FIFA 16 US Women’s Team is Really Popular Among Fans, Says EA

FIFA 16 was the first game to introduce women’s national football teams in the roster, and although the feature was welcomed there still were some people who were unsure as to how popular these teams will be among the game’s fans base.

Apparently, they are so popular that the chief operating officer of Electronic Arts, Peter Moore, found the need to praise them. While attending the BlazerCon conference in Brooklyn, Moore revealed:

If you take the U.S. Women as a singular team and you look at the 600 teams you can play with on a global basis, not just in the U.S., the U.S. Women, they’re actually the 23rd-most played team around the world in FIFA 16, which is a stunning statistic.

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Not only that, he even shared a few tidbits about how popular Alex Morgan, of the United States women’s national soccer team is. She was also featured on the cover of FIFA 16, but it looks like that was just the start.

Ever since the game was released, “Alex Morgan has now scored a million goals. And the goalkeeper is getting p***ed off. She’s the first woman to reach a million.”

So yeah, the women’s national teams in FIFA 16, specially the US team is pretty darn popular right now, and if you have not been playing with Alex Morgan before you should!

October Digital Sales Revenue on Consoles Up 14% With FIFA 16 Taking Top Spot

October has been a good month for digital game sales, with a 7% year-over-year rise in the market to $5.5 billion. It will come as no surprise that in the month before some of the biggest titles were released, FIFA 16 remained on top for consoles.

PlayStationLifestyle have reported, based on SuperData results that digital console revenue is up 14% to $375 million in the month of October. This was pushed by an increase in spending in the North America region where there has been an increase in the usage of current generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The top ranked digital console games for October 2015 were:

Grand Theft Auto 5
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
These titles come as no real surprise with the release of FIFA 16 and Destiny having its year 2 updates as well as the release of The Taken King. Grand Theft Auto 5 has continued to be successful with Grand Theft Auto Online, and Call of Duty is always expected to be a good seller especially with the loyalty scheme Treyarch were running.

On FIFA 16, and FIFA 15’s re-appearance on the chart:

“As publishers held off on major new releases until late October and early November, legacy tiles with strong additional content sales won out on PC and console. EA’s FIFA 16 earned 52% of its October digital revenue from additional content, and strong sales of FIFA Ultimate Team card packs also boosted the year-old FIFA 15, earning it a spot on the top-five digital console titles.”

It will be interesting to see what November’s digital results will be, especially with the impact of not only Fallout 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 but also Halo 5: Guardians, Need for Speed and Rise of the Tomb Raider. No doubt FIFA 16 will have huge competition with these games.

Are you surprised that digital game sales are seeing success on consoles? Let us know your thoughts below.

FIFA 16 TOTW 11 UK release time for packs

We are now just hours away from the FIFA 16 TOTW 11 release time for UK and other players around the world. There has been some standout performers this week, which should make the TOTW 11 predictions more likely to become true.

Top of the list is that man once again Luis Suarez. He was a star performer in El Clasico against Madrid and it looks very likely that a new 92 rated SIF Suarez card for FUT 16 will be available for a week.

Also up for consideration is Iniesta, Javier Hernandez and Javi Martinez. It is also possible that we will see an in-form card for Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel who scored in a big win over Man City this past weekend.

Above, you can see the FIFA 16 Team of the Week 11 predictions from FUTHead, who usually get their picks spot on each week.

As for those wondering when TOTW 11 is out in the UK, new in-form players will be available from 6PM onwards UK time on Wednesday November 25, while we should be getting the lineup preview at 3PM UK time.

That is 10am Pacific Time and 1pm Eastern Time for FIFA 16 players in the US. Let us know your thoughts on the last minute predictions above and which players from the lineup you most want to get your hands on.

Will you open packs on Wednesday for TOTW 11, or will you save them for the special one-year only FIFA 16 Black Friday Lightning packs instead?

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FIFA 16 New Patch Cause Crash In FUT: How To Fix

EA Sports released the third patch for FIFA 16 and since then a lot of users have been complaining about experiencing a crash while playing Ultimate Team, Season match and Online Friendlies.

Some folks have even complained that their console freeze or crash while doing the update.

These are a few known fix for this issue.

1. For those who are experiencing a crash while updating the new FIFA 16 patch you should reboot your console start FIFA 16 and reapply the update.

2. For users experiencing a crash while going into a FUT online match, EA has released a patch that should fix that issue. Before applying the patch you should reboot your console (Xbox, Playstation) then login to FUT and download and apply the update.

FIFA 16 FUT Draft glitch being sold by cheaters

It has come to our attention that once again there are a group of cheaters within the FIFA 16 community that are currently ruining the FUT Draft online experience for many players.

Specifically, we can see that some have been using a FIFA 16 FUT Draft glitch which forces the opponent to quit the game and thus lose their coins in the process which they spent a long time earning.

Even worse is we also have confirmation that these cheaters are even trying to ‘sell’ the method on how to do the FUT Draft glitch yourself – with many sellers offering the steps in return for 5,000 coins.

Complaints from gamers on this problem can be found in two discussion threads here and here.

It’s a bit embarrassing to be honest and yet again gives insight into the obsessive culture of many UK FIFA players who do anything and everything to get ahead in the game by any means possible.

With FIFA 15 it was non stop bot exploits and software and now we see that people are finding ways to cheat the FUT Draft system with EA’s latest version.

It’s bad enough with the FUT Draft disconnects leading to a loss of tokens, but actually cheaters forcing others to quit on purpose?

Hopefully EA sees this as a wake up call and are planning to take action – take a look at the live results on Twitter here to see the specific accounts that are willing to sell this method for profit.

As a legitimate player, have you seen any behaviour like this in your online draft matches which suddenly end before the 90 minutes are up?

16′ And ‘Forza Horizon 2’ Sells For $453 On Amazon

Microsoft posts yet another sweet deal on Amazon, offering a 1TB Xbox One bundled with a physical standard edition copy of NBA 2K16 and full-game digital download codes for Forza Horizon 2 and FIFA 16 to boot for $453.

Just a few days ago, Microsoft started to offer an Xbox One Kinect Bundle for $399 and a standalone Kinect for $99, which costs $500 originally. This bargain also comes with motion-based games such as Zoo Tycoon, Kinect Sports Rivals and Dance Central Spotlight so that buyers can definitely get the most out of the console and motion sensor companion.

To break things down, the 1TB Xbox One EA Sports FIFA 16 Bundle comes with the hefty hard drive, an updated black Xbox One wireless controller fitted with a 3.5mm headset input and both HDMI and AC power cables along with the aforementioned titles. The headset jack will let players use almost any third-party headset, plus some nifty features.

“With the updated controller, in addition to the volume and mute controls on gaming headsets, you’ll also have the option to adjust headset volume, mic monitoring, and voice and game audio balance through the Settings menu on your console,” Microsoft posts in a news release.

On top of those, the bundle includes one year EA Access, allowing customers to play FIFA 16 and other upcoming EA titles on Xbox One for a limited time before their release. It also comes with three FIFA Ultimate Team Loan Legends exclusive to Xbox.

Buyers will receive the Forza Horizon 2 full-game digital download code via email within two days after the shipment is complete.

Microsoft’s discounted offer is just in time for the holidays, making it an excellent gift for you or your loved ones. You’d better act quickly, though, as the offer only stands while supplies last.