FIFA 16 Attributes: Aggression

The first impression we have on aggression is that it is a typical attribute of tall and slow players, but hold on, the player with the highest aggression in the game is called Jaime Vardy (IF), with 97 of aggression and he’s the type of player who would hit his mother. However, he has only 76 of Strength (he does hit a lot, but he’s not strong) and insane 92 of pace. Maybe you don’t really know him for the fact that he is actually a silver player who recently received an 82-rated Record Breaker IF card.

So let’s unveil the myth and clarify that aggression is the attribute which determines the player’s power of will or commitment to a match. You know when your team loses but you still feel like they fought bravely until the last whistle was blown, everyone would give their best no matter what? This is pretty much what aggression means. Naturally it does mean you’ll cause more fouls and get tired faster in the last minutes of the match. A typical aggression-based action is when you go “shoulder-to-shoulder” against someone, with high aggression our player has the initiative to push the opponent strongly (as far as his strength allows him to) and this determines the winner of the challenge. Another important moment for aggression is when you jump in order to dispute a header. If you play football you know exactly what this is, you jump placing your body against the opponent (if you’re a defender), if you manage to hit the ball with your head, great, if you don’t at least you’ll have to displace the other guy so he can’t perform the header correctly. In this case Aggression needs to work alongside Jumping and Strength.

Players with high aggression offer some risk while inside the area because they can cause a lot of penalties without you pressing a single button, and that could possibly end with you smashing a controller, so be careful when you choose centre backs like this. However, generally, defending midfielders, attacking midfielders and strikers with high aggression can be excellent options, or at least having them on the bench for the second half, they can really be a game changer sometimes.

The way I see it, the most important thing in this case is that the defending midfielder has high aggression, because he’s a defending player that is usually outside of the area, preventing the opponent from getting there in the first place, while the full backs are the ones I reckon don’t need this attribute much, there are other attributes of more relevance for them, which doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a certain level of aggression. For the remaining players there’s a medium importance, that is why I like bringing aggressive players on the bench that I’ll only use in case I’m losing.

Such as in the list of fast players, here in aggression we also have a great amount of players with 85+ in all categories. With that being said we raised the filter to 90+ in order to verify which league has the most aggressive players, that resulted in the BPL winning with 8 players total.

Making good use of aggression

As we’ve mentioned before this attribute needs to work alongside two others, so do look out for Strength and Jumping (if you prefer to be aggressive while in the air) for better results.

Due to the fact that in this FIFA the referee will blow the whistle at almost anything, I suggest you do exactly the opposite with your centre backs, find players with low aggression because the chances of them causing a penalty are already too high.

In order to choose players with high aggression you’d be better off using the BPL as basis for it has the most aggressive players. We’ve got two quality aggressive strikers up ahead, no need to check their other attributes. Fellaini as a CAM, Tiote and Cattermole for the two CDM positions and this way you’re free to choose your LM/LW and other defending players as you like, although do consider using less aggressive centre backs like Mertesacker, Ogbonna and Steven Caulker, for example.

Meet David Bytheway – Wolfsburg’s newest eSports’ signing

Bytheway becomes the second player to sign for Wolfsburg after Benedikt Saltzer, commonly known as Salz0r. Wolfsburg were the first club to get involved in the eSports area and many are expecting a big commitment from the Bundesliga in the near future. It’s clear that Wolfsburg are trying to get ahead of the pack and they’ve added Bytheway to their growing roster.

Speaking to Squawka in an exclusive interview Bytheway mentioned how Wolfsburg and STARK have negotiated a deal together to try and exploit a gap in the market “I have been a part of an eSports team (stark eSports) who also work as an agency. They are the masterminds behind all of this. Wolfsburg got in touch with stark about one year ago – they both saw a gap in the market which would temp in huge companies. From that a deal with Wolfsburg was struck and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

As one of Wolfsburg’s official players Bytheway will be wearing their gear and representing them when he enters tournaments, streams or make YouTube videos. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership, Wolfsburg start to make a name for themselves within the eSports’ community and Bytheway gets the backing of a professional football club.

Of course this backing is going to see Bytheway’s stock rise, something the player himself is more than aware of saying “A lot will change for me [in 2016]. We have a lot of plans and I will be visiting Wolfsburg and the team a lot to do events. It’s a massive step both on a personal level and one for competitive gaming as a whole so I expect my reputation will be enhanced quite a bit.”

David Bytheway

The relationship between EA Sports and eSports could be about to become massive and Bytheway believes that more clubs will start to follow Wolfsburg into the market. “The market potential eSports has is just being recognised so I think it’s only a matter of time before other clubs follow Wolfsburg’s lead.” Bytheway also mentioned that Wolfsburg’s presence had been “well received” and it’s clear that the German side are going about this in the correct fashion and treating eSports as the serious market it is.

The worst thing a club could do is come into the market and start patronising what is already a very well-established set-up. Wolfsburg deserve a lot of credit for how they’ve gone about their business and it stands them in good stead for the future.
Their reward is an early foot in the door into one of the fastest growing sports industries out there. As Sporting Director Klaus Allofs said in the club’s press release “We recognise E-Sport as being important and want to be a leader amongst Bundesliga clubs in this area, our goal is to create a binding connection between real football and the digital version.”

Finally Bytheway told us that he hadn’t played any of the Wolfsburg players yet but he’s looking forward to facing off against them. They clearly like their FIFA over there though and some of them may be looking forward to testing themselves against a professional player.

It’s going to be really interesting to see how this move develops over the coming months and where the next big moves between eSports and proessional clubs come. Wolfsburg are currently the market leaders and any clubs looking to break into eSports would do well to follow their model. Bytheway has the 2017 FIWC to focus on as well as other tournaments, now he’ll be in the white and green of Wolfsburg.

How FIFA 16 Chemistry is Calculated

If you are not familiar with chemistry, please read carefully our Chemistry Guide or watch the following video.

Let’s find out how FIFA 16 Chemistry is calculated.

The Chemistry Effect on the Game

The chemistry interferes directly on the potential efficiency of the team during the match. More precisely, on the players’ attributes. That way, in the beginning of each match, the players’ attributes are directly affected by their individual chemistry and also by the team’s depending on the chemistry style that is active.

In the first place it is important to know that the chemistry value that is used in game is the weighted average of the individual chemistry (75%) and the squad’s chemistry (25%).

Unlike many people think, having individual chemistry values of 10 is much more important than having a value of 100 on the squad’s chemistry display. Even because the individual chemistry doesn’t only weights three quarters of the chemistry utilized on the game, but it also affects directly the chemistry of the squad, as we’re going to see next.

In other words, you can say that the attributes that each player starts a match with depend directly on the individual chemistry and partially on the squad’s chemistry. The following equation shows how the chemistry in game is calculated for each player:

Chemistry = (Individual Chemistry x 0.75) + (Team Chemistry x 0.25)

For example: a player with individual chemistry 10 on a squad with team chemistry 90 will play better than a player with individual chemistry 9 on a squad with team chemistry 100 (9.75 > 9.25).

Team’s Chemistry Calculation

Team Chemistry represents an accumulation of all the Individual Chemistry values. It varies between 0 and 100 and can be calculated with the following formula:

TC = IC1 + IC2 + … +IC11

TC is the team’s chemistry
IC is the player’s individual chemistry (to be seen further)
This formula allows team’s chemistries up to 110. However, in practical terms, any value that is superior to 100 has the same effect as 100.

Individual Chemistry Calculation

The Individual Chemistry varies between 0 and 10 and can be calculated with the following formula:

IC = PLC + MB + LB

IC is the individual chemistry of a player
PLC is the positioning and links chemistry
MB is the manager bonus
LB is the loyalty bonus
This formula allows individual chemistries up to 12. However, in practical terms, any value that is superior to 10 has the same effect as 10. Being possible, in theory, to get more than chemistry 10, allows other ways to reach the maximum chemistry and increases the diversity of teams with high chemistry.

Position and Links Chemistry (PLC)

The PLC depends of the player’s position and of the connections with his team mates. It varies between 0 and 10 and can be known on the following table:

The rows correspond to the value L, which measures the links intensity of a player with his team mates, and that can be calculated as follows:

L = Sum of the numerical value of links received from surrounding players / Number of Links

The Numerical value of a link can be:

3 (Hyper Link – Green)
Same Nationality and Club
2 (Strong Link – Green)
Same Club but different Nationality
Same nationality and League but different Club
1 (Weak Link – Orange)
Same League but different Nationality and Club
Same Nationality but different League
0 (Dead Link – Red)

Lionel Messi Might Not Be On The Cover For FIFA 17

Lionel Messi has been on the cover for FIFA games for several years now. However, FIFA 17 might be the first time in years we may see someone new take over.

Lionel Messi signed a contract with EA Sports to be on the cover for several of their FIFA games. He appeared in FIFA Street, FIFA 13, 14, 15 and 16. He was either on the cover by himself, or shared the cover with a star. In either case, his face was everywhere since 2012.

Lionel Messi Might Not Be On The Cover For FIFA 17

As reported b French newspaper L’Quip (via GameWatcher), Lionel Messi’s contract is expiring this year. L’Quip mentions that he’s unlikely to sign another deal to continue being the face of EA Sports’ FIFA games.

This means we may see another star grace the cover of FIFA 17. Several stars have been on the cover of previous games, but they had to share the cover space with Messi since 2012. Now we may see all-new faces. This might be good news for people that might have been sick of seeing Messi’s face everywhere.

EA Sports could start doing what they did previously and have a new cover star each year. They do that with their other sports games. Unless another star signs a contract and we see his or her face for the next four years again…

FIFA 16 attributes: Tackles

So you choose your centre backs for their pace, right? Cáceres is in everybody’s team because of that. Naturally you would think that the most important thing is to be able to outrun the opponent’s attacker, since most players aren’t good at dribbling anyway. You’re wrong, my friend! Time to take a look back and change some things if you want to gain access to the highest divisions, otherwise you don’t wanna face someone who abuses of fake shots because in that case your runner centre backs will probably suffer. What really counts for a good centre back is having high Tackles, both Standing and Sliding Tackles. These movements are risky, they might cause free kicks, booking or whatever, but they’ll shut the attacker most times, and if used carefully the results are excellent. Remember that the definition of Tackle is: a player’s ability to win the ball without causing a free kick by using his body strength, being the contact shoulder-to-shoulder or by foot. In game this also translates into being able to taunt the opponent with shirt pulling, grabbing and other not-so-fair moves without being caught by the referee if your player’s Tackles attributes are high. They’ve become even more important in this FIFA since the referee is giving away free kicks and penalties much more easily. So be sure to give more attention to Tackles!

Great importance for defenders in general, full backs and centre backs. Defending midfielders and central midfielders with characteristics for marking come right after, then the remaining players get low importance, unless your play style consists of frequent marking, however I personally never really look at Tackles when choosing my attackers.

Having high Standing Tackles and low Sliding Tackles (or the other way around) is mostly useless. This way we’ll only analyze them together, players with both Standing and Sliding Tackles higher or equal to 85 (Gold category). Still, we consider Standing slightly more important because Sliding will result in free kicks and cards more often.

FIFA 16 attributes: Tackles

BPL 10, Bundes 15,
The Bundesliga wins at Tackles: 15 players with 85+, 5 more than the BPL. Once again the BBVA disappoints, this time with just 5 players with 85+.

Making good use of Tackles

– Try to hit the tackle button one more time when you miss the first one, this makes your player get back on his feet more quickly to try again.

– Besides Tackles, look for players with good Interceptions. This way you can intercept both passes and the players directly.

– On the other hand, Tackle’s main opponent is Agility, so before the match starts it’s interesting to see which players have the highest Agilities so you know when to perform your Tackles more carefully.

The team couldn’t be based on any other league, the Bundesliga has the best tacklers. I chose Leno to save you some coins, but obviously use Neuer if you can afford him. Boateng is by far the best tackler, and although Naldo isn’t the second best, I chose him for his Interceptions. The full backs couldn’t be more well represented, and the CDM is also great for the purpose. Feel free to change the CMs according to your play style.

FIFA 16 Score Attack

After the first episode of the brand new season of Score Attack, Adam is leading by one and looking to gain ground. I can’t let this happen.

We decided to have a game of FIFA 16, with the rules as follows:

Teams selected at random
Full match – most goals wins (like an actual game of football
Watch the video to find out whether Adam continues his winning ways, or if I can peg it back to 1-1.

FIFA 16 attributes: the Crossing

Attributes are responsible for determining a player’s quality, and knowing them well can give you the opportunity to choose your team more efficiently. In this new series presented by Silvio Teixeira – also the author of tête-à-tête – you’ll have the opportunity to go deeper on each one of the game’s attributes according to the new FIFA 16 rules. Welcome to “Learning about FIFA 16 attributes”.

Atributos de FIFA 16: Crossing

The attribute that determines the accuracy of crosses during both normal running and free kick set pieces. This is basically the attribute for the players who play through the wings, but it also has an influence over free kick set pieces, which although aren’t used very frequently can be a good way to catch the opponent’s defence by surprise.

Cross runs are a role that’s also performed by the full backs, and that’s why the position gets medium importance. Although if your full backs cross more often than your wingers, something’s not right. Usually the wingers and wide midfielders are the ones who perform the most crosses. Depending on your formation a CAM might also participate on that.


The BPL is by far the best league on this attribute having 11 players with 85+, the Bundesliga comes in second with just six players. The great BBVA has only got 5 players and among the most popular names Marcelo is the only one that shows up.

Making good use of Crossing

– This is an attribute that actually “needs” to be made good use of. Crossing just as you reach the goal line might result in the goalkeeper intercepting even if your player has excellent Crossing. Don’t cross while over the goal line unless you’re able to make your player turn around first.

– Use a left footed player on the right wing and a right footed one on the left wing. Run towards the area then fake shot your way into his preferred foot in order to make the cross, hold L1 while crossing and fill 2-3 power bars. Do that and just be happy, you’ll see the results are good.

– Choose players with good Heading Accuracy and Volleys so that you’re able to make the most out of your crosses, after all scoring is the objective here.

It doesn’t make sense to build a team full of players with high Crossing. However, if you intend to abuse of crosses, using the Serie A is a good alternative, with Candreva on the left and Mounier on the right (switched up like we said before). Madzukic smashing with headers and Higuain for lower balls. I say you can win the third division title with this team.

– You may be surprised for not seeing Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar in the top 3 list, but what if I said that they’re not even in the top 30?! That’s right, and they do play as RW and LW. They’re all excellent players but this just doesn’t happen to be one of their highlighted attributes.

– For the first time we have three silver players with 85+ in the list of the best.