collectionfifatips – Outrage as Bank of England confirms new £5 notes contain animal fat

Bad news, vegans and vegetarians (Picture: Rex/Shutterstock)

The new £5 notes contain animal fat, the Bank of England has confirmed.

Vegans and vegetarians have been left disgusted by the revelations about the note, that has been in circulation for three months.

Multi-millionaire ‘strangled his escort girlfriend’ after hearing her plans to ‘fleece’ him

It contains tallow, a substance made from animal fat that is often used in the manufacturing of candles and soap.

A petition has already been launched calling on the production of the plastic fivers to be stopped – and it has quickly gained 1,000 signatures.

The news came to light when the Bank of England responded to a tweet to confirm that tallow is used in the production of the note.

People have flocked to sign the petition, which reads:

The new £5 notes contain animal fat in the form of tallow. This is unacceptable to millions of vegans & vegetarians in the U.K. We demand that you cease to use animal products in the production of currency that we have to use.

And it’s safe to say some vegans and vegetarians are outraged.

Other people, however, took a more light-hearted view.

collectionfifatips | Volunteer programme changing lives in PNG

Can football make a difference to people’s lives? On the surface it may seem too clichéd to be true. But dig just a little into the back-stories of some of the volunteers at the 2016 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Papua New Guinea, and it is abundantly clear that this tournament is genuinely playing a pivotal role in helping people rebuild their lives.

Volunteer Danish Paul pulls back the top of his shirt to reveal a massive indent in his shoulder – it is a gunshot wound suffered as a result of a village dispute. He admits to a background of petty crime following a childhood of very little schooling, but now is actively trying to get his life back on track. Speaking a mix of Tok Pisin and English through an interpreter, Danish begins weeping simply when asked how the tournament has helped him. “I have experienced a change in attitude which I never thought would happen,” Danish, who is working in spectator services, told “I have learnt how to smile at other people and become a better person. Hopefully it leads to employment.”

The volunteer programme for the 2016 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup is like no other. With an estimated 70-80 per cent of young Papua New Guineans unemployed, the decision was taken to create a programme where young volunteers were given the opportunity to gain a variety of skills and experience, hopefully leading to enhanced self-confidence and future employment. As a result, a large portion of the 1,000 volunteers working at Papua New Guinea 2016 are from underprivileged backgrounds

Altering attitudes to women
A key focus for the volunteer programme and the tournament has been the #ENDviolence campaign. Violence towards women and girls in the region is a widespread problem. But the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup has offered a perfect platform to transform attitudes. Indeed, the Papua New Guinea players have become role-models of sorts enjoying public affection and media attention wherever they have gone.

“I have never experienced violence but a lot of my friends around me have,” says 21-year-old Yori Auma, a volunteer working in accreditation. “This is a big problem here and that’s why this campaign is so important.

“This experience has been amazing, I learned so many things in this tournament. Before this started, I was at home, doing nothing special and looking for a job. This experience gave me some confidence for later. Now I want to go to college and become a doctor.”

Fifty volunteers will be selected following the tournament to be #ENDviolence ambassadors in their communities. They will receive further training and will be able to support a broad-based community awareness campaign in 20 shanty towns across Port Moresby.

Dulcie Geroia encouraged her sister to come to Port Moresby with the aim of restarting her life. At the age of 32, Mary Philip had never been employed before, but she made the arduous ten-hour trip to the capital determined to do just that. That was three months ago and Mary says her outlook has changed completely in that short space of time. “This experience has taught me to stand up and face challenges,” she says. “It has been a new experience to meet people from all over the world.”

Dulcie, already living in Port Moresby, says the tournament has allowed women to be more self-confident within themselves and the community. “This has been an opportunity for people to grow, and I have seen so much change in a short time,” she said. “It is wonderful to see so many women involved. I want to see women come out of the shed and shine.”

Klopp: Gerrard needs space to pursue coaching, as does Giggs on collectionfifatips

The Reds boss says the Liverpool icon must be allowed to shape a career on the sidelines away from the glare of the public spotlight

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has called for Steven Gerrard to be given space in his bid to move into coaching.

Gerrard, 36, confirmed his retirement from professional football on Thursday, having announced he was leaving LA Galaxy earlier this month.

Klopp: Door always open to Gerrard

Klopp wants Gerrard to be given his chance to settle into management, comparing the situation to what Ryan Giggs went through at Manchester United.

"In Manchester it is the same with Giggs. Where will he go next? But if you want these guys on the bench let them work and don't handle them as the players they were before," he told UK newspapers.

"That is a little advice from a very average football player."

While it is expected Gerrard will return to Liverpool in some capacity, Klopp wants the former midfielder out of the spotlight.

The German said his situation in charge of Mainz, where he started as coach in 2001, was far different.

"In the first few years at Mainz if I was training naked no-one would have seen it. I didn't do that actually," Klopp said.

Gerrard's career highs & lows

"When people accept you will make mistakes it helps of course. The best thing was we could learn everything from doing things right and wrong.

"You have your first game, make the wrong decision, then you develop and it's about collecting points, then to stay in the league, then to win the league or whatever.

"It was not that every day everyone wanted to know, 'how are you?' Most of the time we had no-one around and we had to fight for a little bit of pubic interest, especially in Mainz."

RUMOURS: Man City clause could see Stoke lose Bony to China –

The 27-year-old Ivorian signed a season-long loan deal with the Potters but City could offload him to China in the new year should there be sufficient interest

RUMOURS: Man City clause could see Stoke lose Bony to China -

Stoke City could lose striker Wilfriend Bony in January due to a clause written into his loan agreement with Manchester City, according to the Telegraph.

The Ivorian forward signed a season-long deal with Mark Hughes' side but reports suggest that a release clause could well be triggered by any Chinese club that comes in for him in January.

Bony has scored twice this season, both coming in the recent tie with former club Swansea, in his nine Premier League starts for the Potters.

It is thought that Manchester City are keen to offload the 27-year-old on a permanent basis as soon as possible, even if it means terminating the agreement with Stoke earlier than first thought.


Melbourne Victory refuse to rule out Robbie Keane move –

Another A-League club could be chasing the ex-LA Galaxy striker with Kevin Muscat hinting he could be interested

Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat has kept his cards close to his chest but hinted at a potential move for former Tottenham and Liverpool forward Robbie Keane.

Black Friday! Top 20 transfers in history

Both Western Sydney Wanderers and Brisbane Roar have already indicated interest in signing the former LA Galaxy captain in the January transfer window, and Muscat was coy when asked about Keane on Friday.

Victory were linked with now-retired Steven Gerrard earlier in the week, which Muscat again insisted was never a genuine option, but he left the door open for Keane.

"Robbie Keane's a very good friend of mine and I know he's open to exploring another adventure. Whether that's going to be here or not, time will tell," Victory's boss said.

Keane ended a six-year stint with Galaxy earlier this month after 92 goals in 146 MLS matches.

The 36-year-old is reportedly being tracked by a number of MLS teams, while Brisbane managing director Mark Kingsman and Wanderers coach Tony Popovic have expressed interest in the veteran striker.

Roar coach John Aloisi subsequently distanced his club from Keane without definitively ruling him out.

Victory could go down two avenues to sign Keane.

WATCH: Perotti's incredible Rabona goal

They could either add him to their squad on a 14-game guest contract or – pending marquee striker Besart Berisha's Australian citizenship application – they could potentially sign Keane as a guest marquee for a full season.

Guest marquees count towards the A-League's import limit of five players, while players on limited guest contracts don't.

NetEase Games Has Become the Most Profitable Mobile Game Publisher in the World on collectionfifatips

In October 2016, Chinese mobile game developer and publisher NetEase Games finally surpassed Tencent Games in mobile game revenue and became the most profitable mobile game company in the world.
Data from App Annie
NetEase Games Has Become the Most Profitable Mobile Game Publisher in the World on collectionfifatips
With 300 apps available in app stores, NetEase Games' cash cow mobile games are now Onmyoji, Fantasy Westward Journey, Ghost, and Westward Journey Online. Particularly, the first 2 titles are on October's top 10 global mobile game revenue chart (see the image below). The chart includes games like Clash of Clans, Pokemon GO, and Clash Royale, etc.
Global revenue chart (iOS & Android)
NetEase Games Has Become the Most Profitable Mobile Game Publisher in the World on collectionfifatips
Move to the revenue chart for Chinese market (see the image below), Onmyoji and Fantasy Westward Journey secure the first and the second places. It's worth mentioning that the Chinese market chart is for iOS revenue only.
Chinese revenue chart (iOS)
NetEase Games Has Become the Most Profitable Mobile Game Publisher in the World on collectionfifatips 
According to App Annie, Onmyoji has been the hottest topic in Chinese game industry and the gaming community. The phenomenal success of the game is linked to NetEase Games' pursuit of creating high quality original games. We talked about Onmyoji in detailed before, and you can learn more about the game through the link below.
Onmyoji Has Swept the Chinese Mobile Game Market; and It’s Launching Worldwide

Via: gametoutiao


NetEase Games Has Become the Most Profitable Mobile Game Publisher in the World on collectionfifatips
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NetEase Games Has Become the Most Profitable Mobile Game Publisher in the World on collectionfifatips
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NetEase Games Has Become the Most Profitable Mobile Game Publisher in the World on collectionfifatips
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collectionfifatips | Pokemon Sun/Moon Review – The New Generation Of The Pokemon Saga

collectionfifatips | Pokemon Sun/Moon Review - The New Generation Of The Pokemon Saga
Considering that it was celebrating its twentieth anniversary, 2016 has certainly been a huge year for the Pokémon saga. Fans were spoiled throughout the year with distribution events, the Pokémon Generation series, the unmissable Pokémon Go, and much more. What better way to complete 2016 than with a new pair of Pokémon games, with an unprecedented generation that takes place in an entirely new environment? 3 years after the 6th generation, Pokémon takes us in a much different universe with Alola, an archipelago that breaks a lot of the features we took for granted and changes the experience of the series.

Fresh off Kanto, our young trainer is found on the island of Mele-Mele, one of 4 that you will have the opportunity to skim over during your adventures on the Alola archipelago. In its structure, the game offers us a major difference from previous episodes by emancipating itself from the principle of gyms: forget the 8 badges needed to go to the Pokémon League, and welcome the concept of island Challenge Trials and Grand Trials.

Conquering Alola

While the Captains (in charge of challenge trials) and the Kahunas (in charge of Grand Trials) will be somewhat stronger than regular gym leaders, do not, however, expect to be blown away by the level of the regular battles, these being a lazy nap on the edges. Indeed, regular trainers seem to have been debuffed for some reason or another, and even as you explore the 3rd island, they will only generally have 2 Pokémon at most with them. And before you even make it there, most trainers will only have one Pokémon to challenge you with. While this does make it easier on those new to the series, who seem to be main target audience for these two games, I myself would have preferred a more challenging experience. Maybe it’s about time Nintendo and Gamefreaks introduced difficulty settings to the franchise. 

collectionfifatips | Pokemon Sun/Moon Review - The New Generation Of The Pokemon Saga
But putting that aside for now, the island trials are a wind of change compared to the gym system that was getting a little too repetitive. They are also pretty fun, including one that requires you to use your Poké Ride to find items in a forest, or even one where you have to observe various dances and spot the difference between them. Regardless of the challenge, at the end of each of them you will need to face a Totem Pokémon. These are generally stronger than their counterparts, and will summon allies to assist them in battle. Upon defeating them, you will be rewarded with a crystal that allows your Pokémon to use a Z move, another novelty that we will discuss a little further. As for the island Grand Trials, they will be somewhat similar to battling Gym Leaders, with the difference being that you cannot challenge the Kahunas before clearing all the island trials first.

Linear Progression

The story is rather pleasant, even though it seems to take a little long to really settle itself (something rather common with the series). While childlike in its treatment and its twists (you can pretty much predict what’s coming next), it still manages to be a little more present that the plots of the previous episodes, accompanying the player through careful staging and numerous sketches . But it all comes at the expense of the feeling of exploration: while Pokémon was never an open world, it is now almost impossible to leave the main trail, an NPC or a slightly coarse barrier quickly reminding you of the path to take. Most will, however, enjoy the removal of HMs, which takes away much stress in regards to the attack slots of your Pokémon. 

Pokémon Refresh and Poké Pelago

By emancipating itself from certain features, including gyms, Pokémon Sun / Moon has opted for a different construction, with more emphasis on caring for and raising your allies, rather than pure fighting. The evidence of this direction, introducing the Pokémon Refresh (which further adds to the previous Poke Amie system). With this new feature, it is possible, at the end of each battle or whenever you feel like it through the bottom screen, to heal your Pokémon from status effects, feed them or simply pet them. A well cared for Pokémon can later benefit from some combat bonuses, including the ability to withstand a fatal attack with one health point remaining, or achieving more critical hits. The idea is frankly interesting and useful, but tends to break pace given the still large presence of combat in the game.

collectionfifatips | Pokemon Sun/Moon Review - The New Generation Of The Pokemon Saga

The Poké Pelago, on the other hand, is an entirely new concept that is perfectly integrated in the game and pleasant to use: it is a series of islands with various features that you can unlock and upgrade with conditions such as the of Pokémon you’ve caught. Grow berries, attract new wild Pokémon, send Pokémon to find rare items in a cave, improve your creatures’ stats accurately, or let them rest to make them happy. These islands are automatically populated by the Pokémon in your boxes, and you only need to assign tasks to them. 

Even the daycare has been modified: Pokémon no longer gain experience when left in one, and eggs seem to hatch even faster. Put it all together and you get a title tailormade for fans of creature capturing/raising games.

If the tone is resolutely focused on the progress of your beloved creatures, catching ‘em all remains at the core of the gameplay. Mainly we regret the loss of certain features introduced in the previous generation, such as the hordes, substituted by the possibility of wild Pokémon calling at ally for help. Note also the presence of aggressive Pokémon that chase you as you enter the bush is inspired from the bush system of Pokémon X / Y, where stronger Pokémon would shake the grass (although in that case they ran away when they noticed you). There are also Pokémon that hide and move beneath the sand (usually Digletts), which can be a hassle regardless of whether you wish to catch or avoid them.

The online aspect has also been modified in favor of what the call a Festival. This is, as its name implies, a festival with various booths and minigames for players to earn reward from. The festival can be leveled up to have access to new booths and rewards. This is also where players will have access to the various online modes of the game, including Battles, Wonder Trades and the everlasting GTS.

New Generation, New Battles

One of the key innovations of this episode: some of the Pokémon from the first generation are got a complete makeover, changing not only their looks, but also benefiting from new typings. The result is mixed, both in terms of design and the attribution of the types. If the  Psychic/ Electric Raichu seduced most, I remain particularly sceptical about Persian’s Dark typing, but even more so about its new look that has had most compare it to Garfield. Regardless, the changes are interesting, and new additions to the Pokedex are always welcome.

collectionfifatips | Pokemon Sun/Moon Review - The New Generation Of The Pokemon Saga

On the fighting side, we especially appreciate the fact that the effectiveness of the Pokémon moves is now directly stated in the attacks trigger menu, especially since we are encountering most of these Pokémon for the first time. Granted the game might have proven to be more of a challenge without this feature, but with the growing number of creatures and the resurgence of double types, the absence of such a tool would have been detrimental for new and younger players. The other thing that convinced us is the addition of Z moves. These give Pokémon access to special moves, under certain conditions, that are basically overpowered attacks that can only be used once per battle. First you need a crystal connected to a type. Let's take the Normalium Z for example. Equip it to a Pokémon with a Normal type move, and it’ll be able to use a normal type Z-move whose power depends on the power of the original move (a Z moved based on Tackle won’t have nearly as much power as one based on Body Slam).. Nothing too complicated, although there are some variations like crystals that can only be equipped on specific Pokémon. The introduction of this mechanism makes confrontations more upfront, and certain battles harder to win even with a Pokémon leveled higher than the opponent’s, or with a type advantage.


While this is definitely the episode of change for the Pokémon saga, these changes did not come in the expected proportions. Indeed, a lot of us were expecting the game to be far more challenging. However, with its varied landscapes and pleasant to go, Alola remains a wonderful playground that you can’t help pacing through, despite an increasingly interventionist progression that will annoy fans of freedom. It is finally on its end game (that we’ll let you discover) and it's still impressive content that the episode will truly shine.



collectionfifatips | Pokemon Sun/Moon Review - The New Generation Of The Pokemon Saga
Lineage Red Knights Has Started Pre-registration; New Trailer Released

collectionfifatips | Pokemon Sun/Moon Review - The New Generation Of The Pokemon Saga
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collectionfifatips | Pokemon Sun/Moon Review - The New Generation Of The Pokemon Saga
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Elsword Slash Takes Endless, Flashy Combos to Mobile Platforms – Trailer on collectionfifatips

Elsword Slash Takes Endless, Flashy Combos to Mobile Platforms - Trailer on collectionfifatips
Nexon has released an official trailer for hack 'n' slash mobile game Elsword Slash at G-STAR 2016. Developed by Chinese company Kunlun Games, the game is similar to PC MMO Elsword and has just concluded a closed beta in South Korea. 

In Elsword Slash, each character has over 300 different transformations. The game has character progression, real-time group system, PvP, guild feature and so on.  


Elsword Slash Takes Endless, Flashy Combos to Mobile Platforms - Trailer on collectionfifatips
Lineage Red Knights Has Started Pre-registration; New Trailer Released

Elsword Slash Takes Endless, Flashy Combos to Mobile Platforms - Trailer on collectionfifatips
In-Depth Review: Ragnarok Online Mobile Kicks off Autumn Test

Elsword Slash Takes Endless, Flashy Combos to Mobile Platforms - Trailer on collectionfifatips
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NBA 2KVR Experience Hits PlayStation VR and HTC Vive on November 22 –

NBA 2KVR Experience Hits PlayStation VR and HTC Vive on November 22 -
2K announced the release of NBA® 2KVR Experience for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. It’s  the first virtual reality basketball game immersing players in a new, entertaining NBA environment filled with the sights and sounds of fun mini-games and challenges.  The game will be available on all three platforms starting November 2nd at a retail price of $14.99.

In the NBA 2KVR Experience, players will join NBA 2K17 cover athlete and All-Star Paul George, as they step onto the court at the Indiana Pacers’ stadium, Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Paul George will also provide commentary and guide the player by offering tips to help improve their skills in mini-games, which include three-point shootout, a speed and accuracy skills challenge and the buzzer beater countdown. Players can earn a variety of Gatorade fuel boosts that will aide their shooting acumen, speed, recovery and more to help reach the top of the leaderboards.
“As a lifelong fan of NBA 2K, it’s exciting to see them take the leap into VR, and even more exciting that it’ll be on my home court,” said Paul George, cover star of NBA 2K17. “I can’t wait for fans to dominate on the virtual court with virtual help from Gatorade.”
NBA 2KVR Experience is rated E-10+* by the ESRB, it will later be compatible with Oculus Rift.


NBA 2KVR Experience Hits PlayStation VR and HTC Vive on November 22 -
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NBA 2KVR Experience Hits PlayStation VR and HTC Vive on November 22 -
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collectionfifatips | League of Legends: New Champion Camille and 3 New Christmas Skins Unveiled

Riot Games has announced new League of Legends champion Camille in this morning. Camille is an elite operative who works to maintain order for Piltover's established powers. It was her dedication to duty that led the Steel Shadow to transfigure her body into a hextech-powered death machine. When Camille's tracking a target, she's calm, relentless, and terribly precise.  




Passive: Adaptive Defenses

Camille's basic attacks on champions grant a shield against her opponent's primary damage type. The shield's strength increases based on Camille's max HP.   

Q: Precision Protocol

Camille's next basic attack slashes the enemy for bonus physical damage and grants a short burst of movement speed. For a brief period after the initial cast, Camille can recast Precision Protocol for an additional strike. If she waits for a short period of time, the ability's second attack will deal extra bonus damage and is partially converted to true damage.   

W: Tactical Sweep

Camille gathers energy, then blasts it forward in a cone, dealing physical damage to all targets hit. Enemies caught in the outer half of the sweep will be greatly slowed and take additional damage based on their maximum HP, healing Camille in the process.   

E (First Cast): Hookshot

Camille fires a hookshot in a target direction; If she strikes a wall, she'll pull herself to it. She'll then have a brief window to cast Wall Dive. 

E (Second Cast): Wall Dive

Camille dashes in a target direction, stopping at the first champion hit and stunning all enemies in an area. If Camille dashes towards a champion, the range is increased and she gains bonus attack speed.   

R: Hextech Ultimatum

Camille leaps onto a targeted enemy champion, imprisoning them in a zone and knocking away their allies. While the Ultimatum is active, the targeted enemy can't leave the area by any means. This arena deactivates on its own after a brief period (or if Camille leaves the zone prematurely). While in the zone, Camille's basic attacks deal additional magic damage.  

Playing As Camille

Camille is a highly-mobile fighter who's very good at pursuing and slaying single targets. When she seeks a fight, she always gets it—and she's often the better performer in a one-on-one dance.

Those who play as Camille must share the Steel Shadow's appreciation for precision. Each of her skills must be carefully placed and paced for maximum effect. If you play her properly, you'll slice into the enemy backline, dice your target, and grapple your way out of the fray.  

collectionfifatips | League of Legends: New Champion Camille and 3 New Christmas Skins Unveiled


Camille's mobility and dueling prowess make her ideal for a solo lane. With items like Ravenous Hydra, she's great at split-pushing, especially since Precision Protocol grants her two auto-attack resets to use on towers. She can Hookshot around the map, applying pressure and slinging effortlessly away when enemies try to stop her.

Although she has to be careful when maneuvering around teamfights, Tactical Sweep and Hextech Ultimatum allow her to set up kills for bursty allies who want to drop huge spells (like Veigar's Primordial Burst or Xerath's Rite of the Arcane) into Hextech Ultimatum's arena. Camille can simply Hookshot in, Sweep her opponent off their feet, then deliver a very painful tango lesson while her team moves in to drop the curtain. 


Like other champs that demand razor-sharp ability executions, Camille is noticeably less effective in the hands of an unpracticed player. Aside from her basic mechanical demands, most teamfights require you to be particularly creative with your approach—you've got to Hookshot in at the right moment (when enemy CC is down), preferably from an unexpected angle. The Steel Shadow isn't very effective as an initiator, unless she's using her ult to hold down a lone target while her team catches up.

Since Camille's shield is specifically based off of her opponent's damage type, it's far less effective in teamfights than it might otherwise be in a one-on-one duel. Locking down that exposed AD carry likely won't be enough when a fed Syndra comes storming in. AOE champs in general are tough for the Steel Shadow: she'll want to slip past enemy abilities entirely, not muscle through a wall of explosions.

In-Game Clips