are a necessity in the high pressing game working and you should not be afraid to dive in for one every now and again. Getting rough with your opponent thanks to the aggressive interceptions and aggression at 93 means you’ll put down your marker and stamp your authority on the match.

The above tips in the video explains this a lot better and is one not to be missed if you love the high pressure game. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and are subscribed to our official YouTube channel to stay up to date on all things FIFA.

collectionfifatips | FIFA 17 Skill & Weak Foot Upgrades – New Legends Leaked

So here’s the latest news regarding FIFA 17, EA Sports have announced the full list of players who’ve had their weak foot and skill move stars upgraded. There are a select number of players who’ve seen their stats change since yesterday and you can see who exactly they were and the changes below.

New Five Star Weak Foot – 5*

Mehmet Topal (Fenerbahce SK / Super Lig) – OVR 80

Cristian Ansaldi (Inter / Serie A) – OVR 80

David Fernandez (Real Oviedo / LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3) – OVR 72

Santos (Suwon Samsung Bluewings / K League) – OVR 72

Anthony Limbombe (Club Brugge KV / Belgium Pro League) – OVR 72

Oscar Plano (AD Alcorcon / LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3) – OVR 72

Sebastian Lletget (LA Galaxy / Major League Soccer) – OVR 70

Lee Seung Gi (Sangju Sangmu / K League ) – OVR 69

Faycal Rherras(Heart of Midlothian / Scottish Premiership) – OVR 67

Zeli Ismail (Bury / EFL League One) – OVR 66

Junior Sambia (Chamois Niortais FC / Domino’s Ligue 2)- OVR 64

Nicolas Rommens (KVC Westerlo / Belgium Pro League) -OVR 63

Elio Capradossi (Bari / Serie B) – OVR 61

New Five Star Skillers – 5*

Marlos (Shakhtar Donetsk / Ukrayina Liha) – OVR 82 – 5 Star Skill

Ousmane Dembele (Borussia Dortmund / Bundesliga) – OVR 77 – 5 Star Skill

Giorgi Chanturia (FC Ural / Russian Championship) – OVR 69 – 5 Star Skill

New Four Star Skillers – 4*

Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool / Premier League) – OVR 84 – 4 Star Skill

Marco Asensio (Real Madrid CF / LaLiga Santander) – OVR 81

Manu Trigueros (Villarreal CF / LaLiga Santander) – OVR 80

Thorgan Hazard (Borussia Monchengladbach / Bundesliga) – OVR 79

Yunus Malli (VfL Wolfsburg / Bundesliga) – OVR 79

Heung Min Son (Tottenham Hotspur / Premier League – OVR 78

Emiliano Rigoni (Independiente / Primera Division) – OVR 76

Raphael Guerreiro (Borussia Dortmund/ Bundesliga) – OVR 76

Malcom (FC Girondins de Bordeaux / Ligue 1) – OVR 74

Guilherme (Legia Warszawa / T-Mobile Ekstraklasa ) – OVR 73

Serge Gnabry (SV Werder Bremen/ Bundesliga) – OVR 73

Adama (Middlesbrough/Premier League) – OVR 72

Rafal Wolski (Lechia Gdansk / T-Mobile Ekstraklasa)- OVR 72

Enver Cenk Sahin (FC St. Pauli Hamburg / Bundesliga 2) – OVR 70

Jown Cardona (CC Deportivo Tulua / Liga Dimayor) – OVR 70

Saman Ghoddos (A-stersunds FK / Allsvenskan) – OVR 67

Serge Deble (Viborg FF / Alka Superliga) – OVR 66

Armando Cooper (Toronto FC / Major League Soccer) – OVR 64

Jumpei Kusukami (Western Sydney Wanderers / Hyundai A-League) – OVR 63

Amath Diedhiou (CD Tenerife / LaLiga 1 I 2 I 3) – OVR 62

Jung Bin Park (Viborg FF / Alka Superliga) – OVR 62

Michael Omoh (A-rebro SK / Allsvenskan) – OVR 61

Jesper Karlsson (Falkenbergs FF / Allsvenskan) – OVR 60

New Legends Leaked

The new legends that will possibly be in the game for FUT 18 and on PS4 if rumours are to be true are Diego Maradona, David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane.

FUT 17 Champions Rewards Pack Opening With Walkout –

So it’s not very often that we showcase pack openings on the official website but we fancied a chance and this is my FIFA 17 Ultimate Team FUT Champions weekly rewards video. Watch the content below in super HD and see which walkout i got.

The level i got to was Gold 2 which is not the best but also not the worst case scenario and delivers some decent packs along the way too which we open. There is some trading tips involved as well as you can do the West Brom SBC (squad building challenge) for around 7K and get a 25K pack for it which makes you decent profit.

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos straight to your email and follow us on social media too just do a simple search for FIFA Solved.

collectionfifatips – Manchester United could lose Luke Shaw for rest of season – sources

Jose Mourinho speaks after Manchester United drop points against Swansea City.
Layla Anna-Lee and Stewart Robson assess Jose Mourinho’s complaints over Manchester United’s fixture congestion.

Luke Shaw’s season could be over after suffering a badly bruised foot against Swansea, sources have told ESPN FC.

The Manchester United defender lasted just nine minutes of the 1-1 draw at Old Trafford before being replaced by Antonio Valencia. The left-back, 21, was injured in a collision with Swansea forward Jordan Ayew.

And it is feared he could now miss United’s final six games of the season, starting with the Europa League semifinal first leg with Celta Vigo in Spain on Thursday. It could also rule Shaw out of a possible Europa League final in Stockholm next month should they advance past Celta.

Jose Mourinho admitted after the draw with Swansea that Shaw could have suffered a significant injury.

“I think Luke Shaw’s must be a big injury, because to leave the pitch after nine minutes, I am expecting a very big injury,” he told the BBC.

“At the moment, we can walk from the bed to the toilet and break a leg.”

Luke Shaw lasted just nine minutes against Swansea.

It is the latest in a series of setbacks for Shaw this season. He has been publicly criticised by Mourinho, most recently following the 1-1 draw with Everton last month when the United manager said the England international had to “grow up, mature and understand the game better.”

After two months without starting a game between November and January, Shaw has worked his way back into Mourinho’s plans. His start against Swansea was his third in April, taking his tally for the season to 17.

Sunday’s matchday programme contained an interview with Shaw in which he said: “I’m really disappointed [the season] is coming to an end. I wish it was the start of the season and I had the whole season in front of me.”

United are having to deal with a growing injury list as the season reaches its conclusion. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marcos Rojo and Timothy Fosu-Mensah are long-term absentees while Phil Jones, Chris Smalling and Eric Bailly are also currently sidelined.

Mourinho faces the prospect of travelling to Spain this week with just 14 senior outfield players available.

Rob is ESPN FC’s Manchester United correspondent. Follow him on Twitter @RobDawsonESPN.