FIFA 15: Have FUT Price Changes been a success?

IFA 15: We look at whether the controversial implementation of Price Changes in FUT have been a success?

In one of the biggest changes in FUT history, price ranges have recently been added to the transfer market. Implemented to ease issues including coin selling and price inflation, it was a move by EA that received seriously mixed reviews.

The price ranges now mean that every card in FUT, including consumables, have a range in which you can sell the card for. Gone are the days of listing an in-form for a 150 coin start price, as even with new Team of the Week players there is an allocated price range.

They have certainly had a big impact, although it certainly hasn’t been a seamless transition. Whilst Xbox users are enjoying lowering prices for the top players, Playstation and PC users are facing a number of problems of their own, some of which are arguably breaking the game.

Across all three markets there has been a new phenomenon of extinct players. This happens when demand exceeds supply, so when a popular in-form is released and their price range chosen by EA is too low, there will be none of that player on the market as nobody is willing to sell.

Whilst this is affecting Xbox users with some of the in-forms that have been released in recent weeks, on the Playstation market the issue has developed to the point where even regular high rated cards are no longer on the market at all.

There is clearly still a lot of work required to perfect price ranges, which seem to be staying. Ultimate Team has been the dominant game mode in Fifa’s over the last few years and at the moment it is looking vulnerable. We will go ahead and look through price ranges in detail and what it has meant for those playing the game.

Video: Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane, Ryan Mason take on fans in ‘FIFA 15’ challenge

Tottenham Hotspur duo Harry Kane and Ryan Mason tried to prove that their skills on the pitch are transferable to virtual ones by taking on fans in a game of FIFA 15.

The England internationals challenged two supporters, both of whom wore Spurs shirts for the occasion, to play a match on the popular videogame.

Kane and Mason both led the way at half time by a single goal, leaving the two young fans the task of coming from behind to claim the win.

Watch the Tottenham duo take on the challenge in the video below:

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team mobile app now supports Apple Watch

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team is coming to the Apple Watch after EA Sports updated the game’s mobile app to support some basic features for Apple’s smartwatch, set for release this Friday (24 April).

Players with an Apple Watch will be able to receive notifications from the iPhone app (the Apple Watch requires an iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 or 6 Plus to work in tandem with) and manage up to five transfers within the game’s market (via Pocket Gamer).

Fifa Ultimate Team

New features are also being added beyond the Apple Watch functionality, including the ability to quickly build the best possible team from your selection of players, as well as custom footballs in simulation mode and boosts and tactics now reflecting in Sim Stories.

Ultimate Team has been a staple of the popular football franchise for a few years now. EA courted some controversy earlier this year when they made a big changes to the game’s market in an effort to combat illegal coin farmers and other people exploiting the system for personal gains.

Speaking of Fifa, it’s getting to that time of year when EA announce the next version of their football sim. Whenever they announce it, Fifa 16 will hit store shelves in September.

FIFA 15 receives no limit 15k packs, Brehme FUT Legend

EA Sports FIFA on Twitter made two announcements moments ago that included a new FUT Legend and no limit 15k packs. The news about unlimited 15k packs for FIFA Ultimate Team came about 6PM in the UK, and you will have 24 hours to take advantage until these packs are unavailable.

The tweet that delivered this news came at the regular time, as many FIFA 15 players know all too well. That tweet about no limit 15k packs can be seen below this article, although what we like more is the new FUT Legend for Xbox gamers.


We have included the player stats for German legend Brehme above. As you can see with his card you have 89 PAC, 75 DRI, 86 DEF, 82 PAS, 66 SHO, and 86 PHY. Sadly, this card is only on Xbox and certainly for the fans of FUT Legends.


What’s your thoughts on the Brehme FUT Legend card and also, the no limit 15k packs? Do you agree with others that FUT is dead, or is this just those annoyed by all the changes and server problems?

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTW 31

EA Sports have released the latest edition for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Team of the Week and the headline news is that Manchester United’s Ashley Young receives a super in-form card.

The winger scored one and assisted two others during United’s convincing 4-2 win in the Manchester derby as he continues to play at the very top of his game.

Some fans though over the summer that he might be on his way but under Louis van Gaal he has transformed himself and is now one of the club’s key players.

Young's effort was his second league goal of the season

He is joined on the flanks by Crystal Palace’s Yannick Bolasie, who scored a hat-trick during his team’s 4-1 demolition of Sunderland.

Before this weekend Bolasie has scored just one goal but he was the standout performer across the weekend’s Premier League action and continued Palace’s astonishing good form under Alan Pardew.

Christian Beneteke followed up his hat-trick against QPR with the winning goal against Tottenham Hotspur and joins Bolasie and Young with a SIF card.

Like Palace Villa have been suffering a bit of revival following a managerial change and many believe that Tim Sherwood will be the man to keep them in the Premier League.


Robert Lewandowski has finally been rewarded for his form recently with an in-form card and German Denis, scorer of quite possibly goal of the season, joins him and Benteke up top.

Sami Handanovic is the man chosen to be between the sticks thanks his impressive performances as Inter won 3-0 at Verona.

The full team will be available to download from 6pm UK time tonight and can be seen below.

View image on Twitter

FIFA 15 servers back online; Snoop Dogg challenges FIFA players through PlayStation Heroes

The EA FIFA 15 servers encountered a system shutdown on Thursday for widespread maintenance.

The game developer announced their planned system maintenance on Twitter, saying that the team will be shutting down the servers for at least two hours.

The planned maintenance also covered the FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 aside from the current FIFA 15 game. Other online features that ceased working during the downtime include FIFA Mobile, the Ultimate Team, the EA SPORTS Football Club (EASFC), as well as the web app.

However, the game developer reported that they have encountered several issues when they were bringing back the services online, which was why it the games where offline longer than expected. Then most of the consoles returned online after a few hours except the PlayStation 4, which had to be repaired longer compared to the others.

Now FIFA 15 is now up and running smoothly after the server shutdown.

Meanwhile, Sony launched a contest wherein the winner can get the chance to place a FIFA 15 match with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg through its PlayStation Heroes.

Those who are interested to join the contest just have to buy a set of themes through the PlayStation Heroes charity app before the April 21 deadline. The winner will be randomly chosen and flown to Los Angeles to have a fun match with Snoop Dogg.

Not only will the contestants get a chance to win the coveted slot to play against the self-proclaimed FIFA “boss,” they will also help raise fund for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Other popular celebrities who are involved with the PlayStation Heroes charity program include the MLB 15: The Show featured star Yasiel Puig, NBA star Stephen Curry, as well as renowned Olympic athlete Shaun White.

At the moment, the charity program managed to earn more than $300,000 that they will donate to their partner organizations.


So back in FUT 13, I ran a series called The Race Against Pace where I managed to take 2 teams of <60 pace players all the way to the Division 1 title. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and it certainly opened my and some viewers’ eyes to the players we exclude from the player selection process because of their pace.

Now for FUT 15, I’ve decided to bring the series back. With the likes of Emenike, Ibarbo and Doumbia being so prominent in the community, I thought it’d be good if someone tried to highlight the OP nature of some of the slower players on the game. Who said being OP was all down to pace?

So the rules:
– I play with each team for 5 games: Keeps the series fresh but allows me to try out the players for a sufficient time.

– If I win 3 or more out of the 5 games with the team, 5k will be added to a budget which will then be up for grabs at the end of the series.

– No player in any of the teams is allowed >60 pace! (No chemistry styles or exceptions or anything)
I plan on doing 3 games per episode (with the exception of the 1st introductory episode) and keep the vids relatively short as I don’t want the episodes to drag.
I hope you guys like the concept I’m proposing and appreciate the fact that I’m trying something different. I’ll probably have this as an official thread which I’ll update with new episodes as I release them. If you wanna head over to my YT channel then the link is in my sig and be sure to leave suggestions for teams that you’d love to see featured in the series.
Thanks and hope you enjoy

How can I score against 9.9 FIFA rated goalkeepers?

I come back from a tiring working day, and decide to chill a bit with FIFA. In the first 10 minutes of the first game, I knew the game was against me and wanted to see how this will end.

I played 4 matches before switching of this garbage. In the four matches, the GK’s had ratings of 9.7, 9.9, 9.9, 9.9 respectively. I lost 1-2 in the first game (Weidenfeller 12 saves ),lost 0-6 in the second game (IF Diego Alves 15 saves), 0-1 loss in the third game (Casillas 14 saves), and 1-1 draw in the last one (Courtois 18 saves) . The name of the GK’s in brackets is the opponents goalkeepers.

Even with the game against me, I was averaging 13+ shots on TARGET per game. All my goals were from penalties.

I tried everything and their goalkeepers were doing miracle saves. From simple 6 yard shots (tap-ins) to headers , longshots, finesse shots, chipped shots, and near post finishes. They felt like they had 99 reflexes and diving.

I was especially surprised by how the GK’s saved the near-post shots as they always go in. They would just save it with the edge of their feet and go for a corner.

On the other hand, My Casillas wasn’t saving a single shot. He averaged 2-3 saves a game and some were balls that hit the post. The opponent would just shoot from 30-40 yards and it would go in. Many goals I conceded hit Casillas and he handled it like a bronze GK and they would hit him and go in.

My question to the people who win most of their games. How do you score in these types of matches against 9.9 GK’s. It really doesn’t matter to me losing in this pathetic game but it frustrates me that their goalkeepers save 90% of the shots while mines saves 10%.