FIFA 17 Goals of the Year ft. Ray Hudson – EA SPORTS on collectionfifatips

Posted December 22nd at 6:00pm.

The most magisterial goals of the year in FIFA 17 are showcased in the Goals of the Year narrated by the one and only Ray Hudson. The BeIN SPORTS commentator is synonymous worldwide for his passionate reactions to skills, assists, and the most sumptuous goals in the world. Magic!

Have you scored a worldie in FIFA 17? Enter and showcase your skills for a chance to participate in the FIFA 17  Goals of the Week. 

collectionfifatips | Ellis: We have to evolve

While 2016 will not go down in USA women’s football history as its most successful year, 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup™-winning coach Jill Ellis continues to push the programme forward. After their early, quarter-final exit from Rio 2016, USA responded positively with six straight wins: a 3-1 victory over a rapidly-improving Netherlands and a series of comfortable wins against Thailand, Romania and Switzerland, featuring fresh faces and a growing player pool.

With a determination to keep the Stars and Stripes at the top of the tree in the ever-growing and competitive environment of women’s football, Ellis speaks exclusively with about lessons she learned in a disappointing 2016, handling the pressure that comes with the job and much more. On paper, 2016 hasn’t been a memorable year in terms of trophies for a historically successful team like USA, but what successes have there been behind the scenes?
Jill Ellis: Going into 2016 we knew it was going to be a transition year in terms of a lot of our top players retiring. The biggest focus for us was integrating new players and trying to evolve as a team. In certain areas of our game we have actually improved. But bringing in younger players like Mallory Pugh and to give them a chance to experience a world event like the Olympics, that is going to pay dividends down the line for us in the next World Cup.

Typically an Olympic roster does not change a whole lot from a World Cup Roster. But we mixed things up and brought in some different players. That is important, because it’s our development. We want to win World Cups and using that platform to get our players experience was important.  

Every coach in the world is influenced to a degree by former coaches and players, who are your greatest influences in your career as a coach?
A lot of people. In my college days of recruiting players and almost cutting my teeth in that environment in terms of honing my skills, getting better and being a better manager, that was helpful. I would attribute that to all the players that I have coached in the college ranks. My father has had a huge influence over me. He was a coach and probably gave me my first in-depth look into what coaching was about. When I was in college April Heinrichs was our assistant coach. She was a tremendous player and former national team coach.

There have been a lot of people that have influenced me. I am a voracious learner. I love to watch soccer, learn and go and watch other sports to take things away. In terms of players: You can take away something from every player. Abby (Wambach) was a tremendous player to work with. Her leadership skills, her poise, her motivation to players. All those things were wonderful attributes to see. 

When did you realise you had a talent for coaching?
At a young age my dad would threw me out in front of 250 people at his camps and say, ‘Hey, go and teach the principles of attack and the principles of defence’. From an early age I was put out in front of people. I am actually a more shy person, but suddenly realising when you are out there, you have to step forward and perform. I realised that that part was not difficult for me in terms of being a presence out in front of people. I never measured myself in terms of being successful or being good at what I do. I just did it. When you do something like that, you just hope that things work out well for you. Being true to who I am probably has been the most influential thing to how I am as a coach. My personality is a blend of how my coaching style is. 

Why do you love coaching? Why did you become one?
I did not plan on it. At the time in America coaching was not really a career that women got into. I went actually into the business world for a couple of years, and I was a writer. My passion just drew me back to the game, and I got an opportunity to take a job. And I did it. It was sort of a leap of faith. The pay and the salary were very, very low. So was it a career path at the time? No. It was probably a passion decision in terms of what I love. What I love about the game are the people, and certainly the game itself. But it is the people you interact with, meet, influence and learn from that makes this sport so exciting.

Our game is evolving so quickly that where we are is not going to be good enough to win in 2019.

USA coach Jill Ellis

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned as a coach the past year?
A lot of good lessons. The biggest take away for us coming out of the World Cup was – as I said to the players – our game is evolving so quickly that where we are is not going to be good enough to win in 2019. We have to evolve. The players understood that. Sometimes when you win something you think you have arrived. No chance. We have to continue to grow because the game is growing so fast.

In terms of preparing for an Olympics, we had to balance more this year than we did the previous year. The players with their club commitments as well. A lot of coaches around the world deal with that. Our players were balancing the club world with their national team commitments. That was kind of different for us. Before we always had the players when we needed them. That was important, working with the club coaches, dealing with injuries and that type of thing helped me in terms of my growth.  

USA are used to having more pressure to perform and win titles at the major tournaments. How do you handle the pressure, and do you enjoy it in a way? 
I don’t think people go into coaching if they are not prepared to deal with pressure. Everything is determined by winning and losing, right? If you go into something afraid of losing, then I don’t think you could be true and successful. You have to plan on every detail happening. And if it happens, it is wonderful and if it doesn’t? You go back to the drawing board and continue to recommit yourself. I knew taking this job, I knew what it was about. I knew there is hardly any margin for error at this job. You know, you have to win. But I enjoy that. I sleep well at night. I don’t feel pressure, because once you know the expectation, you know what you’re getting into. You just go with it.  

There is no major tournament for the USA this year. What would success look like for you with the team in 2017?
Our biggest focus coming out of the Olympics was to continue to have a very aggressive schedule. We will play Japan, England, Germany, France and Brazil. We have all these teams lined up to play. That is important, because you can’t take an off year.

The other part of my focus was to deepen our pool and expand our roster in terms of seeing more players. We did that coming out of the Olympics. We have had a lot of players coming in and getting their first caps. What we are doing already is we are building for 2019. It starts with finding players, expanding your player pool and growing as a team. We have some bigger tournaments. We have our SheBelieves Cup, which Germany, England and France come in. It is a very competitive tournament, and will be a good measure for us. What’s important for us this year is getting our younger players experience against those top teams. That will help us down the line. 

What do you hope your legacy will be as a coach, whenever your coaching career finishes?
I hope the players would feel that they have a coach committed to their performance and development, and that they enjoyed their experiences. Part of who I am is connection with players and with my staff. Making an environment where people want to be a part of it, that’s a nice legacy to leave. If we can win some medals along the way, that would be pretty special too. When you look back on your career, I don’t think of medals. I think of people that crossed my path that I have learned from or shared a laugh with or even tears with. Those are the memories I’ll take away.

collectionfifatips – Loading Screen Art Contest

Community artists can see their creations inside Blade & Soul!

We’re announcing the first ever Loading Screen Art Contest for the Western playerbase, and we’re calling all artists for a chance to win the ultimate prize: for use inside the Blade & Soul game!


See the full terms and conditions of the Loading Screen Contest to see if you qualify.


You can illustrate something new, ‘shop a screenshot, or express your art some other way—sky’s the limit! The submission must be digital artwork, follow the theme of Blade & Soul, and must be your own original work; any designs that violate copyright or someone else’s intellectual property will be disqualified. Below are a few of the loading screens that can be found in game.

  • All entries must be digital artwork and in .jpg format, 2048×1200 and 72ppi resolution.
  • We require that there is no text on the image; this includes signatures and watermarks. We will be crediting the user with an appropriate layer to match the image.
  • All entries must be appropriate for your region’s rating.

There will be a black fade layer on top of the loading screen at the bottom of the image approximately 300px tall, please make sure there are no important parts of your art in this area. You don’t have to include this fade in your image, it will be applied on the loading screen as an overlay. You can download the overlay here to see how it will look on your art.


One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive:

  • Art showcased in the Blade & Soul game as a loading screen
  • $100 USD worth of Hongmoon Coin (8000 Hongmoon Coin)
  • Exclusive Community Events Costume: Kindred Soul

Ten (10) Finalists will receive:

  • Art showcased in the Blade & Soul game as a loading screen
  • $50 USD worth of Hongmoon Coin (4000 Hongmoon Coin)
  • Exclusive Community Events Costume: Kindred Soul
Kindred Soul

The Grand Prize Winner and ten Finalist’s submissions will be showcased as loading screens within various areas of Blade & Soul that do not have a fixed loading screen tied to the area (ex: the Poharan loading screen appears when entering Blackram Supply Chain). The winning loading screen images will not be a permanent addition and will be removed at a undetermined time in the future, or when the next loading screen art contest is held and new images are created to take their place.


The Blade & Soul team will select the Grand Prize Winner and Finalists, and they’ll be announced on February 27.

Judging will be focused on creativity, overall aesthetic of the image, and ability to follow the Blade & Soul theme and style.


All entries are to be submitted by February 6 at 11:59pm PST, and should include the following:

  • Real first and last name
  • Chosen display name (will be displayed on the loading screen)
  • Region (NA or EU)
  • NC Account Email (or email that will be used to create a Blade & Soul account)
  • Maximum of 1 image entry allowed per person
  • A short description for the entry, 150 words or less
  • File formats must be .jpg, 2048×1200 and 72ppi resolution
  • Statement: “This email is submitted as an entry in the Blade & Soul Loading Screen Art Contest.”

Entries that don’t meet these requirements may need to be disqualified.



Please read the full terms and conditions of the contest before entering.

Anniversary Update Patch Notes on collectionfifatips

The Anniversary Update arrives January 18!

Anniversary Update

Come celebrate Blade & Soul’s birthday from January 18 until February 8 with the 1st Anniversary Festival! Earn special event coins to spend on rare and powerful rewards—including the ultimate Hongmoon Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond. In addition, we’re celebrating by giving YOU a present! Claim your 1st Anniversary Festival Gift from the Hongmoon Store (limit 1 per account) for exclusive goodies—including the Costume Design Contest Winner—and a unique achievement and title. Also for the duration of the Anniversary Festival the Blessing of Wisdom buff is returning, and the Heroic Confidence buff will be temporarily upgraded to Extra Confidence.

But that’s not all! We have some permanent updates to the overall game itself: weapon skins are seeing a nice quality of life change, increased drop rates on some sought-after items, and we’ve also reworked the pet appearance system to make it more customizable.


Thank you to everyone that has been with us for this first year, and we’re looking forward to many more with you. Happy 1st Anniversary!


Anniversary Update 2.10 Patch Notes

1st Anniversary Festival

  • The 1st Anniversary Festival event is now available from January 18 through February 8.
    • Visit Jadestone Village at the Viridian Coast and Zaiwei in Silverfrost Mountains to check out the anniversary decorations and join the festivities.
    • Complete the “One Year, Countless Adventures” daily quest every day to earn 1st Anniversary Coins and a 1st Anniversary Pouch.
    • 1st Anniversary Coins are also available from the Daily Dash, completing the Daily Challenge, Silverfrost Heroic Dungeon Daily Quests, and certain bundles on the Hongmoon Store.
    • Exchange 1st Anniversary Coins through the Event Items tab of Dragon Express to earn rewards including but not limited to:
      • Hongmoon Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond
      • Forging Orb
      • Sacred Oil
      • Silken Splendor costume
      • Taikhan’s Skin
      • Flower of Lament
      • Legendary Gem Hammer
    • For a limited time, you will also be able to transmute a Hongmoon Brilliant Heptagonal Diamond using the following items:
      • 1 Hongmoon Sparkling Hexagonal Diamond
      • 240 1st Anniversary Coin
      • 10 Gold
  • From January 18 through February 8 the 1st Anniversary Festival Gift will be available for free (limit 1 per account) from the Hongmoon Store.  It contains:
    • 1st Anniversary Hat
    • 1st Anniversary Glasses
    • 1st Anniversary Cupcake
      • Consume the 1st Anniversary Cupcake to receive an exclusive achievement and title!
    • Anniversary Fireworks
    • Wonderland outfit
    • Butterfly Mask adornment
    • Alice Ribbon adornment
    • Hongmoon Unsealing Charm (x10)
    • Hongmoon Key (x10)
  • The Blessing of Wisdom has returned and will be available from January 18 through February 8.  It provides the following buffs:
    • Increases Combat XP by 50%
    • Increases Daily Quest XP by 50%
    • Increases Guild Points earned by Crafting and Gathering by 100%
  • From January 18 through February 8, the Confidence buff will be replaced with an Extra Confidence buff which lowers damage received and increases damage dealt in 6-member Silverfrost Heroic dungeons.


  • A new Daily Dash is available from January 18 through February 8.
  • Midnight Skypetal Plains now features Frenzy Time which provides additional rewards at certain times:
    • Each weekend from Friday 6 AM until Monday 6 AM server time, players will receive twice the amount of reward chests from each Stage of Enraged Sacred Longgui.
  • Weapon skins are now returned when removing or replacing a weapon glamor.
    • Master Founder’s Pack redeemers will receive a new Heavy Metal Weapon Box within a week of the Anniversary patch.
  • Character Server Transfers will be made available from the Blade & Soul website in the month of January.
  • Fixed an issue where Character Profiles did not display correctly when the character had an elemental accessory equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where mouseover tooltips for Soul Shields were not displaying correctly on Character Profiles.
  • Pets and Soul Badges can now be viewed in Character Profile.
  • New window size options have been added to B&S TV, including an audio only mode.
  • Dungeon Overviews can now be posted to chat and feature clickable item tooltips.



  • Poison Breath / Choke Bomb / Plague Mist (4)
    • Poison is now refreshed upon successfully hitting an enemy with 5 Poison Stacks with Poison Breath (Tier 3 Stage 1), Choke Bomb, or Plague Mist.
    • Fixed an issue where a Poison stack was not being applied in certain situations when using Poison Breath (Tier 3 Stage 1), Choke Bomb, or Plague Mist.

Blade Dancer

  • Lightning Flash (F)
    • Lightning Flash (Stage 2) has had its attack speed increased.
  • Reversal (Tab)
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect tooltip would be displayed for 2 seconds after the knockback effect was applied by Reversal (Stage 2).
  • Multislash (2)
    • Multislash (Tier 2 Stage 2) now deals increased Wind damage with Wind Focus training.
    • Multislash (Tier 2 Stage 2) now reduces the cooldown of Whirling Scourge by 2 seconds for each hit with Wind Focus training.
  • Lightning Draw (C)
    • Lightning Draw (Tier 5 Stage 1) now deals additional area of effect damage.
    • Lightning Draw (Tier 5 Stage 2) now deals additional damage to enemies affected by Grab or Phantom Grip.
  • Storm Cleave (V)
    • Storm Cleave (Tier 2 Stage 3) now grants additional Lightning Damage for 4 hits with Electric Focus training.

Blade Master

  • Dragontongue (RMB)
    • Dragontongue now deals reduced damage.
    • Dragontongue now deals increased Flame damage upon critical hit.
  • Second Wind (Tab)
    • Fixed an issue where targets would sometimes have certain statuses cleared when hit with Second Wind Stage 1 or Stage 2.
  • Lightning Draw (4)
    • Lightning Draw (Tier 5 Stage 2) now recovers 2 Focus on every critical hit.


  • Line of Sight
    • Fixed an issue where Summoners were sometimes not able to use True Friend (Tier 3 Stage 1) (X), Evade (SS), or Retreat (F) when their familiar was not in line of sight.
  • Farewell (F)
    • Fixed an issue where the resurrection effect would fail in rare circumstances.
  • Entangle (RMB)
    • Entangle has had its cast speed increased.
    • Entangle now has to successfully cancel an enemy’s defense skill to apply Knock Down for 3 seconds.
  • True Friend (X)
    • Fixed an issue where the resistance effect would not be applied to the Summoner in rare circumstances.
  • Beckon (E)
    • Fixed an issue where the resistance effect would not be applied to the Summoner in rare circumstances.


  • Pets have been re-designed into two separate items–the Pet Aura and the Pet.
    • Pet Auras retain the attribute bonuses and can be upgraded in the same fashion as before.
    • Pets can now be applied to, replaced on, or removed from Pet Auras to change their visual appearance.
      • If desired, Pets can also be equipped directly to provide 2950 HP.
      • Pets can be converted to Sealed Pet Enhancement Stones via Transmutation.
  • Existing Heroic and Legendary pets can be salvaged to receive the Pet Aura and the Pet items.
  • Ultimate Pet Aura can now be transmuted to Unleashed Pet Aura.
  • A Heroic Pet Aura can be purchased from the General Goods tab of Dragon Express for 10 Gold and 3 Pet Enhancement Stones.
  • The chance of transmuting an Ultimate Pet Aura from a Loyal, Gusty, or Furious Legendary Pet Aura has been increased.


  • Increased the drop rate of Legendary Accessories from 4-member and 6-member Desolate Tomb, Ebondrake Citadel, and Naryu Foundry.
    • Draken Necklace, Draken Ring, and Draken Belt can now be purchased from Dragon Express for tokens acquired from their corresponding dungeons.  4-member dungeons provide more tokens than 6-member.
  • Increased the drop rate of Taikhan’s Skin from 4-member and 6-member The Shattered Masts.
  • Increased the drop rate of Forging Orb from 4-member and 6-member Naryu Foundry.
  • Increased the drop rate of Petal of Lament from 4-member and 6-member Sogun’s Lament, Cold Storage, and Heaven’s Mandate.
  • Increased the drop rate of Naryu Tablet from Heroic Silverfrost dungeons.
  • Increased the drop rate and quantity of Silverfrost Refining Stone from Expert and Heroic Silverfrost dungeons.
  • Sacred Longgui Key is now available from the Premium Membership tab of Dragon Express.
  • Forging Orbs can now be purchased from the Daily Challenge tab of Dragon Express.
  • Antidotes, Mass Revival Charms, and Escape Charms have all been consolidated into a single item each instead of having different items for each region.
    • You can exchange your existing items through the Antiques window.
    • Crafting Guilds, Recipes, NPCs, and Achievements have been updated to reflect this change.


  • Duel Match Battle Frenzy has been added which increases Zen Bean acquisition by 25% from 6:00 AM until 6:00 AM the following day on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • Tag Match Battle Frenzy has been added which will increase Zen Bean acquisition by 25% from 6:00 AM until 6;00 AM the following day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Beluga Lagoon and Whirlwind Valley Frenzy Time now grants 75% additional Battle Point and XP, up from 50%.
  • 1v1 Duel Match Season 1 has begun and will run from January 18 through March 1.
  • Beluga Lagoon Season 1 has begun and will run from January 18 through March 1


  • Fixed and updated a large amount of text, voiceover, and cutscene localization in English, German, and French.

1st Anniversary Festival Overview –

Celebrate Blade & Soul’s birthday with unique content and gifts!

1st Anniversary Festival Gift

To celebrate Blade & Soul’s 1st Anniversary we’re giving you a present! The 1st Anniversary Festival Gift is a free pack of items obtainable once per account from the Hongmoon Store. Inside are Hongmoon Unsealing Charms, Keys, and fireworks, as well as exclusive adornments, the Costume Design Contest winner costume Alice and its adornments, 1st Anniversary Coins, and the special 1st Anniversary Cupcake—which bestows a special achievement and “Trailblazer” title when consumed.

Anniversary Event

Collect 1st Anniversary Coins during the celebration (January 18–February 8) from the event Daily Quest “One Year, Countless Adventures”, as well as from Heroic Silverfrost dungeons, Daily Quests, Daily Challenge Rewards (3 Coins awarded on weekdays, 4 on weekends), and a new Daily Dash. Spend your acquired 1st Anniversary Coins in the Dragon Express to obtain special rewards like:

  • Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Diamond
  • Flawless Brilliant Hongmoon Heptagonal Diamond (via Transmutation)
  • Silken Splendor Costume
  • Forging Orb
  • Sacred Oil
  • Taikhan’s Skin
  • Legendary Gem Hammer
  • And More!

Dungeon Name

Quest Name

Quest Type

1st Anniversary Coins

Lair of the Frozen Fang

Ice in Their Veins



Avalanche Den

Frozen Phantasm



Awakened Necropolis

Nightmare at the Necropolis



Heaven’s Mandate

In Blackest Night



Cold Storage

Winter Wrap-Up



Sundered Nexus

Be Ido Rides Again



Sogun’s Lament

Asura’s Return



Gloomdross Incursion

The Umbral Mark



The Shattered Masts

Quiet the Raging Seas



Desolate Tomb

The Bonds that Bind Us



Ebondrake Citadel

Zakhan’s Blade



Naryu Foundry

Roar of the Furnace



Silken Splendor


Also during the anniversary celebration you’ll benefit from a bonus to your XP gains from combat and Daily Quests, as well as crafting/gathering Guild Point bonuses, and Zen Bean/Battle Point bonuses during select times. In addition, during the anniversary event, the “Confidence buff” in 6-member Silverfrost Heroic dungeons will be increased to an even more potent “Extra Confidence” version that increases your damage as well.

New Costumes

Celebrate the anniversary with two new costumes and head adornments that are available in the Hongmoon Store for the duration of the 1st Anniversary Event (January 18–February 8).

collectionfifatips | Evolution Streamlining

Weapon and accessory upgrades are changing in Wings of the Raven.

We’re making some significant changes to the weapon/accessory Evolution process in the next update—Wings of the Raven—arriving February 8.

Scroll to the bottom of this article if you want a quick overview of the changes.

Our goal with these changes is to reduce the complexity of the weapon upgrade system for new and leveling players by reserving the Evolution system for end-game upgrades only. Now, instead of continuously spending materials and gold to upgrade your Hongmoon weapon, you’ll directly receive weapon rewards as you level.


Here’s a look at the new pre-Silverfrost Mountains weapons that will be rewarded directly after the update.



Weapon Name


Chapter 5. Disciple of the Hongmoon School

Training Weapon


Chapter 7: Endless Dusk

Stalker Weapon


Chapter 11: Gone Fishing

Bamboo Guard Weapon


Chapter 21: Child’s Slay

Sablesteel Weapon


*Blackram Narrows

Blight Weapon


Chapter 7: The Dark Glimpse

Corrupted Weapon


Chapter 18: The Book Thieves

Frostbite Weapon


Chapter 34: The Enemy of My Enemy

Valiant Weapon


*Tomb of the Exiles

Infernal Weapon


Chapter 7: Bark At The Moon

Lycan Weapon


Chapter 17: Strange Aeons

Skyhaven Weapon


Chapter 23: The Sky’s Burden

Dokumo Weapon


*Blackram Supply Chain

Siren Weapon


*Bloodshade Harbor

Pirate Weapon

*Optional, more powerful weapons available as rare drops from Heroic Dungeons.

Once you reach Silverfrost weapon progression—where you will begin upgrading your weapon—you’ll benefit from a reduced upgrade cost and a simplified upgrade path. After completing Act 4, Chapter 1: The Road to Darkness, you will receive your Ivorymoon weapon. Ivorymoon is comparative to True Profane, and True Ivorymoon is comparative to True Scorpio. The intermediary upgrades have also been simplified, and overall costs have been greatly reduced.

Here is the cost breakdown for the new Ivorymoon weapon Evolution:

Equipped Weapon

After Evolution

Evolved AP

Cost Path 1

Cost Path 2

Ivorymoon – Stage 5

Ivorymoon – Stage 6


Soulstone x30


Silverfrost Mountain Dew x30

Frosty Weapon (Shrieking Caverns)

Ivorymoon – Stage 10

Awakened Ivorymoon – Stage 1


Soulstone x140

Soulstone x70

Moonstone x30

Moonstone x15

Frozen Stinger x100

Frozen Stinger x50

Silverfrost Transformation Stone x2

Silverfrost Transformation Stone x1

Naryu Tablet x1

Naryu Tablet x5

Yeti Weapon (Avalanche Den)

Silverfrost Refining Stone x75


Tormented Weapon (Avalanche Den; Lair of the Frozen Fang; Awakened Necropolis)

Awakened Ivorymoon – Stage 5

Awakened Ivorymoon – Stage 6


Soulstone x40


Moonstone x10

Frozen Stinger x30

King Weapon (Chuanka Frost Cavern)

Awakened Ivorymoon – Stage 10

True Ivorymoon – Stage 1


Soulstone x240

Soulstone x120

Moonstone x60

Moonstone x30

Frozen Stinger x200

Frozen Stinger x100

Silverfrost Transformation Stone x5

Silverfrost Transformation Stone x3

Naryu Tablet x3

Naryu Tablet x25

Scorpio Weapon (Awakened Necropolis)

Silverfrost Refining Stone x105


Tormented Weapon (Avalanche Den; Lair of the Frozen Fang; Awakened Necropolis)

True Ivorymoon – Stage 5

True Ivorymoon – Stage 6


Soulstone x60


Moonstone x15

Frozen Stinger x50

Alpine Weapon (Sogun’s Lament, Lair of the Frozen Fang, Sundered Nexus, Avalanche Den, Awakened Necropolis, Gloomdross Incursion, The Shattered Masts)


If you have any weapon up to and including True Scorpio, upon logging in after the update you’ll be prompted to Salvage your weapon. Salvaging the weapon will provide you with the new equivalent weapon, and in some cases will also return some of the upgrade materials and gold you spent. In the table below you can see what your weapon will turn into when Salvaged, its new Attack Power (AP) rating, and any returned materials.

Previous Weapon


New Weapon


Returned Materials

Hongmoon Weapon – Stages 1-10


Golden Deva Weapon



Awakened Blight Weapon – Stages 1-10


Infernal Weapon



True Blight Weapon – Stages 1-10


Profane Sword



Awakened Infernal Weapon – Stages 1-10


Forgotten Brightstone Weapon



True Infernal Weapon – Stages 1-10


Siren Weapon



Awakened Profane Weapon – Stages 1-10


Pirate Weapon



True Profane Weapon – Stages 1-10


Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 10


5 Gem Hammers

Oathbreaker Weapon – Stages 1-10


Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 10


18 Gem Hammers, 3 Gold

True Siren Weapon – Stages 1-10


Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 10


5 Gem Hammers, 3 Gold

Awakened Oathbreaker Weapon – Stages 1-10


Awakened Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 1


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold

True Oathbreaker Weapon – Stages 1-10


Awakened Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 6


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold

True Pirate Weapon – Stages 1-10


Awakened Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 6


5 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold

Awakened Breeze Weapon – Stages 1-10


Awakened Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 10


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold

True Breeze Weapon – Stages 1-10


True Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 1


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold

Awakened Scorpio Weapon – Stages 1-10


True Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 6


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold

True Scorpio Weapon – Stages 1-10


True Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 10


18 Gem Hammers, 5 Gold, Hongmoon Legacy Chest


The Hongmoon Legacy Chest contains the following items:

  • Soulstone (x250)
  • Moonstone (x70)
  • Frozen Stinger (x200)
  • Naryu Tablet (x15)
  • Silverfrost Refining Stone (x150)


The accessory path changes only impact new characters, who will see a change in the items they receive. New users will obtain the new Sterling/Ivorymoon accessories through epic quests, while existing characters will keep their current accessories. Existing characters can also acquire the new Ivorymoon accessories from the Silverfrost Valor Stone Trader NPC in Grand Harvest Square for 10 Silverfrost Valor Stones each.

Here’s a look at the new accessories that will be rewarded directly after the update.

Before Silverfrost Mountains:









Chapter 13: A Bridge Too Far Gone

Plague Necklace





Chapter 16: The Eight Masters


Wu Fu Earring




Chapter 18: Shroom to Grow



Dura’s Ring



*Blackram Narrows

Blight Necklace

Blight Earring

Blight Ring




Chapter 2: You and What Army?

Hakan Necklace

Samja’s Earring

Ukaha’s Ring



*Tomb of the Exiles

Infernal Necklace

Infernal Earring

Infernal Ring




Chapter 2: A Link to the Past and Present

Abomination Necklace

Augerite Earring

Huren Ring



*Blackram Supply Chain

Siren Necklace

Siren Earring

Siren Ring

Siren Bracelet


*Bloodshare Harbor

Pirate Necklace

Pirate Earring

Pirate Ring


Pirate Belt

*Optional, more powerful accessories available as rare drops from Heroic Dungeons.

In addition, two new sets of accessories are being added to the game: Lucent and Pinnacle. These are slightly better than Ivorymoon accessories, but are obtained as rare drops from Heroic Dungeons.

Silverfrost Mountains:









Chapter 4: Forcing the Enforcer



Sterling Ring




Chapter 7: Legitimate Business Practices

Sterling Necklace






Chapter 13: The Royal Martial Arts Championship


Sterling Earring





Chapter 16: Business Unusual



Ivorymoon Ring




Chapter 19: Damning Evidence

Ivorymoon Necklace






Chapter 22: The Eight Masters’ Sacrifice


Ivorymoon Earring





Chapter 25: Mother’s Garden




Ivorymoon Bracelet



 Chapter 28: Her Brother’s Keeper





Ivorymoon Belt


*Avalanche Den



Lucent Ring




*Lair of the Frozen Fang

Lucent Necklace



Lucent Bracelet



*Awakened Necropolis


Lucent Earring



Lucent Belt


*Gloomdross Incursion



Pinnacle Ring




*Shattered Masts

Pinnacle Necklace



Pinnacle Bracelet



*Sogun’s Lament


Pinnacle Earring



Pinnacle Belt

*Optional, more powerful accessories are available as rare drops from Heroic Dungeons.

Finally, some of the existing accessories are going to have their stats and drop locations updated. If you currently own some of these accessories, you may want to hold onto them as they are going to receive a significant power buff:

Old Name

New Name







New Players

If you’re new to Blade & Soul, you’ll experience a streamlined gearing-up experience as your weapon rewards are now given directly as you play through the main storyline. Once you reach Silverfrost, you’ll begin upgrading your weapon by Evolving it with materials.

Returning/Leveling Players

If you’re a returning player and your weapon is True Scorpio or below, you’ll want to Salvage it to receive your new weapon. As you progress through the game, you’ll use the streamlined weapon upgrade system and new accessories to help you on your path to Legendaries.

Max Level Players

If your weapon is pre-Legendary, you may enjoy some benefits from the streamlined upgrade path. You may also want to focus on the new accessories dropping from Heroic Dungeons (table above), which will help you work toward your Legendary accessories.

Character Transfers Available on collectionfifatips

Move characters to other linked server groups with this new service!

The Character Transfer service is now available! You can now move your existing characters to another server in your region, retaining your progression and items. Upon initiating a transfer you’ll need to adhere to several requirements to ensure it transfers successfully. Once scheduled, the transfer will in most cases take place during the next Wednesday server maintenance time. If your character doesn’t meet the requirements at the time the transfer is initiated, you’ll receive a reasoning, and need to address whatever the issue before the transfer attempt.

Head to the Character Transfer page for the list of requirements and restrictions, and to initiate your own transfer.


Transfers will only be available to another server not already in your linked server group. As a reminder of which servers are linked, here are the currently linked server groups:

North America



Group 1

Master Hong, Gunma, Taywong

Group 2

Mushin, Old Man Cho

Group 3

Jiwan, Soha, Dochun

Group 4

Poharan, Iksanun

Group 5

Yehara, Hajoon, Onmyung

Group 6

Juwol, Yunwa, Junghado




Group 1

Windrest, Wild Springs, Highland Gate

Group 2

Cardinal Gates, Hao District, Greenhollow, Spirit’s Rest

Group 3

Starfall Crater, Ebon Hall, Angler’s Watch, Twin Wagons

Group 4

[DE] Frostgipfel, [DE] Bambusdorf

Group 5

[DE] Windweide, [DE] Himmelsfarm

Group 6

[FR] Dokumo, [FR] Ogong, [FR] Hogdonny


Note: Transfers are not possible between regions (e.g. from North America to Europe, or vice verse).

Sergio Aguero can handle Gabriel Jesus competition – Pablo Zabaleta on collectionfifatips

Pep Guardiola insists Sergio Aguero is still one of Man City’s key players despite not featuring regularly recently.
Pep Guardiola hails Gabriel Jesus’ mentality after his brace led Manchester City to victory against Swansea.
Gabriel Jesus’ late winner was enough for Man City to see off Swansea and move up to third in the table.

MANCHESTER — Sergio Aguero is used to battling top strikers for a starting place at Manchester City, according to teammate Pablo Zabaleta.

Argentina international Aguero was dropped for a second successive game on Sunday ahead of the 2-1 win over Swansea City with two-goal hero Gabriel Jesus taking his spot.

After the game, Aguero, who has recently signed a contract extension keeping him at City until 2020, said he is happy at the club although he suggested his long-term future could be decided at the end of the season. 

And Zabaleta, who has played with him for club and country for the past six years, says he is used to fighting for his place in squads full of quality.

“Football is like this — especially with the big squads, where you have more than one big player in each position,” the defender told reporters.

“And of course, Sergio has been playing for most of the years as first choice. Now we have Gabriel Jesus, who played the last two games and did really well.

“I think it’s good to have two players with that quality. I think it’s always good to have healthy competition in the team — you know you have to perform well to keep your place in the team and that’s normal for the big squads.

“He’s a mature guy. Listen, years ago it was [Carlos] Tevez, [Mario] Balotelli,[Edin] Dzeko and Kun [Aguero]. It’s not the first time he’s been dropped. We need a strong squad to win titles.”

Sergio Aguero has lost his place at Manchester City to Gabriel Jesus.

Gabriel, 19, has made a spectacular impact at the Etihad since arriving in January following his £27 million move from Palmeiras.

The Brazil international has scored three times in three games and his 92nd minute goal against Swansea secured the three points that moved City up to third in the Premier League.

Zabaleta has been impressed by how quickly Gabriel has settled in at the Etihad and says manager Pep Guardiola could play him alongside Aguero in the same starting lineup.

“He was so happy [after the game] — he’s having a good moment,” Zabaleta added. “It’s fantastic when you come to England and you score three goals in three games, two assists. Hopefully he can continue doing this.

“If the manager decides to try to play them both together, they could do that. But we play in a 4-3-3 with one central striker, two wingers wide. That’s why probably at the moment one of them needs to play up front on his own.

“I heard Gabriel can play on the left. I’ve not seen him much in that position to be honest but probably he can play there.”

City dominated the first half against Swansea but the Welsh side hit back after the break and were close to pinching a point until Gabriel’s late winner.

Zabaleta felt it was a significant moment after City had squandered points with draws at home to Everton, Southampton and Middlesbrough earlier in the season when they were the better side.

“Winning in this way is an extra lift,” he said. “We suffered a lot in the game but when you win like that it gives the team huge confidence.

“I thought we played fantastic football in the first half. Second half we dropped intensity, not as good as the first half. But at the end of the day we deserved to win it.”

Jonathan is ESPN FC’s Manchester City correspondent. Follow him on Twitter: @jonnysmiffy.

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