EAS FC Catalogue Introduction

Now that you already know what is the EA Sports Football Club, we will focus on the EAS FC Catalogue. It is a kind of store where you can trade the FCC (Football Club Credits) earned with hundreds of items.

The EAS FC Catalogue houses hundreds of different in-game unlockable items that help improve your FIFA experience. Your EA Sports Football Club Level determines which ones are available for you to redeem. As a Level 20 gamer, you’ll only have access to items categorized from Level 1 to 20. So, the more you play and level up will give you access to more unlockable items. Use the FCC you’ve earned through your play to redeem the items for use. Items include things like goal celebrations, historic kits, extra matches in Seasons and coin boosts in Ultimate Team.

EAS FC Catalogue Introduction

The EAS FC Catalogue was initially created for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team. It was the way that EA found to reward you by your FIFA time play. Until there, your progression could be tracked by your level XP but it was useless. With the addiction of EAS FC Catalogue, you have more reasons to play the game because your efforts are rewarded with unlockable items.

In FIFA 14 the biggest addition to the EAS FC Catalogue was the feature that allows you to send gifts to friends. But things did not go well. EA Sports have disabled the most popular and most wanted item of the EAS FC catalogue, the FUT Coin Reward Boosts, because thousands of players have exploited a glitch that allow them to earn much more coins than it was supposed to give. The item was unavailable for five months, between October 2013 and February 2014.

In FIFA 15 the coin boost were back again but without the feature to send gifts. The biggest addition of last year was probably the loan players item that gives you the chance to try top players in your Ultimate Team squad.

Latest PlayStation Deal of Christmas is FIFA 16

PlayStation’s 12 Deals of Christmas is nearing the end, but there are still bargains to be had. FIFA 16 is the 11th and latest title to be discounted as part of the campaign.

You can find the Deluxe Edition of FIFA 16 on the PlayStation Store for €39.99, while the Super Deluxe Edition is reduced to €49.99.

Latest PlayStation Deal of Christmas is FIFA 16

The Super Deluxe Edition comes with two new celebrations, 8000 FIFA Points, and Messi, Aguero, and Courtois on loan for 5 FIFA Ultimate Team games, compared to the Deluxe’s offering of two new celebrations, 3000 FIFA Points, and Messi on loan for 5 games.

The deal expires at 00:00am GMT on December 23rd, at which point it’ll be time for the 12th and final deal.

FIFA 16 Team of the Week Delivers Henderson, Icardi, Di Maria, More

The development team at EA Sports is ready to launch a new big Team of the Week package for the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 16, which allows dedicated fans of the football sim to get access to some of the players who impressed with their performance in matches that took place during the past weekend.

The superstars that are featured in the coming 23 players lineup include Dim Maria, who managed to create three assists, Henderson, who gave Liverpool a point in the final minutes, and Icardi, one of the rising stars of Italy.

EA Sports says that gamers will be able to improve the overall Chemistry of their squad and will have the ability to deliver a better overall performance when facing others online.

The attack line of the Team of the Week is made up of Icardi, Di Maria, and Hernandez, who managed to revive his career after moving to Germany.

The midfield, which has gained more importance than ever in FIFA 16, includes players like Ayoub, Saul, Henderson and Konoplyanka.

When it comes to defensive duties, lovers of the game can rely on Lahm, Hummels, and Coulibaly, a three-man setup that favors attacking players.

The goalkeeper of the Team of the Week is Butland, the next great stop stopper for England.

EA Sports has also selected seven classic substitutes that gamers can use to shore up the weakest areas of their first eleven, but they can also be transformed into currency so that a bigger star can be purchased.

For FIFA 16, the studio is delivering an extra pack of five players with each Team of the Week, allowing all fans to pick and choose the players who they believe have the best chance of increasing the Chemistry of their first eleven.

FIFA 16 has recently received a new major update

EA Sports says that it has improved the physics and the decisions system of the football simulation to make sure that the calls from referees are more appropriate to the situation on the pitch.

The title update for FIFA 16 has also introduced improvements to player positioning and behavior that should enhance defensive performance, and some tweaks have also been made to the Chemistry system for Ultimate Team.

The studio informs us that it is tracking player behavior and feedback from the community and will seek to address other issues in a future patch.

At the end of January, FIFA traditionally receives a big update that deals with all the changes that take place during the transfer window in the real world, and EA Sports also uses the occasion to tweak the stats of players who performed above or below expectations during the first half of the season.

The developers are also continuing to use the popular Ultimate Team mode to launch community tournaments that allow players to get access to unique rewards.

A new FIFA title is in development at EA Sports, and details about it will only be offered in late spring of next year.

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‘FIFA 16’ Patch 5 Brings Minor Changes; Arrives On PC, While Xbox One, PS4 Release To Be Announced

“FIFA 16” Patch 5 for PC goes live on PC, while Xbox One and PS4 players have to wait for its announcement.

EA has finally addressed the FUT and gameplay issues on “FIFA 16” reportedly experienced by its players. The fifth update brings improvements on different areas of the game such as passing, defensive pressure, penalties and referee decisions and positioning players, Design and Trend reported.

“With that, we are announcing and deploying a number of changes to make ‘FIFA 16’ more balanced and responsive in gameplay. These changes are in addition to tuning to passing featured in the last update,” EA wrote on FIFA’s blogpost.

“This latest title update is now available on PC (we will have news on the timing of a similar update on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later).”

First on the list, “FIFA” 16 patch 5 improves the Rules and Physics systems to have better referee decisions and help address penalty decisions.

Also, changes on “Secondary Contain” and “Interceptions” behavioral aspect have been made to help balance high-pressure situations.

Moreover, defensive pressure on players has been addressed too. The patch improved “how quickly fatigue effects occur for players using ‘Aggressive Interceptions’ and ‘Secondary Contain.'”

This affects the players when high pressure is applied as they progress through the game while they become increasingly fatigued.

As for positioning players, auto tackle feature and positioning system has been modified for better attacking runs and support.,

Lastly, this patch brings fix to FUT to attribute boosts provided by Chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team, which affects passing, interceptions, and long shots.

Meanwhile, this patch does not deliver a fix on players who had their entire transfer list stuck on ‘expired’ after EA maintenance, Design and Trend further added.
Stay tuned for “FIFA 16” patch 5 release on Xbox One and PS4.