Warmane Guide For Rotface 25 Heroic

Rotface is one of the two abomination bosses inside the Plagueworks section of Icecrown Citadel that players have to have to defeat to be able to unlock Professor Putricide’s laboratory and fight him there.

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1. Mutated Infection – Inflicts 3,900 – four,100 harm per second and reduces healing received by 50%. Creates a little bit ooze when it ends. Last 12 secs.

2. Ooze Flood – Inflicts five,363 – five,637 harm per second and reduces movement speed by 10% per stack. Last five secs.

3. Slime Spray – Inflicts 11,875 – 13,125 nature damage per second. Last 5 secs.

4. Vile Gas – Inflicts four,875 – five,125 harm every two seconds. Causes infected celebration members to vomit and damage other nearby celebration members for about 4,000 points. Final six sec.

5. Little Ooze:- Sticky Ooze – Inflicts two,925 – three,075 harm per second, reduces movement speed by 50%.
– Weak Radiating Ooze – Inflicts three,413 – three,587 damage just about every 2 seconds, merges little oozes with massive ooze.

6. Significant Ooze:- Sticky Ooze – Inflicts two,925 – three,075 harm per second, reduces movement speed by 50%.
– Radiating Ooze – Inflicts 2,438 – 2,562 damage, merges large ooze with small oozes.- Unstable Ooze – Increases damage dealt by 20%, stacks up 10 occasions.
– Unstable Ooze Explosion – Inflicts 14625 – 15375 damage, six-yard radius.


Here it is possible to use begin position like Festergut encounter only crucial prior to the fight starts you assign some players who will spread out about Rotface. Relating to the lineup, you don’t have to account for extremely much. The only critical issue would be to have sufficient players, at the very least 8, who can position themselves outdoors in the circle. These players are needed for Vile Gas to not be cast on melees. Even though Festergut’s Vile Gas was not a huge trouble since Inoculated reduces many the harm from it, right here is a lot a lot critical usually do not spread Vile Gas in the raid since it does truly huge harm and for healers will probably be just about impossible to overheal it. Several seconds right after the pull you instantaneously use Bloodlust or Heroism. At the begin in the fight, you are able to deal damage without having impairment considering the fact that there are not any oozes or green zones but, which tends to make it the optimal moment for Bloodlust or Heroism. Use two tanks for this fight. One tank stays on Rotface the whole time, though the other breaks off to choose up the small ooze, which can be cast periodically all through the fight against Rotface.

Keep Rotface inside the center of the area and have your second tank kite the oozes about him. Little oozes spawn each time Mutated Infection ends, and they spawn from the place of your raid member affected by Mutated Infection. When the first tiny ooze spawns, whoever it spawns from may have to kite it about till a second little ooze forms. That is definitely unless your Off-tank can abruptly pull the small ooze’s aggro off the raid member it spawned from, but this really is really difficult to complete for the reason that they hold a huge volume of aggro at the spawning. Following a second small ooze is formed, bring the two with each other and get them to merge. It could easily be performed by the raid member taking the newest ooze over to where the other ooze is getting kited. The healers ought to then cleanse the raid member when he’s close to the other ooze or simply to wait till Mutated Infection ends and also the Ooze shows itself. This may result in the two to merge and will unquestionably let your ooze tank to choose up the massive ooze. Then he just keeps tanking the significant ooze about the circle.

The huge ooze will explode soon after 5 little oozes have come collectively, so healers ought to watch for this to maintain the tank and raid alive, as well as the Off-Tank really should retain it away with the rest on the raid. Often Off-Tank inevitably need to run by way of Ooze Flood pools. Possess a paladin cast Hand of Freedom on him (because the Off-Tank will not be paladin) so you won’t be slowed when crossing them. In addition, take care not to kite the oozes through other players. DPS have four seconds to run from the ooze if they happen to become close to it when it is about to explode. Remain out of Ooze Flood, which is essentially the green areas around the floor and move quickly if you keep in it due to the fact in five secs you will gain 100% lessen of movement speed. The room is flooded periodically with it, that will kill you slowly if you’re standing in it and additional shortens the playing field.

Anytime Rotface turns his head, run away straight away to prevent Slime Spray. It’s pretty clear appropriate just before he utilizes this ability, so just watch for the head turn and run if you are in front of the path he turned his head. Additionally, you need to watch out for the explosions of your big oozes, not surprisingly, and locate a secure spot in time to avoid the modest ooze grenades as usual. Before operating back to your old position once again it’s important to check if Vile Gas will probably be cast quickly. If that is the case never just run back in melee variety, but keep the distance and wait for a second to see who will probably be the Vile Gas target, so it won’t be carried to melee by any suggests. The healers are very good usually do not stand inside the melees directly, but on the side of the boss and max closed to the middle as you can to have the range more than all raid members constantly. Also, paladins can use their Divine Shield and Hand of Sacrifice to save some member during Unstable Ooze Explosion.

Frog Mount Battle for Azeroth Model Preview

Today’s Battle for Azeroth mount preview could be the PH Frog (Green). This resembles the Frog Loa Krag’wa the Big in Nazmir.

If you need to determine a complete list of mounts at the same time as options to access them within the model viewer, verify out the Battle for Azeroth Mount Models post.

Frog Loa Quests
At the BlizzCon 2017 What is Subsequent Panel, Blizzard hinted that there was a Frog Mount and it will be connected to Nazmir and also the Frog Loa. At present, around the Battle for Azeroth alpha, there is certainly an initial quest chain connected towards the Frog Loa Krag’wa the Enormous.

To Gloom Hollow
There is only a single secure location in Nazmir that this Rokhan and your other horde friends may very well be in. Gloom Hollow. Lucky for you, it’s also close to Krag’wa’s den. We used Gloom Hollow as a final cease on our pilgrimage. Make your approach to Gloom Hollow along the path I’ve marked in your map, and inform any tortillas along the way to meet us there. They’ll be thinking about seeing the end of this story. Kisha and I will make our way there and grab anyone else we obtain.

Getting the Message – Staying Hidden
Da loa be powerful, but we are needin’ soldiers if we gonna possess a chance of stopping dem blood trolls from creating that giant of theirs. If we not capable ta destroy data point before it is finished den Zuldazar and all of our men and women gonna be dead! We require da assistance of da Horde! Word of da scenario currently is sent to da war chief. As quickly as we are hearin’ her reply, we are able to move… Wait… what be Dat noise?

There be trouble brewin’, mon. Da blood trolls are on da move! Dey setup a large camp nearby and have already been sending a smaller force to da isle south of right here. If they uncover our position while we’ve got no defenses, it gonna be game more than! We ought to see what they be as much as and do away with them. Our greatest bet is ta investigate da isle south a here. Do you want ta join me? I am prepared ta head out.

Hunt the Hunters – Fallen Idols
Please, enable us, mon. da Frogmarsh be under siege! Me master, da good loa, Krag’wa, he not prepared ta bend to da will of da blood trolls and dere dark god, so now they are takin’ his energy by force! They slayin’ his children, they takin’ his totems of energy. They gonna even take Krag’wa and sacrifice him if we are not in a position ta finish this madness! Cease them! Slay the invaders and their leader. Probably that be slowin’ them down to get an although. It is givin’ me time ta uncover a more permanent remedy.
The blood trolls seek to weaken Krag’wa, take his energy. They steal his idols of power to crack open and feed their magic. Salvage what idols you may, they’ll be needed to make Krag’wa powerful. Robust sufficient to fight them off once and for all probably.

A Poisonous Touch
You… I saw you speak with Zentimo. Please, I don’t have substantially time left… These trolls, they came for our blood. I was currently practically bled dry before this one succumbed to my poison. Search its body, the blowgun and darts need to nevertheless be there. Dip the darts into my blood and use them to weaken as numerous of their number as you’ll be able to. I’ll not let my death be in vain! If these trolls want our blood so badly, then they shall have it!

The Last Houngan of Krag’wa
I’m Krag’wa, the after mighty. Curse the blood trolls and their dark god! They’ve slain my worshippers until only Zentimo remained, and now even he is gone. I want revenge on the blood trolls, but very first I should honor the final of my houngan. As I have no other individuals, I will have to request you execute the ritual. Then we are able to speak of revenge.

A True Loa Feast – A Magical Glow – To Serve Krag’wa
The blood troll attacks haven’t stopped till now. They have weakened me considerably and I really need to get my strength back. My followers employed to bring me offerings of meat in the nearby lands. Go and bring back a mighty feast. My strength will return and we’ll quit these attacks as soon as and for all.
Long ago when the trolls began listening to the whispering darkness, I instilled portions of my power into the totems that surround my lair. I require that energy now. In the swamps north of here are blowflies. Their magical essence will aid me in drawing the stored power from the totems. Gather them and return. Then you definitely will see what I was capable of at the height of my strength.
<This frog has several wounds inflicted by naga spears. You can hear the sound of combat nearby. The naga is attacking Krag’wa’s frogs! Killing some of the nagas should help Krag’wa’s followers. You’ll have to get to the bottom of what the naga are planning.>

Krag’wa’s Chosen – Vengeance with the Frogs
Da naga is takin’ da most effective champions of Krag’wa and drainin’ dem of dere energy. Take dis potion, it is returnin’ da power of dem noble frogs. Dey deserves far better dan bein’ drained by dese snake bastards. I am stayin’ right here, da naga got in some fortunate hits on me… I hope Krag’wa be forgivin’ my weakness.
Da naga listed here are led by a priestess, Galaxia. She is da one who wants ta be usin’ da power of Krag’wa for herself. Do what I could not and kill dis priestess, show da naga at Krag’wa ain’t a lot to be taken lightly. I am prayin’ ta Krag’wa for ya good results.

Totemic Restoration
I am fed and my physique is ready. I can now be instilled with my energy of old and for any time will be immune to their blood curses and leeching powers.
Use the magic in the Glowflies to channel my power from the totems into me. Soon you may see me restored. Then we’ll destroy the army that prepares across the river to take all which is mine by force.

Krag’wa the Terrible
Your preceding attack has angered the blood trolls. They now send an army to take all the things. They are as well late! I am Krag’wa! I will not be eaten, I do the consuming! Meet me at the edge of Razorjaw River. You will bear witness to my power, and I will bear witness to yours.

Krag’wa’s Aid
Effectively carried out, <name>! Before we left I heard that Princess Talanji was headed to Gloom Hollow. She must be there by now. We ought to be heading back. She would wish to hear the tale of the results!

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Southampton sack Mauricio Pellegrino as manager after less than a year –

The FC guys answer your tweets on how David Silva stacks up with the best players in the Prem, if Barca can go unbeaten in La Liga and the leading candidates to replace Mauricio Pellegrino.

Southampton have sacked Mauricio Pellegrino as manager, the Premier League club announced on Monday.

Pellegrino was hired on a three-year deal in June of 2017 after Claude Puel was let go at the club. He had previously been at Alaves.

Saints were beaten 3-0 at Newcastle on Saturday and lie just one place and one point above the relegation zone.

Southampton have won just one of their last 17 league matches — against bottom club West Brom — with this weekend’s defeat proving to be the final straw.

Assistant manager Carlos Compagnucci and assistant first-team coach Xavier Tamarit have also parted company with the south coast club.

A Southampton statement read: “We would like to place on record our thanks to Mauricio, Carlos and Xavier for their efforts during their time with Southampton, and wish them well for the future.

“The club will look to appoint a new management team as soon as possible, with the search for a replacement already under way.”

Saints will be hoping to appoint Pellegrino’s successor quickly, with an FA Cup quarter-final at Wigan looming on Sunday.

They then face a crunch clash with relegation rivals West Ham at the London Stadium on March 31.

Former Hull and Watford boss Marco Silva has been installed as the favourite for the vacancy with bookmakers.

Pellegrino, 46, played for Barcelona, Valencia and Liverpool as a player, while his coaching career has included stints in charge of Valencia, Estudiantes and Independiente.

Press Association contributed to this report.

collectionfifatips | Players from Other Sports That We Want to See in FIFA

Usain Bolt FIFA

Usain Bolt FIFA

It’s no secret that Usain Bolt fancies himself as a bit of a footballer. And the fact that he has secured himself a trial at Borussia Dortmund this coming March proves just how right the developers of FIFA 18 were to put him in the game. But it got us thinking; are there players from other sports that we want to see on FIFA? Of course, there are.

Head over to the NBA, and you can take your pick of any major player there. Hand him the goalkeeper jersey, and you’re safe as houses, right? Well, in theory, yes, but remember, there’s a lot more to goalkeeping that height. You also need to be good with your feet, and Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers has the skills. He’s played football all his life and was at the Champions League Final last season. And at seven feet, no one is chipping him.

The Rugby Union has some fast players, but there are few that can claim to be faster than Usain Bolt himself. And one of those few is England player Jonny May, who recorded an incredible 10.49 meters per second in a recent speed test over 40 meters. That speed would see him break the world 100-meter record. Six Nations’ odds have England as the favorites for the championship, and with May in the team, you can understand why. This guy is not only as fast as Bolt, but he’s powerfully built and tall. Defenders would bounce off him. If Didier Drogba were as fast as Usain Bolt, his name would be Jonny May.

Back to the States, we go to the NFL. We’re thinking a strong center-half in the mold of Razor Ruddock, but perhaps in slightly better condition. A tight end in the NFL would do the job nicely, and Rob Gronkowski is the best there is. He’s big, he’s strong and he’s mobile. No light-on-his-feet Messi is getting past the Gronk, and he’d eat Neymar for breakfast.

Now you may not know this, but there are quite a few tennis players who are quick on their feet. Nadal and Djokovic are notorious for indulging in soccer tennis at exhibition matches while Federer allegedly had to choose either soccer or tennis as his chosen sport. Apparently, he was that good at both. We’d like to see Nadal on the pitch though; he’s got that fiery temper that would make him a good character who might earn himself the odd red card.

For the pure comedic value of it, we’d love to see just about any WWE wrestler on the pitch. Now wrestling and soccer have crossed paths before. Stuart Tomlinson played between the sticks for Port Vale and Burton Albion before signing up as a pro wrestler. He’s back playing for Altrincham now, so he might not get into FIFA anytime soon. So, who would we want to see? The Rock, John Cena, The Undertaker? Doesn’t really matter who, this would be totally worth it just for a laugh.

So, what about the other sports? Darts, snooker, golf? Who are the stars from other sports that you’d most like to see in FIFA 19? Of all those we mentioned above, we reckon Jonny May would be the most successful, although Nadal just might push him for a place in the matchday squad.

All FIFA 18 TOTY Players Revealed –

The full FIFA 18 Ultimate Team TOTY (Team Of The Year) players have been revealed after the 55 player selection was shortened down to the very best eleven star players. Check out who made the full team below and leave your comments on who you were lucky to have packed.

TOTY Attackers/Forwards

FIFA 18 TOTY Attackers

FIFA 18 TOTY Attackers

  • Harry Kane (ST) – Tottenham Hotspur / England
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (LW) – Real Madrid CF / Portugal
  • Lionel Messi (RW) – FC Barcelona / Argentina

TOTY Midfielders

FIFA 18 TOTY Midfielders

FIFA 18 TOTY Midfielders

  • Kevin De Bruyne (CM) – Manchester City / Belgium
  • Luka Modrić (CM) – Real Madrid CF / Croatia
  • N’Golo Kanté (CM) – Chelsea / France

TOTY Goalkeeper & Defenders

FIFA 18 TOTY Defenders And Goalkeeper

FIFA 18 TOTY Defenders And Goalkeeper

  • Sergio Ramos (CB) – Real Madrid CF / Spain
  • Leonardo Bonucci (CB) – AC Milan / Italy
  • Marcelo (LB) – Real Madrid CF / Brazil
  • David De Gea (GK) – Manchester United / Spain
  • Dani Alves (RB) – Paris Saint-Germain / Brazil


FIFA 18 Winter OTW Players Full List –

EA Sports have revealed the full winter OTW (Ones To Watch) cards and the lineup has some of the best players involved. These black cards are new players who’ve recently transferred from one club to another in the January transfer window and who could do well for their new clubs.

FIFA 18 One To Watch Winter Players

FIFA 18 One To Watch Winter Players

If you manage to pack or buy any of these players then you will be hoping that they get an IF (in-form) in numerous TOTW’s as each time they do, they’ll automatically increase in stats and base overall rating.

The likes of Ross Barkley, Theo Walcott, Van Dijk, Mkhitaryan and Coutinho to name just a few who are available. There are also loads of SBC’s that have been released by EA at the moment too but they won’t be out for long!

There’s squad building challenges for both the winter and summer OTW players where you will be guaranteed a OTW player in a pack but you have to submit one yourself to get an untradeable version or a one to watch and TOTW player to get a tradeable version.

The best way to make coins from this promo is to target a few players that you think will increase dramatically if they get just one in-form and watch matches live. Then as soon as a forward gets a brace or more, then buy it ASAP.

If it’s a defender then usually one goal does the trick and the card should then be upgraded on the following Wednesday. Check back for more FIFA 18 tips and make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date.

collectionfifatips | FIFA 18 Peter Schmeichel Icon SBC Cheapest Solution

This is the very first ever Prime Icon SBC we’re covering for FIFA 18 and it’s the Peter Schmeichel card up first. In this tutorial guide you’ll find out the simplest and cheapest solution to get the legendary Danish goalkeeper. Check out the full HD video below to learn more.

Starting from his early days and all the way through his career we showcase all the SBCS all the way to the 86 rated team. Detailed below are all the squad building challenges you need to complete to be awarded this very special card.

  • Brøndby IF
  • Sporting CP
  • Premier League
  • Denmark
  • 84 Rated Team
  • 85 Rated Team
  • 86 Rated Team

Remember that you will also be awarded packs for every SBC that you complete so that will hopefully help in getting some of the cost down. The entire cost put together to complete this icon SBC is around 380K coins.

As for how good the actual card is in-game, well there are mixed reviews on it but i will say that he is incredibly good at one on one shot stopping but he lacks a real desire to get Arial balls when crosses are whipped in to the middle. He’s also not very good at saving long shots from far out which is disappointing.

It’s worth getting it if not for the sheer reason to at least put it towards another icon SBC that requires you to submit an icon in any position. Make sure you’re subbed to the official YouTube channel and check back here for more icon squad building challenges that will be coming soon.

FIFA 18 Marc Overmars Icon SBC Cheapest Solution –

So here is another FIFA 18 prime icon squad building challenge and the player that we’re helping you to get at the cheapest price is Marc Overmars. This is the cheapest solution where you will save thousands of coins by doing it the cheap way. You’ll need around 380K coins on Xbox and around 400K for PlayStation in your club and you can watch the full HD video guide below.

The following SBC’s are the ones that you will need to complete in-order to get the untradeable Overmars special Icon.

  • Eredivisie
  • Arsenal
  • FC Barcelona
  • 83 rated team
  • 84 rated team
  • 85 rated team
  • 86 rated team

The cheapest SBC will be the Eredivisie whilst the 86 rated team will be by far the most expensive but copying the exact players that i submit you’ll end up saving loads and getting the player for a bargain price.

As for Overmars, i actually have it in my team and it’s a fantastic card! Some icon cards are not that great but this one if very good and even if you do not get along with it and don’t quite fancy it then you can still submit it into other icon SBC’s to acquire another icon down the line.

The stand out attribute is by far the 95 pace which is frightening and i can tell you that he is lightning fast and is great on the left wing. Make sure to subscribe to the official YouTube channel to stay up to date and see when all the new videos are uploaded to the channel. More FIFA 18 tips to come on the website soon so check back periodically as the site is updated.

collectionfifatips – Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

This week’s Shutterbug title goes to clasicK. Congratulations!


We’re currently on the eve of the upcoming server merge. If you haven’t already heard, overflow servers from our recent free weekend will be merging to their new official homes. You can learn more about this in our official server merge thread. We’re also bringing back player surveys! If you’re new to GRAV, we ran player surveys before the Reborn update and many of the additions to Reborn were directly influenced by these surveys. We’re working on the next big update for GRAV and we think it’s a perfect time to get our surveys going again. More information about these surveys can be found at the end of this post. However, we had a lot of excellent base submissions this week, so let’s get this show on the road.

Creator Overlord of The Week

This week’s title of Creator Overlord of The Week goes to KatFrog for their really intricate main base that even includes an indoor race track! We also want to note that this week’s Creator Overlord and Shutterbug will be forever immortalized on our Facebook page in their own album of champions. All future winners will be added to these albums as well.

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

Runner Up Bases

Our choices for runner up bases were stellar and made our winning choice extra hard. Because of this, they definitely deserve some love as well.

Bases submitted via email from Jon S

These bases were built by Jon and his soulmate and are really cool! Very creative, especially the Camel Towing service collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

Base submitted via email from Night Engine

We loved how photogenic this base is! It looks very practical and definitely deserves to be included in this weeks Community Update. Keep up the great work!

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

Cool Fan Art

While looking through some excellent screenshots on the Steam forums, we found some really cool fan art by Steam user FaithSDK✪TimeTravellingSoldier. We absolutely love this kind of stuff and we strongly encourage any artists in our community to post any cool art you may have! We will be making a separate album on our Facebook page for fan art, so it can live on forever!

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

collectionfifatips - Community Update #9

GRAV Community QA

This week’s QA thread didn’t receive much love, so we only have a couple questions to include in this post. If you have any GRAV related questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the official QA thread here: We look at every question submitted in this thread, so don’t not post because of the possibility of not being seen. With that being said, here are answers to a couple questions recently submitted:

Jon S – I was curious as to where i might have the best chance to find a Unicorn hat?

Answer: Here’s a hint, you must be rank 300, and it might help if you hummed this song to yourself in a high level area:

=VAC=Killers – How close are we to seeing NPC’s giving quests and missions finally?

Answer: Our next big push is all about NPCs and quests! We don’t have any dates for you yet, but we’re working on it now.

Player Surveys

We are excited to start our player surveys again. For those of you that don’t know, player surveys are a way for us to get structured feedback from you. We also include a section in each survey for specific ideas/suggestions. This is another great way to make your voice heard. It’s also very helpful for us. It not only helps us improve GRAV, but it also helps us improve our community.

If you are interested in participating in our player surveys, simply send an email to me at: with the subject line “GRAV Survey”.

See You Next Week!

That wraps up this edition of our community updates. If you want to be a part of future community updates, you can do so by submitting your screenshots, videos, artwork or anything GRAV related to us by tweeting at us @playgrav. You can also e-mail us at with the subject line “Community Update Submission”. Until next time, EXPLORE BUILD DANCE SURVIVE.

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Welcome and Happy Holidays!

Last week we merged overflow servers over to their new permanent homes. Aside from a certain overflow server 5, we believe things went fairly smoothly. Now we’re moving forward to a new holiday update! This new update brings a new Santa hat, holiday trees, presents, bug fixes and more. The update should be ready very soon, so stay tuned. If you haven’t already heard, last week, we officially brought back player surveys! If you’re new to GRAV, we ran player surveys before the Reborn update and many of the additions to Reborn were directly influenced by these surveys. If you’re interested in participating, please send an email to with the subject line “GRAV Survey.

With that being said, let’s check out the Shutterbug and Creator Overlord for this week.

Shutterbug of The Week

As always, we found a ton of excellent screenshots, so we have included some extra screenshots this week as runner ups. Below is the official Shutterbug for 12/18.

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

This week’s Shutterbug title goes to Militant Guru. Congratulations!

Runner Ups

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

This excellent screenshot comes to us via Steam user: Brostachio

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatipsThis screenshot was taken by Erockstar

Creator Overlord of The Week

This week’s title of Creator Overlord of The Week goes to Murdersauce for their really really ridiculously good looking base that has survived 5 raids and includes public stargates, facilities, crafting services, and protection for new players! See some screenshots of this excellent base below. For a complete album of this base, visit this page.

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Runner Up

This week’s runner up base is a pretty serious tower built by Steam user: Slllick

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

Other Cool Images

Here’s a couple more screenshots that we really liked! They definitely deserve some love.

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips

You can thank PvPenny for this rainbow road screenshot!

Community Update #10 on collectionfifatips
This really neat screenshot was taken by Steam user: Enzo

See You Soon!

That wraps up this edition of our community updates. The next Community Update post might be delayed or early next week. However, it definitely wont be on Thursday or Friday (Christmas Eve & Christmas Day). However, after that, we will be right back on schedule. If you want to be a part of future community updates, you can do so by submitting your screenshots, videos, artwork or anything GRAV related to us by tweeting at us @playgrav. You can also e-mail us at with the subject line “Community Update Submission”. Until next time, EXPLORE BUILD DANCE SURVIVE and Happy Holidays!

A Collection Of FIFA Ultimate Team Tips, FIFA Guide FAQ