collectionfifatips | Action Square Reveals New BLADE 2 Unreal Engine 4 Gameplay Trailer

Action Square just revealed a new trailer for their new upcoming Unreal Engine 4 game BLADE II The Return of the Evil. The video reveals three playable with a fourth possible playable character teased at the end of the trailer. I’ve been hyped up for this game ever since the first trailer was revealed and it’s looking pretty good so far probably one if not the best looking Unreal Engine 4 mobile game to date.

Mobius Final Fantasy.

Developer: Action Square
Publisher: Action Square
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collectionfifatips | Oz Chrono Chronicle 3D Fantasy Anime Action RPG

DMM’s latest 3D Fantasy Anime Action RPG Oz Chrono Chronicle just came out last night. It’s worth noting that the game seems to be fully voiced, which is a big plus for people like me who can understand conversations better than reading. 

Should I reroll?

I do advise new players to reroll mainly because the game doesn’t give gems used for gacha as often as most games, a bit stingy. Although, you do get two rerolls at the start. Actually, three if you count the present box inside your “Items” menu that you have to manually open. Just make sure you don’t link your account to a Google Play or Itunes account before uninstalling the game or clearing the cache. If you accidentally end up linking or backing up an account, you can always unlink it under the settings menu, top right button, then bottom right button. Happy Rerolling~!

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Bless Online Is Getting Hit with Another Server Merge –

The Korean version of Bless Online is receiving another server merge scheduled to go live early next month. Players can start the process of migrating their characters early to reserve names and other data. The game currently had ten servers left after the first server merge and with the second server merge just around the corner, the game will have a total of two servers left after everything is completed. This does not bode well for the upcoming English, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese versions of the game. Hopefully, the game receives better feedback in the West!

Source: Link and Link
Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio
Publisher: Neowiz KR / AeriaGames USA
Game Site:

The Latest Valkyrie Profile Game Just Became Pay to Win –

I was happily enjoying my casual Valkyrie Anatomia The Origin adventures until Square Enix and whoever is in charge of this game ruined it by introducing a pay to win event. Normally, I wouldn’t care less, but the reward for this event is a special playable character named Norn who looks like a younger version of Freya, a favorite character of mine in Valkyrie Profile.

 The Latest Valkyrie Profile Game Just Became Pay to Win -

Foreigners Can Now Play Granblue Fantasy Easier on collectionfifatips

Cygames just made Granblue Fantasy a bit more accessible to Foreigners by launching a new beta site found at Granblue Fantasy Game which only works for Chrome and selected browsers. New Players can then select a language they want, save the changes, and start a new game or continue their current one. If they end up enjoying the game, I suggest downloading the older Granblue Fantasy Chrome App to launch the game directly from your desktop. You’ll need to play around with the settings after you beat the tutorial to make the game run smooth like mine.

People have been asking me about my current light pool and often ask me if they need Gacha weapons to be strong in this game. I’m not lucky enough to get Lucifer from Gacha, so I’m using all boss drop Summon Chevalier Magna and Weapons. There are probably better ways to optimize my build, but I’m too lazy to read the essays available for this game. Yes, all the guides in this game are two-three pages long!

My Current Light Weapon Pool – No Gacha Weapons!
3 Chevalier Gun Magna – SLvL 15 and Level 150. (Boss Drop)
2 Chevalier Gun Magna – SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Boss Drop)
1 Chevalier Sword Magna – SLvL 15 and Level 150* (Boss Drop)
1 Guild War Gun – SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Change Color Step) (Crafted)
1 Cross Bow Gun – SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Event Boss Drop)
1 Cosmos Gun – SLvl M and Level 100 (Boss Drop or Crafted)
1 Baha Dagger – SLvL 10 and Level 100 (Crafted) (I need Baha HL GUN)

Game Site: Link

‘FIFA 17’ release date rumored to be set in late September

A brand new Federation Internationale de Football Association game is expected to come out this year, with many fans speculating that Electronic Arts will release it before the holidays. According to a report from Gotta Be Mobile, fans may not have to wait too long as “FIFA 17” is expected to release for PS4 and Xbox by September.

According to the report, the past six “FIFA” games from EA all launched in late September. Given that games tend to release on Tuesday, it is speculated that “FIFA 17” will launch on either Sept. 20 or Sept. 27, although many fans believe it to be the latter as it is closer to the end of the month.

'FIFA 17' release date rumored to be set in late September

The report states that a final release date is expected to be announced during this year’s E3, which will be held from June 14 to 16. The past “FIFA” games were also presented during E3, and this was also when their release dates were revealed to the public.

Despite the release still several months away, fans will not need to wait too long to get a chance to try the game themselves. As stated in the report, EA will feature the game during their EA Play event at Los Angeles and London this coming June 12 to 14. However, this is expected to be available solely for select attendees during the event.

Footage and a proper trailer for “FIFA 17” may be presented during E3. It is stated in the report that EA may present what sort of changes, graphic update and roster updates that the game will receive. Given that “FIFA 17” is no longer expected to release for the PS3 and Xbox 360, it may feature better graphics and a more complex physics engine.

FIFA 17 Leagues Survey Report – May 10

FIFA 17 Leagues Survey Report – May 10

The latest result of FIFPlay’s FIFA 17 Leagues Survey (May 10, 2016) is rolled out.

FIFA fans have submitted a total of 3,174,876 votes for 84 leagues from September 25, 2015 to May 10, 2016 (8.30am CET). Currently, the leagues of Israeli League, Turkish PTT League and German 3rd League are the top 3.

The vote is available now at

FIFA 17 Leagues Survey Report – May 10 0 FIFA 17 Leagues Survey Report – May 10 1 FIFA 17 Leagues Survey Report – May 10 2 FIFA 17 Leagues Survey Report – May 10 3 FIFA 17 Leagues Survey Report – May 10 4 FIFA 17 Leagues Survey Report – May 10 5

How to Vote
To drop your vote for FIFA 17 Leagues, go to

This survey is NOT an official poll from EA Sports. FIFPlay is set up this poll every year to encourage EA Sports for FIFA franchise leagues licensing. The results of these surveys will be sent to EA.

FIFA 17 Going To Be A Major Step Forward: Andrew Wilson

In another interesting piece of information, the CEO of FIFA Andrew Wilson, while speaking during the quarterly financial call associated with the FIFA’s flagship Sports Division, announced that FIFA 17 will feature a ‘major step forward’ in the superbly popular soccer game.The NHL 17 and Madden NFL 17 will also feature significant improvements and differences through ‘personalisation, immersion and competition’ while he also indicated the need to wait for sometime in order to see the real changes that come in all EA games this year. All the three major sports events FIFA 17, NHL 17 and Madden NFL 17 will start off in between July and September as has been the ritual since their release.

FIFA 17 Andrew Wilson

The official details about FIFA-17 expected to be landing in June during the E3 2016 Play Event which start June 14.

The final Overwatch animated short brings us back to the beginning –

Newbie Overwatch players start out the game’s tutorial as grizzled stock man Soldier 76, so it makes sense that Blizzard would reserve the final slot in its lineup of animated shorts for him. At least, I assume that’s what Blizzard was going for.

Unlike the Hanzo/Genji short, which packed an awful lot of character backstory into its scant few minutes, most of the emotional gravitas in “Hero” lies with the young girl we see in the beginning, Alejandra. She’s understandably as terrified of Soldier 76 as the thugs he’s dispatching, as anyone would probably be in that situation, but at the end of the day, she’s not the one we’re supposed to get excited about — Soldier 76 is, and the short doesn’t do a whole lot to impart a strong impression of him. Sort of a missed opportunity if you ask me!

Nevertheless, if you’re an animation nerd like me and love the Disney/Pixar influences in Overwatch‘s style, the above video is definitely worth a look. The bad guys in particular show off a lot of that “squash and stretch” technique Blizzard’s talked about in the past.

Overwatch is out May 24th on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We’ll have our review and guides coming for you soon!

EDIT (12:14PM): A previous draft of this article referred to Soldier 76 as “Hero 76.” It’s Monday and I’m sorry.

Uncharted 4 has already sold more than 2.7 million copies on collectionfifatips

Married life would appear to suit contemporary Indiana Jones-alike Nathan Drake, whose fourth flagship outing has been met with critical praise and quite a few oohs and ahhs for its envelope-pushing visual effects. Sony, I have to guess, is also proud of Uncharted 4‘s performance, given that it announced today the game has already exceeded 2.7 million sales in less than two weeks.

For reference, Sony has sold an estimated 36 million PlayStation 4s, for which Uncharted 4 is a system exclusive. In other words, about 7% of PlayStation 4 owners have picked up a copy — which may sound small, but keep in mind the short time frame, and that we’re still a long ways from the holiday season. So this is a pretty encouraging set of numbers, if you happen to be part of Naughty Dog.

We quite liked Uncharted 4 ourselves, if you haven’t yet checked out our review.