collectionfifatips | Madden 17 Is Pretty Good! 

I’ve been playing Madden

17 this week, and against all the odds, I have been having a good time. You can thank a single new game mode for


Madden, like every other sports game series on the planet, is obsessed with selling you on its bullet

point features. It has to be, really; shipping a similar game every year with only tweaks to existing stuff, a new feature or

two and some new rosters often leaves bullet points as your only selling point!

As I’ve argued recently, this sucks.

Not necessarily for players, as tweaks to an already-successful formula and new rosters are enough for many fans to

pay their money and be happy! But in terms of really assessing a sports game against its predecessors and competitors it bogs

you down, makes you focus on unimportant shit while ignoring or forgetting larger problems.


So excuse me for a moment while I contradict myself, since a single feature in this

year’s Madden has actually completely changed the way I approach and enjoy the game.

It’s called Play the Moment (full details here), and it works like this: instead of asking you to play an

entire game of football, or half of it (offense or defense), or even just the bits involving a single player (if you’re

playing QB, for example), it simulates all the boring parts of the game for you, and only drops you in to control the

parts that matter.

A video game version of TV’s NFL RedZone, basically, and it’s just as good.

RedZone is

how I like to watch my football. Despite being Australian I follow the NFL (I even played football for a few years), but I

usually can’t be bothered watching entire games week in, week out. There’s too much downtime, too many shitty plays and

way too many advertisements. Give me the good bits, and when there aren’t any, give me the good bits from all the

other games.

I guess this is also the way I wanted to play Madden, because Play the Moment is a

revelation. All the boring parts of Madden are now just…gone. Play the Moment simulates the bulk of a game—all

those three-and-outs, and long spells on D—and only interrupts its calculations to put you in control stuff like a crucial

third-down stop, or a 4th quarter drive, or any time your team has the ball inside the opponent’s 20 (so yeah, it is

literally copying RedZone).


Purists will bemoan this kind of

play, but fuck ‘em. Grinding out 2-yard runs to close out the half might be the realistic thing to do, but when

simulating a franchise over years of play—which will involve dozens if not hundreds of games—it gets real old real


Helping Play the

Moment along is the way Madden 17 has gone overboard this year on its presentation, with a ton of broadcast-style

cutscenes and commentary hooks that tie in nicely with the sense of theatre you experience when a game is able to condense its

story into a short, sharp narrative, then hand over the controls to you at the points that really matter.

Games no

longer feel like drawn-out sporting contests. They’re presented with the drama of an NFL Films presentation (and the fancy

camera work to go along with it).

I don’t want to make it sound like this has somehow turned Madden into my

favourite sports game. I have long-running complaints with the series, like the way passing sucks and that player collision

feels like there are 22 helium balloons on the field, and they very much remain in effect.

But by reframing the way I

can play the game, Play the Moment has got me playing Madden regularly again, something the series hasn’t managed

for a very long time.


Here’s a video rundown of the mode by Sports

Gamers Online

Some Of The Best PC Games Ever Made Hit Steam Today on collectionfifatips

There wasn’t much fanfare made

about the move, but a collection of classic Sierra games turned up on Steam today, including the very best of them.

Standouts include the Quest for Glory and Police

Quest collections, while two of the underrated Caesar games also make an appearance.


Here’s the list in full:

Police Quest™ Collection

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the


Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the


Arcanum – Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura

Quest for Glory



Phantasmagoria 2

Caesar 3

Caesar 4

$10 for that Quest

for Glory collection is a good way to spend a weekend (if you haven’t picked these up on GoG already, where most of

these titles are already available).

collectionfifatips – RimWorld Update Adds Drugs



The latest update for RimWorld, the Steam sensation that’s

basically Dwarf Fortress in space, adds two crucial features: a tutorial and, of course, drugs. The tutorial is

much-needed, given that RimWorld’s early goings can be overwhelming with all the death and madness going around.

The drugs, meanwhile, are drugs:

-Beer – Improved mood but worsened capacities. Addictive.

-Malari-block – Prevents malaria infection

for 5 days.Yayo – Stimulant pleasure drug, addictive.

-Flake – Cheap, short high, very addictive.

-Wake-up –

Improves work performance, addictive.

-Smokeleaf – Improved mood but worsened capacities. More hunger, slower movement.

Can form dependence.

-Go-Juice – Synthetic futuristic combat drug. Boost speed and fighting capacity tremendously.


-Luciferium – Glitterworld mechanites that give huge bonuses to most capacities. However, without repeated

doses the user goes insane and dies. It is impossible to clear the addiction, and the drug is 100% addictive on one


They can obviously vary quite a bit in effect. Some are only

effective briefly, while others produce powerful changes, but can lead to tolerance, addiction, and even overdose.

I’ve already come across a handful of, er, fun stories of drug-addled disaster:



Smartbombradio found that drugs turned their

colony into an entirely different sort of operation:

“I made a colony

that’s manufacturing drugs and every pawn is a junkie. It’s pretty funny, full on Scarface – everyone is getting high on

their own supply.”

KillfaceStabman’s tale doubles as a PSA:

“Had a 79 year old male, botanist, light-up for the first time today… After

his first puff he immediately hit the deck incapacitated. I had another colonist come to his rescue, and take him to a med

bed. I clicked on the botanist to view his medical issue… nothing… nothing except high on smokeleaf.”

“He’s doing

much better now and I’d imagine his glaucoma is under control!”

Finally, LovecraftInDC wrote of a colonist’s drug addiction in the wake of a crippling brain injury. Tragic:

“AJ is one of my more hardened fighters, having gone through a lot. AJ had one

problem, though; during a particularly nasty battle, he got a permanent brain injury. This caused him to have very limited

abilities, so he was reassigned to cleaning and hauling things. Then, the benevolent colony master that I am, I legalized

recreational usage of smokeleaf. This was fine for most people, using it occasionally but not extremely, but it was not fine

for AJ. Having significantly limited consciousness already from the brain injury, AJ would smoke a joint…and then pass out

wherever he happened to be, requiring rescue.”

“I just recently put AJ on a ‘no drugs’ regimen and things are going

much better for him, but it gave me some hearty laughter when I finally figured out what was wrong after having to rescue him

three times.”

Let that serve as a lesson, kids: be responsible with

your Smokeleaf. And probably just never do Luciferium at all. It’s named after Lucifer, for fuck’s sake.

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Top 50 FIFA 17 Player Ratings Countdown Gets to 31, DI MARÍA, SÁNCHEZ and More

The Top 50 FIFA 17 player ratings has

reached 31 after counting down from 50, going through the best players available to use in the game. All 20 players that have

been reached are also provided with their cards from FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, while the ratings are based on their performance

in the last year.

Top 50 FIFA 17 Player Ratings Countdown Gets to 31, DI MARÍA, SÁNCHEZ and More

FIFA 17 is supposed to be a celebration of some of the best teams in European football, and this

list of the Top 50 FIFA 17 player ratings is undoubtedly intended to celebrate the best players of those teams. In the case of

these 20 different rankings, Paris Saint-Germain player Blaise Matuidi takes the number 50 spot, while Hugo Lloris of the

Tottenham Hotspurs is currently in spot 31.

All of these players being in the FIFA 17 ultimate team part of the game

will allow you to make your dream team out of the best of the best, which you can use to play against other Ultimate Teams

owned by other FIFA 17 players.

Considering that we’ve still got around three or four weeks before the game comes out,

we’ll likely be able to see all of the other Top 50 FIFA 17 player ratings before it releases, so you’ll know pretty much

every player that’s the best in the game for their positions. This likely won’t guarantee victory, however, if you can’t

use your players well.

Luckily, you can use any of the other FIFA 17 game modes to learn all the different things you

can do with your players to become a good FIFA player.

FIFA 17 is going to be released in Europe on September 27, while

it will be releasing in North America on September 29. In addition to its ultimate team mode, the game will feature both a

career mode for players to run their own football club, and a story mode where you take control of Alex Hunter and become a

top Premiere League player.

‘FIFA 17’ Producer Reveals Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford Inspired The Journey Storylines Ahead Of Release

In June, EA Sports revealed that the

upcoming installment of the successful FIFA video game franchise is going to feature The Journey, the first story mode that

will make players feel as though they really are the rising football sensation in the game.

The Journey is being

promoted as the narrative that would enable players to experience what it’s like to be in the Premier League. However, more

than the excitement the prospect of being part of the top league in the English football league system brings, the developers

want the story mode to tell the story of young footballers who managed to make names for themselves.

Speaking of young

footballers, “FIFA 17” lead producer Garreth Reeder recently had the chance to speak with Game Reactor at Gamescom 2016 to

shed more light on the new story mode. During the interview, Reeder even revealed the football players who inspired the

storylines of The Journey.

“I’ve wanted to deliver that player experience of becoming a footballer and living that

life and seeing what life is like off the pitch … We knew we didn’t have all the experience needed to do that, so we

brought in a lot of new people to the team who had worked on there … We worked with some amazing writers to bring that

authenticity, and we also worked with some players, so Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford who had gone through some of those

experiences in their own lives,” Reeder said.

Acknowledging the abrupt rise to fame of Rashford, Reeder revealed that

they were actually in communication with the 18-year-old Manchester United forward when he was younger. He also said the same

thing about Kane, who has been with different clubs before becoming what he is today. The “FIFA 17” producer noted that the

experiences of the two players are embedded in the storylines, so players should watch out for those when they play The


Reeder, who claims that “FIFA 17” is the best installment EA Sports has ever made for the franchise so far,

admitted that the focus of the upcoming video game is the youth because they really wanted the game to “be about that next

generation of footballers.” In the process, they worked with young ambassadors who are still in their prime as professional

football players — all are listed on the official EA Sports website. The list consists of Kane, Rashford, James Rodriguez,

Anthony Martial, Eden Hazard, Dele Alli, Reece Oxford and Marco Reus, who is also on the cover of “FIFA 17.”


having a realistic approach, Reeder clarified that The Journey is not going to be about any of the players they’ve worked

with for the realization of the project. He maintained that the story mode is all about the player because how the player

performs, acts and relates to the manager and the teammates will affect the scenes and the context of the story. “We want

this to feel like you’re really driving the story,” he quipped.

Just last week, Microsoft announced the Xbox One S

FIFA 17 bundles that include special offers. There’s a 500GB hard drive version of the bundle, and the other is a 1TB version

that comes with an Ultimate Rare Player Pack. Both bundles are set to arrive on Sept. 22, and they are currently available to

preorder on the Microsoft Store.

“FIFA 17” is slated for release on Sept. 27 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

collectionfifatips | Create Your Own Personal People Mover in v2.2

collectionfifatips | Create Your Own 

Personal People Mover in v2.2

A new feature is coming to Elite: Dangerous that allows players

to take on “passenger missions”. During these special missions, players can pick up a passenger contract, load up the

passengers and transport them to another starport. Considered ‘simple work’, the rewards for taking on such missions can be

lucrative. There is even a special luxury liner ship, the Beluga, that can be used for this purpose.

Love Tanks? See the Real Deal Crush Stuff at PAX West –

Love Tanks? See the Real 

Deal Crush Stuff at PAX West -

Wargaming is ready to

rumble…literally…at this year’s PAX West. From September 2-5, a real life Panzer tank will be on hand with a bevy of

items to crush. The assembled crowds will vote between two items to crush. The “winner”…if such a thing can be said of the

soon-to-be-flattened item…is moved to a special carpet to meet the tank’s treads head on.

FIFA 17 demo details confirmed, release due early September

Fancy going hands-on with FIFA 17 ahead of

its release? Then be sure to give the FIFA 17 demo a look when it arrives early next month

FIFA 17 demo details 

confirmed, release due early September

Electronic Arts has announced that the

FIFA 17 demo recently showcased at Gamescom 2016 will be made available in early September.

FIFA 17 demo details

teaser includes a number of clubs to try out, such as Real, Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Olympique

Lion, Paris Saint-Germain, Seattle Sounders, UANL Tigres, FC Bayern Munich, Gamba Osaka, Inter Mailand, and Juventus.

In addition, the FIFA 17 demo features the following stadiums: Stamford Bridge, Suita City Football Stadium, and Centutylink


Related – FIFA 16 PS4 review

FIFA 17 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One,

Xbox 360, and PC on September 27 in the U.S. and September 29 internationally. The game is the first entry in the venerated

footie series to utilise the Frostbite engine.

One of the key new features FIFA 17 introduces is a full story

chronicling the progress of aspiring football player, 17-year-old Alex Hunter. Players will follow the Londoner’s journey as

he attempts to make his stamp on the Premiere League, which includes multiple clubs as well as a Mass Effect-style dialogue


Benteke set for Palace medical ahead of record £32m move from Liverpool on collectionfifatips

The 25-

year-old will have his physical checks and settle on personal terms ahead of becoming the Eagles’ record-signing, dwarfing

their previous top fee

Alan Pardew has confirmed Christian Benteke will undertake his Crystal Palace medical on

Friday, after the club agreed a £27 million deal with Liverpool for the striker, including an additional £5m in


Personal terms still have to be thrashed out with the Belgian, but the Eagles are confident of

soon announcing the signing of the explosive forward. 

He will become the club’s record signing,

dwarfing the £13m shelled out to Newcastle earlier in the window for winger Andros Townsend. 

Benteke set for Palace medical ahead of record £32m move from Liverpool on collectionfifatips

And speaking to a media conference, Palace boss Pardew said: "He'll have his medical today,

but personal terms have to be done. We've agreed everything with Liverpool. 

"Benteke is someone I

know very well as I wanted to take him to Newcastle. It just didn't work out for him at Liverpool."


agreement, containing add-ons which are likely to be triggered, would see Liverpool recoup the money paid to Aston Villa for

the 25-year-old last summer.

Negotiations were finally successful on Thursday after lengthy discussions which

dragged on since June. 

The Reds refused to alter their valuation of Benteke, wanting a guaranteed £30m

at least for the frontman and making it clear he would not be handed out “as a present.”

They rejected an offer worth £23m plus £7m add-ons on Tuesday, due to the extras being wildly unrealistic –

with one a three-tiered clause depended on Palace qualifying for the Champions League.

Unsurprisingly, the Selhurst

Park side restructured their proposal, and Liverpool will view their decision to hold firm as a triumph given the £32m

total they are set to bank.

It is also a welcome move for Benteke, who started just 14 of the 43 fixtures he was

selected for under Jurgen Klopp. He did not feature altogether in seven of those, which included the League Cup final defeat

by Manchester City at Wembley. 

The Belgium international felt, as per an interview while away on international

duty in March, "ignored".

And yet, despite being so evidently incompatible with Liverpool under two

different managers, Benteke ended 2015-16 with 10 goals; a tally only bettered by Roberto Firmino (11), Philippe Coutinho (12)

and Daniel Sturridge (13). Of those, only the England international played less than him.

Pardew is hoping the signing of Benteke “provides a

lift” to his squad.