FUT 15 FUTMAS 20k Rare Consumables Pack Offer (Day 2)

The second day of FUTMAS is here with limited 20k Rare Consumables packs! Throughout this festive promotion you can expect more pack offers (happy hours) and new tournaments, each day until January 2nd 2015!

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Day Two Offer:

FUT 15 FUTMAS 20k Rare Consumables Pack Offer (Day 2) - FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

20k Rare Consumables packs are available in the store for 24 hours (December 20th-21st 2014). TOTW 14 In-form players (including Santi Cazorla & Mehdi Benatia) are currently available in packs!

20k (or 400 FIFA Points) Rare Consumables Pack:
The most unique consumables, all in a single pack! Includes 12 consumables, all Gold, all Rare.
Pack limit: 5

Now that FUTMAS has kicked off, expect to see prices fall before the inevitable Team of the Year (TOTY) market crash!

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FUT 15 FUTMAS 35k Mega Packs Offer (Day 1)

Although it was previously unclear due to the ’15 Days of FIFA’ promotion, FUTMAS is now underway. Throughout this highly anticipated festive promotion you can expect either a Pack Offer (Happy Hour), or Tournament each day until January 02nd 2015!

FUT 15 FUTmas (December 19th 2014 - January 02nd 2015) - FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

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Day One Offer:

Day 1 is here, and to kick the promotion off EA are offering five 35k Mega Packs in the store for 24 hours (December 19th-20th 2014). TOTW 14 In-form players (including Santi Cazorla & Mehdi Benatia) will be available in packs!

UPDATE: To kick off FUTMAS right, there will be a FREE untradeable Gold pack for all FUTers! Get onto FUT before 12am UK (4pm PT) to get yours!

35K (or 700 FIFA Points) Mega Pack:

FUT 15 FUTmas (Day One) Mega Packs Offer - FIFA 15 Ultimate Team
The BIGGEST pack yet with a whopping 30, yes THIRTY, items! A mix of players and consumables, at least 26 Gold with 18 Rares.
Pack limit: 5

Now that FUTMAS has kicked off, expect to see prices fall before the inevitable Team of the Year (TOTY) market crash!

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FUT 14 FUTmas Day 7 Offer: Gold 13 Packs (December 24th 2013)

The seventh day of FUTmas is here with Gold 13 & Premium Gold 13 packs available in the store all day (until 11.59pm UK December 24th 2013). TOTW 14 in-forms are available in packs (including Carlos Tévez, SIF James Rodríguez & Fernandinho)!

Don’t forget (Xbox users), there is currently a FUT Legends Spotlight on Pavel Nedved! This week is your best chance to find Nedved all year! All 42 Legends are also available for Xbox users.

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5K (or 100 FIFA Points) Gold 13 Pack:
A Gold pack with a bonus item! A mix of 13 items including players and consumables, at least 11 Gold with 1 Rare.
Pack limit: Unlimited
7.5K (or 150 FIFA Points) Premium Gold 13 Pack:
A Gold pack with a bonus item! A mix of 13 items including players and consumables, at least 11 Gold with 3 Rares.
Pack limit: Unlimited

In-form players currently available in packs:

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FIFA 15: 10 Essential Tips All New Players Need’

Every year, EA Sports tries to reinvent the most successful sports title in the world to varying degrees of success. The main problem lies in its core group of die-hard fans who all want different things for the series future. As EA Sports made the transition from arcade pick up and play crowd pleaser to soft-core simulation, the series struggled to appease every fan and even though FIFA 15 doesn’t get everything perfect the raft of changes from last years effort just does enough to keep lifetime fans happy, while also offering a glimpse of the picture being painted for the future.


This year FIFA has made a huge push for a brand new market with converting new fans to the series their main goal. Aided by the price cuts to next gen consoles and the fact that the American market has finally fallen in love with football after a spellbinding World Cup, FIFA is now looking to dominate worldwide and have made a more in depth game filled with stats, tactics and options than ever before.

Your initial experience may seem daunting (especially if take your talents online) but if you follow these key pieces of advice and put in the practice – you’ll quickly find yourself schooling seasoned veterans of the series.

Here are 10 essential tips all new Fifa players need to know.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Team of the Week

Each week FIFA Ultimate Team assembles the best players from international and club competition around the world. This collection of players is available to challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Going into the holidays, it is a clear two-horse race in the Barclays Premier League between current leaders Chelsea FC and last season’s champions Manchester City. On Saturday, David Silva scored twice to lead City to a comfortable 3-0 victory over Crystal Palace. Manchester City’s next match is on Boxing Day, when they visit The Hawthorns to face-off against West Bromwich Albion.

Arturo Vidal was credited with the match-winning goal as Juventus defeated Cagliari 1-3 last Thursday to maintain their lead atop the Serie A table. The club head into the break with a three point lead over AS Roma. Juve’s next match is on January 6, when they host Inter.

On Sunday in Spain, Atlético de Madrid gave up an early goal but scored four second-half goals to defeat Athletic Bilbao 1-4. The 23 year-old Antoine Griezmann earned a hat-trick in the victory. Heading into the winter break, Atlético sit in third place, four points behind current leaders Real Madrid.

Starting XI

GK: Diego López – Milan (Italy)
LB: Bernat – Bayern München (Germany)
CB: Naldo – VfL Wolfsburg (Germany)
CB: Maya Yoshida – Southampton (England)
LM (LW): Pedro – FC Barcelona (Spain)
CM (CAM): David Silva – Manchester City (England)
CM: Arturo Vidal – Juventus (Italy)
RM: Romain Hamouma – AS Saint-Etienne (France)
LF (ST): Sergio García – RCD Espanyol (Spain)
RF (ST): Alexandre Lacazette – Olympique Lyonnais (France)
ST: Antoine Griezmann – Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
Substitutes & Reserves

GK: Steve Mandanda – Olympique de Marseille (France)
CB: Lorenzo Tonelli – Empoli (Italy)
RM: Matt Ritchie – Bournemouth (England)
RM: Chris Harold – Perth Glory (Australia)
RW: Leonardo Valencia – CD Palestino (Chile)
ST: Charlie Austin – Queens Park Rangers (England)
ST: Luuk de Jong – PSV (The Netherlands)

10 ways FIFA 15 Ultimate Team drives us crazy

By far the most popular game mode on EA’s legendary footie sim is FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), which since its introduction in 2009 has allowed millions upon millions of gamers to become virtual talent scouts and expert managers. According to EA, this year, 542,000 transfers are listed per hour, with 11,000 matches played each day. So, we all agree it’s great, glad we’ve got that out the way – now, on to what makes us want to stamp on the disc with studded boots.

1. There’s not enough cash

Wealth doesn’t come easy, and after all, it’s coins that matter in a mode that’s basically a footballing stock market, complete with wages to foot. Thankfully EA is addressing dodgy dealing loopholes and bots that have plagued Ultimate Team and made it just downright unfair, but there should be more bonuses for exceptional play and individual skill, instead of having to look online for convoluted ways to hustle another small handful of coin in FIFA. That said, it’s nice to be able to be able to plan future dream teams with the new Concept Squad feature.

2. It’s not often pretty football

Games often play out with high balls being lofted from one end to the other and mad scrambles, with the goalkeeper either making wonder saves or being rounded three times with four minutes to go. Long shots are really difficult to pull off unless you’ve got the most expensive players, tackling is harder so fast strikers simply speed through your defence and penalties come thick and fast (We’ve explored these issues in more depth before). It all gets a bit tiring and it’s sometimes hard to know if you’ve spent your money well when the gameplay can feel so random.

3. Packs are rubbish

Yeah, yeah, it’s a bit of thrill to open a pack and hope for the best, but just as when you were a kid, all you’ll usually get is disappointment (when opening the pack, not just with childhood life in general). Okay, yes, you’ll get great players eventually, but you’ll have to part with a lot of dough. You’re better off in the transfer market building a team packed with affordable players with high chemistry (rather than having one or two big stars), but then that’s all such a headache. Okay, we’ll try just one more pa… OH NOT YOU AGAIN!

4. It’s too rigid

You are free to build your ultimate team, so why can’t you get them to play where you like? Aren’t you meant to be the boss? I mean, it’s us who’s paid for these players (and the game), so you should be able to mix positions and formations up a bit more. Custom tactics are also a fiddly, administrative mess that takes up a lot of time, especially when you have to set everything up repeatedly from game to game.

5. It’s not emotional enough

Yes, the players have got a fresh lick of emotion on the pitch, but it’s quite a sterile environment for actually creating a team; more like a science lesson followed by double maths than the attachment you get from watching a real team develop. Fine, it isn’t real life, it’s a market trading simulation game, but it would be good if players interacted and built chemistry in more human ways, rather than earning loyalty in a cold, stat-based fashion. Basically, we want more reports of hugs and player strops. And we want a virtual Wenger-style Puffa coat while we deal with it.

6. Missing legends

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode

Sure, he only cost £1.2 million when Sir Alex bought him way back in 1992 (and he kung-fu kicked a fan) but Eric Cantona’s name is still sung at Old Trafford week in week out to this day, so how come EA can’t remember him? Also, while we’re at Man Utd, where’s George Best? Yet Robbie Fowler gets the nod… Someone at EA’s obviously a fan of awful punditry and extremely gelled hair.

7. It’s really hard for casual players

FUT is not something you can dip your toe into. Some will never quite understand it, and even though you’re in the minority it can be frustrating to have a game mode on your £45 purchase that you never really get into. It’s especially frustrating when the transfer market still has occasional glitches, you know the sort of thing, like having your gold taken when you didn’t even win the bid. Nothing’s perfect and it’s incredibly smooth when you consider 13 million transfers are listed per day, but it’s very frustrating when you don’t feel in control.

8. It hasn’t changed enough

Disclaimer: Ultimate Team is incredible. But! But is it all starting to get a bit… repetitive? There’s no doubt it’s brought joy to the masses and shifted more copies of the franchise for EA than all the other modes combined, but, with the exception of loan players and Concept Squads, it’s all pretty much the same as last year, just with slightly worse gameplay. In FIFA 16/17 it would be great to see a complete overhaul, maybe a completely new optional mode with the old FUT still in place, before someone else offers one instead.

9. It’s very expensive

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode

Aside from the cost involved within the virtual world of Ultimate Team, and the cost if you actually spend your real money, it’s a dent in the wallet to have to buy a new copy of FIFA every year if all you’re interested in is FUT, which many are (64 per cent according to EA). A standalone FUT game at half the price would be nice.

10. Finally, people who won’t stop

On the other hand, don’t you ever sometimes just get Ultimate bloody Team fatigue? When you just want to stick in the disc and load up a quick game of United v City, in whatever stadium, with whatever kit and… shock horror… whatever old line up you’re offered? But no, there’s always someone wanting to tinker for what seems like hours (because it is hours) before even kicking the ball, by which time you’ve gone to bed. Sometimes it’s good to just play.

FIFA 15 Crossing Guide – Tips on Early, Low and Ground Crossing

FIFA 15 Crossing Tips

In this FIFA 15 crossing guide, I’ll share a few tips, different kinds of crosses, and how to use them effectively. Like always, don’t forget to share your tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

Timed Crosses are More Effective than Random Ones
While you’re going for the crosses, don’t perform them randomly.

Crosses provide you with good opportunities to score; therefore, let your players get into their positions and carefully observe the movements of the defenders before throwing the ball.

Early Crosses
Early passes come in very handy when your teammates are not in the right positions to make further plays. These crosses must be made as the strikers are entering the box.

Do note that these kinds of crosses are the most effective when you’ve an agile striker against a slow defender. Once you get the ideal scenario, press the LB/L1 and time the cross perfectly!

Basic Cross
The basic cross is executed by pressing X/Square button on the consoles. While you’re going with the basic cross, try and aim for the edge of the box.

In addition to this, the basic cross can help you score while you’re trapped in the corners.

Early Crossing
This is executed by pressing LB/L1 followed by pressing X/Square on the consoles. I’ve mostly described what an early cross does and how it should be used, but for a quick summary; the early cross should be executed right before your striker enters the box.

In addition to this, this cross should be performed against a formation which has less number of back-row defenders.

Low Crosses
This cross is performed by double-pressing X/square button on the consoles. This pass is particularly useful if you’re trying to get the ball to a striker near the net.

Ground Crosses
These crosses are executed by pressing X/square buttons thrice on the consoles. This is the only type of cross, which is fine to use in a friendly match against AI-controlled opponent.

However, while playing a competitive match against other human players, this is not recommended at all!

Double Tapping
During the time in which the ball is in the air, it’s important to double-press the shooting button to make your player go in for a header. Like the shoots, the power of the headers can also be altered.

After double-pressing the shoot button, keep on holding it for at least half-a-second to increase the header’s power. In addition to this, make sure to specify a direction or the ball will go wayward.

FIFA 15 Crossing Tips

Scoring goals from crosses can be a useful trick to have in FIFA 15 as sometimes, you don’t have enough skill or good players to break through the opponent from the middle.

In such a situation, putting good crosses in from the wing can be an effective strategy.

To make the crossing buildup more effective, you can do a few things: first, try to have a fast wingers with good crossing stats and a striker who is tall and can head the ball well.

Players like Giroud and Benzema are good at heading the ball in. If you are looking to score from crosses, try to have one striker only as it will allow him to be in the box most of the times when you choose to cross.

In my experience, if there are more defenders in the box, then the strikers, low crosses and ground crosses are more effective.

A lot of players make a mistake of rushing the crosses in without looking in the box. You should know where your striker is before crossing so that you can power the pass accordingly.

Furthermore, if your player running diagonally towards the goal instead of a straight run, you will have better chances to position the ball for your striker.

Last but not the least, practice is something that will ultimately improve your skills a lot. Once you have comprehended the basic mechanics, go to the practice field and try it out until you are comfortable with any technique or skill.

FIFA 15 Corner Kicks Guide With Tips to Score From Corners

In FIFA 15, corner kicks provide some of the ideal opportunities to score. With the right technique and precise timing, corner kicks can prove to be the game changer.

FIFA 15 Corner Kicks Tips

In this guide, I’m going to discuss various techniques involved in taking corner kicks and how to use them effectively.

Who Should Be Your Corner Taker?
The player taking the kick can be changed by pressing RT/R2 button on the consoles. Although it solely depends upon you to choose your kick taker, I would recommend keeping the tall players near the box since they are good with headers.

As for the kick taker, choose a player with decent power and shooting skills. Usually, players who are good at free kicks like Prilo, Ronaldo and Messi, etc will serve a better delivery.

Positioning of the Target Man Matters
While taking the corner kick, the players can be moved by using the right analogue stick on the consoles.

Using this, you’ll be able to change the position of the receiver. This is particularly important because it allows your player to move to a better suited position and go for the score.

Try choosing a player with best heading skills. For instance, I play with Arsenal and the best players I could choose to head the ball would be either Giroud or Mertesacker based on their height and heading ability.

How Powerful Should The Corner Kick Be?
Depending upon the position of the receiver, you should alter your power to score effectively. Ideally, your power should never be less than fifty per cent and should never exceed seventy per cent. You need to determine the distance between the receiver and the kick taker and adjust your power accordingly.

Although it’s a little tricky to stop the bar between 50 and 70 percent, but if you do, your scoring chances will increase. Furthermore, make sure that you don’t deliver the ball close to the goal keeper as he will be quick to collect the ball.

If you can position your player at the near post relatively free, you will have very high chances of scoring from there.

What Are Dipping Crosses?
For this, you need to press X/Square button and push forward the left analogue stick on the controller. This tactic should be used only when there is a strong player near the box. As for the power, make sure that it doesn’t exceed fifty per cent of the total.

When To Cut The Corner Short
You’ll often find yourself in situations when defenders will be flooding the area near the box. During these situations, corner kicks don’t perform well and your best bet comes down to calling another player forward and then going in with a short corner.

In addition to this, you can also call forth a player and take the normal shot to confuse the defenders. In order to call a player, press LT/L2 followed by pressing the A/X button on the consoles.

This technique can also be useful, especially when you have players with good agility in your team. Just call a quick player, short pass to him and then after dodging one or defenders around the corner, you can deliver an easy and accurate cross into the box.

How To Swing The Ball
In order to swing the ball, you need to hold the left analogue stick towards or away from the goal. Holding the stick in the direction of the goal will cause the in-swing, and holding it away from the goal will cause the out-swing.

In-swing is particularly useful when the kick taker is standing below the goal line. It’s a good idea to aim as near as possible, and do not let the power exceed more than fifty per cent.

As for out-swinging the ball, this should be aimed at the farthest end, and the power should be around seventy per cent. This is particularly useful when you have the kick taker standing above the goal line.

FIFA 15 Best Young Players Guide

FIFA 15 Best Young Players

The ratings mentioned alongside these players are in accordance to their performance for both National Teams and Clubs. We’ve compiled a complete list of 20 best young stars to look for in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Paul Pogba
This 21 years old star plays the position of CM with a current FIFA 15 rating of 83. He plays for Juventus and has the potential to reach the rating of 89.

Youri Tielemans
This dude plays for Anderlecht and is only 17 years old. Controlling the position of CM, this player has a current rating of 73, but can reach up to 88.

Aymeric Laporte
This 20 years old star plays CB in Athletic Club de Bilbao. With a current rating 81, this star has the potential to reach about 88 in future.

Memphis Depay
This 20 years old star plays LW in PSV Eindhoven. With a current rating of 78, this guy has a potential to reach 88.

Meyer Maximilian
At only 18 years, Maximilian plays CAM for FC Schalke 04. He has a current rating of 75 and a potential rating of whooping 87.

Lazar Marković
This 20 years old star plays RM for Liverpool. With a potential rating of 87, this star currently sits at a pretty decent rating of 78.

Adnan Januzaj
At only 19 years, Adnan plays LM for Manchester United. With a potential rating of 87, he currently has a rating of 75 in FIFA 15.

Domenico Berardi
Another 20 years old who plays RW for Sassuolo. This dude has a current rating of 74 in FIFA 15, but has potential to reach out to 87.

Simone Scuffet
Udinese’s Goalkeeper is merely 18 years of age and sits at a current rating of 71. He has a potential rating of reaching 87 in the forthcoming seasons.

Richairo Živković
At only 17 years of age, Živković plays ST for Ajax. He has a current rating of 69 and a potential rating of 86.

Julian Brandt
Playing at the position of LW for Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Brandt is only 18 years old and has a current rating of 70 and potential rating of 86.

Lucas Piazon
Playing at the position of LW for Eintracht Frankfurt, Piazon is 20 years old and has a current rating of 76 and a potential rating of 86.

Ross Barkley
This 20 years old dude plays CAM for Everton and has a current rating of 78. In FIFA 15, he has a potential rating of 86.

Alen Halilović
At only 18 years, Halilović plays CM for FC Barcelona B with a current rating of 65 and a potential rating of 86.

Julian Draxler
Draxler plays LM for FC Schalke 04 and is only 20 years old. He has a current rating of whooping 80 and a potential rating of 86.

Mateo Kovačić
Kovačić plays CM for Inter Milan at only 20 years. He has a current rating of 75 and a potential rating of 86.

Raheem Sterling
Playing RW for Liverpool, Raheem is only 19 years old and has a current rating of massive 80 and a potential rating of 86.

Luke Shaw
Playing LB for Manchester United, this 19 years old star has a current rating of 75 and a potential rating of 86.

Michy Batshuayi
At only 20 years of age, Batshuayi plays ST for Olympique de Marseille. He has a current rating of 76 and a potential rating of 86.

20 years old Marquinhos plays CB for Paris Saint-Germain and has a current rating of 77 with a potential rating of 86.

How to Score More Goals in FIFA 15

EA Sports made several changes in FIFA 15 to improve the beautiful game. For starters, the developers make you work to score goals more than ever before. On tougher difficulties you may have 11 shots on goal without a single point, which of course leads to frustration on your end.

Don’t freak out. We have some pointers to help you reach the back of the net.

Practice all day

For starters, play FIFA 15 as much as possible. The more you play, the more experienced you will get behind the sticks and the easier scoring will become. Over time, you’ll get used to shot speed, passing, skill moves, and honing your set pieces. There is no magic cheat that gets you a goal. You have to earn it or hope your opponent makes a huge mistake.

Lob Shot

The lob shot is a nice card to have up your sleeve for sneaking a goal in once and a while. It isn’t one of the easiest shots to pull off for many reasons. Slow speed on the ball makes it easily blocked. The ball tends to go wherever it wants, and you really need to get your aim down with this one.

Pull off a lob shot by holding LB/L1 as you shoot. This will chip the ball up into the air; it’s sort of like golf.

When should you pull off a lob shot? Do it if you are one-on-one with the goalie and he sprints away from the net in a desperate attempt to reach you. Right before he gets to you and dives at the ball, hit this shot, and if done right, it should go right over him and into the back of the net.

2 on 1

There is nothing scarier for a keeper or more comforting for an attacker than the trusty 2 vs 1. When you are on a break and the only thing next to you is a ready and willing teammate, you are practically guaranteed the goal. Make sure you and your partner are both even and a good distance apart. Make the goalie charge after you and then pass the ball to your partner. He should have a very easy and unmissable open net. If this happens when playing with a buddy and he misses, make sure he doesn’t live it down for the rest of the night.

Come from the corner

A lot of times in the past, if you get the ball by one of the flags the first instinct is to cross it in, which isn’t a bad choice. Ideally, you should try to weave in from the corner. It might be a little more difficult to get into position than crossing it, but the goal-to-shot ratio is much better. Being on an angle to the keeper makes it much harder for him to predict what side you’re shooting to. Shooting from either the near or farther goal post increases your chance of scoring.

Rainbow Kick

After you master the other techniques, there is nothing more satisfying than scoring on a goal keeper by kicking the ball up over your own head into the back of the net.

The Rainbow kick isn’t technically a kick. It is one of the many skill moves you can do with the right thumbstick. It is meant to beat a defender to get a break on goal. If you do this just right with the goalie close to you, it will go over your head, his head and into the net. The result? You will look like a god among men.

To do this effectively, you need to have a player with at least five stars in the skill moves tree. Next, you need to get the timing just right. Start inputting the button sequence when the goalie is about a two-step length in front of you. The way you perform this trick is by using the right thumbstick and hit back, forward, forward. The direction will change depending on the goal. It will be “away from goalie, then toward him twice.” If you can pull this off, put the controller down and celebrate cecause you are a FIFA savant.