collectionfifatips:Blade And Soul Upgrading Your Weapon

Your weapon in Blade & Soul will grow in power and ability alongside your own.
Regardless of the path you take, your weapon will be a consistent tool throughout your journey. From your earliest days of training in your chosen martial art, until your last, your weapon will be your constant throughout. Early in your journeys you’ll come across a weapon of immense power—a Hongmoon weapon—your weapon. This is the tool you will keep with you, and work to increase in power along your journey.

When defeating your foes they will at times drop their own weapons or you will be rewarded with training crystals, and these can be sacrificed to imbue your weapon with their strength. As you add the power from other weapons to your own, it increases in level, enhancing the weapon’s power and attributes.

Once it has reached Stage 5, it can be coaxed to breakthrough to Stage 6 with the power of a specific rare weapon, and rare reagents.

Now your weapon can continue its journey to Stage 10 and transform into a new weapon once a different rare weapon and reagent have been collected. After the transformation has been completed, your weapon will return to Stage 1, but with a new appearance and name.

Difficult enemies keep the weapons needed to begin a breakthrough or transformation, and the rare reagents can generally be found through repeatable quests within certain areas of the world.

In addition to your weapon, your path will also include a selection of accessories that also increase in power in the same way as your weapon–fed with other accessories—and also breakthrough tiers using rare accessories and reagents.

Enemy weapons aren’t always destined for destruction though; they also provide unique appearances that can be kept and used to change the look of your own weapon. There are tales of very rare and powerful Legendary quality weapons that can sometimes even rival the power of your Hongmoon weapon at the highest levels of expertise.

The success of any martial artist will not only rely on their own physical strength and training, but also of their weapon.

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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Disconnection Issues are Costing Players Real Money

FIFA 16’s Ultimate Team mode has a nasty habit of routinely disconnecting players from game sessions. This would be annoying in and of itself, but it becomes all the more irritating due to how the game fails to recognize the difference between the disconnection happening as a result of an issue with EA’s servers, and as a result of a player purposely quitting a match.

FIFA 16 punishes players who have dropped out of an Ultimate Team match prior to the final whistle being blown by marking the result down as a loss and, more crucially, reducing their DNF Multiplier. The DNF Multiplier is a system that EA incorporates into its FIFA series which reduces the amount of in-game coins a player can earn after a match each time they quit before it has ended, which is essentially intended to discourage players from rage-quitting. However, players are finding that their DNF Multipliers are being reduced even if they are being disconnected as a result of server issues, which is negatively impacting upon the amount of in-game coins that they can win upon completion of a match.


This is an issue that has plagued the FIFA series for a few years now, but it has never been more prominent than in FIFA 16. There are currently many FIFA players who cannot play more than a couple of matches without being disconnected, and I have spoken to a few people who have seen their DNF Multipliers being reduced to the lowest they can possibly be, less than a week since the game’s launch. I and many other players have also found the game to be blighted by lag throughout the vast majority of its matches, particularly in the Ultimate Team mode.

Online issues have always been a problem that the series has struggled to tackle, but that they are actually proving to be worse in EA’s latest entry is frustrating, especially considering that one of its latest and most widely promoted game modes, the FUT Draft, is reliant upon players maintaining a win streak. The FUT Draft, which tasks players with creating a team out of a selection of the game’s best Ultimate Team trading cards and then embarking upon a winning streak in order to win rare card packs, requires a Token to enter which can either be purchased with in-game coins or 300 FIFA Points, which are purchased using real-life money. Many have therefore bought a Token using actual money, only to then be forced out of a game due to a server issue, have the match count as a loss and find themselves kicked out of the Draft.

Players have contacted EA to ask them to refund their Draft Tokens, and have been pointed in the direction of the company’s advisors, though no definitive word has been given by the company’s official Twitter accounts. It seems that this could be because the company is refusing to refund those who have faced the problem, as highlighted in a post made on EA’s FIFA forums by a user who claims that EA has denied him/her a new Token/refund after they were disconnected from a Draft match. This effectively means that FIFA 16’s online issues are actually costing players real money, as at the time of this writing the Draft is essentially FIFA’s version of a broken arcade machine that takes your money but then doesn’t allow you to play it.

In short, the game’s online component is currently a mess, and these problems are all the more glaring this year considering that Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 has taken back its crown as the king of football games. With many finding themselves disenchanted with having to suffer through the same problems in this year’s FIFA, Pro Evo could certainly earn itself some more converts in 2017, and it’s time that EA stepped up its game and fixed the issues that have become so synonymous with their flagship franchise.

‘FIFA 16’ Is The Benchmark For Sports Games For A Reason

September 22nd marked the launch date for FIFA 16, the latest installment of the most successful sports franchise in history. FIFA, or the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, is widely considered the most recognized sporting organization on Earth. Football, or Soccer as Americans know it, is played on just about every inhabited continent.

In 2011, FIFA 12 sold 3.2 million copies in a single week. That made it the most successful launch in sporting game history. It holds the record of ‘fastest selling sports game ever’ to this day, and generated over $180M in retail that first week of release. Below is a chart, showing the massive gaps in sales. Now, it should be pointed out that the numbers are only averages, and not precise. But it’s easy to see that FIFA is the best-selling games.

I picked up FIFA 16 the day it came out. The last FIFA game I had played was 14, the first on the next-gen systems. The graphics on that game were stunning, and the new version did not disappoint. I know a lot of people complained about the campaign system, but after two games, I can’t really say I share those complaints. Now, I should point out I don’t quite understand everything about football or the game mechanics, but everything moves smoothly so far. I like the season challenges, the personal career goals. They make things interesting, and give me something to shoot for.

The commentary of each match feels very fluid and dynamic, despite the fact that there’s a limited amount recorded. Additionally, there are other commentators when different tournaments happen. That’s absolutely fantastic. The camera moves are more dynamic, the game play is smoother. This is a top notch game. So why is it the benchmark for all other sports games?

Well, for one, everyone wants its sales numbers. The closest game series is Madden NFL, and it’s separated by a huge margin. Approximately 25M copies is about the same number as the sales figures for the entire Gears of War franchise. Of course, those two are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The problem I’ve found is that while most offer a few in-depth options, none of them have the same heart as FIFA. Maybe that’s because more people globally will be buying FIFA than any other. Now here’s the part of the argument where we bring up PES, or Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami. This year, Konami made sweeping changes to PES that have made it an absolutely fantastic game as well. The actual play of PES is stronger than ever before. It has very dynamic, fluid, and unique fundamentals. Plus, it uses the Fox engine, made famous by MGSV: Phantom Pain. So it looks beautiful.

With FIFA 16 release days away, ratings for top 20 MLS players released

The release of EA Sports’ FIFA 16 is just days away, and the most recent hint of what the latest version of the influential video game will look like has dropped.

The ratings of the top 20 MLS players have been released, and the list is sure to stir some debate.

Topping the list are two recently arrived international star midfielders, LA Galaxy’s Steven Gerrard and New York City FC’s Andrea Pirlo, with a ranking of 84.

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Coming in just under Gerrard and Pirlo are four attackers who picked up an 81 ranking: Toronto FC’s Sebastian Giovico, Orlando City SC’s Kaká, Seattle Sounders’ Clint Dempsey, the top American player, and Montreal Impact’s Didier Drogba.

Rounding out the top 10, four players – LA Galaxy’s Robbie Keane, NYCFC’s David Villa and Andoni Iraola and TFC’s Michael Bradley – received an 80 rating.

Here’s the full list:

Steven Gerrard 84
Andrea Pirlo 84
Stebastian Giovinco 81
Kaka 81
Clint Dempsey 81
Didier Drogba 81
Robbie Keane 80
David Villa 80
Andoni Iraola 80
Michael Bradley 80
Frank Lampard 79
Obafemi Martins 79
Giovani Dos Santos 79
Federico Higuain 78
Diego Valeri 78
Jermaine Jones 77
Ignacio Piatti 77
Osvaldo Alonso 77
Pedro Morales 77
Nick Rimando 76

Brazilian teams to join FIFA 16

Today, we are announcing that 16 Brazilian teams will be available in FIFA 16. The teams with authentic crests and club names are, Atlético-MG, Atlético-PR, Avaí, Coritiba, Chapecoense, Cruzeiro, Figueirense, Fluminense, Grêmio, Internacional, Joinville, Ponte Preta, Palmeiras, Santos, São Paulo, and Vasco da Gama. At launch, the 16 Brazilian teams will appear with authentic crests and kits. Updated player names and visuals will need an online* update when and if available.

“We have worked to create the best possible experience for FIFA fans in Brazil and around the world to include Brazilian teams,” said Jonathan Harris, Brazil Manager, EA. “We know FIFA fans love playing with Brazilian players and teams across the game, so adding 16 clubs is positive news for all fans.”

All Brazilian teams in FIFA 16 are available in the Rest of the World team menu and will be playable in most game modes. In Career Mode, players on Brazilian clubs will be available in the transfer database for when fans want to acquire them for their campaign. In FIFA Ultimate Team™, players on Brazilian Clubs will become available after fans accept and download the update when and if available.

Stay tuned as we will release the full list of Leagues and teams available in FIFA 16 shortly.

FIFA 16 Demo Available Down Under Early

The FIFA 16 demo is available now for those living in Australia and New Zealand. It comes several hours before it is available in other countries.

FIFA 16 Demo Available Down Under Early

If you cannot wait an extra day or two, you can create yourself an Australian or New Zealand PSN account. Only do this if you are too eager to wait for the official release for the demo in your own country/region.

A user from NeoGAF has already created a new PSN account specifically just to download the FIFA 16 demo on the PS4 earlier than the rest of the world. Bear in mind, only PS4 gamers have noticed it is available early. There have been no reports of the demo coming out early on the other platforms.

One other NeoGAF user from Australia played the demo already and noticed the Women players feel different than playing as the male players. He says it’s fun as they are not just a skin change. It could add some more variety to the gameplay.

As for the overall gameplay, the user felt the FIFA 16 demo showed many improvements with last year’s game. He felt the biggest improvement is with the animations. It will be interesting to know how other players feel about the new game.

Anyway, the demo should be out tomorrow for the rest of the world on PS4, PC and Xbox One. The demo won’t be out on the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms until the day after.

FIFA 16 Player Ratings: 50-41

We now know the players ranked from 50-41 thanks to EA Sports releasing their first batch of FIFA 16 player ratings and the headline news is that both Santi Cazorla and Petr Cech feature.

FIFA 16 is due for release on September 25 in the UK and with just a few weeks before the release, and with the demo out on September 8, EA have started their big countdown to the new game with the first set of ratings.

EA Sports confirm FIFA 16 demo on September 8 – FUT Draft mode included
Squawka will continue to keep you up to date with all the news for FIFA 16 but for now let’s run through the FIFA 16 player ratings from 50 to 41
50: Angel Di Maria (PSG) – 85

It is no surprise that Angel Di Maria is one of those to get a downgrade in the FIFA 16 player ratings. His move to Manchester United last summer just didn’t work out and he left the Premier League after just one season, joining French champions PSG. He made a good start to his Ligue 1 career on Sunday night against Monaco and if he keeps that up expect him to get an in-form boost in the new game.


49: Petr Cech (Arsenal) – 85
At his age it’s hardly a shock that Petr Cech’s rating has stayed put and his start to the season, particularly the game against Liverpool, has shown just how good a goalkeeper he is. He’ll make a big difference to Arsenal both in real life and in FIFA 16. Continue reading FIFA 16 Player Ratings: 50-41