16.9.2 Build is Now Live on collectionfifatips

The 16.9.2 Patch introduced a few more gamepad adjustments, usability/polish features, new achievements, and introduced some more new housing features. The patch introduced a new module wood platform for finer control over platform placement and layout. It currently is using placeholder art, but was added for some feedback and improvement if needed. Some performance upgrades were made as well during placement to lessen framerate loss. 

Melee animations should be a bit better with the "pain/impact" animations from being hit now blended properly. We improved and adjusted the blood effects for both getting hit as well as hitting targets. We added some camera shakes as well for added impact and cues. Those who do not like camera shakes or have other reasons to disable them can in the settings in the Game tab. 

In addition, we added a few basic achievements to this patch. They are mostly kill achievements for killing different creatures in the game. There are 4 PvP achievements as well along with some simple reach level X achievements. 

Finally, we made some adjustments to some of the plants that were reported as having issues targeting for extraction in the 16.9.1 Patch. Most of the non collision plants (ones you can run through) should be fixed up, if you find more please report them (using /location helps to find them quickly). 


  • Added achievements for Calprates, Drosera, Helltyr, Jabberbul, Rhinoc, Rocharus, Mubark, and Phosphori kills. 
  • Added a black and white version of the generic logo used as a fallback on achievements so it will remain grayed out until you obtain the achievements. Also made those achievements no longer hidden, they will simply be grayed out. 
  • Improved the achievement descriptions of the three achievements earned through engagements. 
  • You will now earn achievements when you acquire level 10, level 25, and level 50. 
  • Added four new PvP oriented achievements. 
  • Added Achievement tracking and awards for numerous species.


  • Added camera shake effects for melee impacts as well. There is a slight effect for harvesting when punching (trees) and using larger tools (rocks, trees, etc). 
  • The melee impact animation is now blended and will play with the melee attack animation so it isn't constantly cutting one or the other out. 
  • Your hands will now track vertically with a melee weapon or unarmed like it does with a ranged weapon. 
  • Ranged weapons now have a slightly camera shake effect when firing. They are tied into the Camera shake slider in settings if you wish to disable them or make them less pronounced.


  • Improved intro music. 
  • Added new ranged weapon sounds. 
  • Added new bullet hit sound effects. 
  • Corrected an issue with stereo spread effects when playing the local version of sounds.


  • Added damage effects when players are damaged by other players or NPCs.


  • Improved bleeding effects.


  • When adjusting or placing a housing item, if Snap is on, movement via the mousewheel can now still occur when the amount of movement exceeds the snap threshold. 
  • Increased frame rate used when placing or moving housing items, for a smoother look. 
  • Modified existing wood, stone, and iron bases (the original all-in-one platforms) so that ground contact checks during placement is now done at the location of each leg, instead of using a generic 4 corners + center check. 
  • Reclining Beds have been renamed to Rest Stations. 
  • Improved logic for determining if a housing structure needs to fall to the ground after its support has been moved or destroyed. Other structures touching to the side will no longer prevent others from falling. 
  • Housing item placement now has a height restriction, equivalent to about 3 of the new modular platform supports. (30m). 
  • Added new craftable wood platform modules that will eventually replace the current wood bases. These modules can be crafted using the Construction skill (levels 1-3). The new structures are : Small/Medium/Large Wood Platform, Small/Medium/Large Wood Ramp, Medium/Large Wood Supports. NOTE: The final art for these structures will be added in the next release. The current look is just a placeholder.

Items and Fittings 

  • The Rest Station (formerly Reclining Bed) description has been improved to denote that it can be used as a respawn point.


  • Added a camera shake when you get hit by a npc.


  • Minor optimizations to NPC rendering code.

Player vs. Player 

  • PvP kills are now tracked and used to earn new PvP achievements.

User Interface 

  • Crosshairs will now change when you can harvest a resource. 
  • The get/use hand crosshair now has a gamepad alternative. 
  • Fixed a slight clipping on dropdown boxes of their bottom border if they had values. 
  • Gamepad button information will now be displayed on tip windows if you are actively using a gamepad. 
  • Input boxes now support using a gamepad for Yes/No selection. 
  • Equipment window now has more gamepad support including interacting with bags allowing moving of items back/forth (you can do this with shift+double click with a mouse to easily transfer) and can move the objects inside of the inventory as well. 
  • Storage containers now work with the gamepad and the inventory window. They work similar to backpack/bags with transfering back/forth and switching between. 
  • Added a Slider for Adjusting Camera Shakes to the Game Tab in Settings. You can reduce the shake effect or turn it down to 0% to completely disable it for those who do not like them or have issues with them. 
  • Crafting Stations now have gamepad support including quantity, pause, stop, and inventory control. 
  • You can now hold the LB button on your gamepad to pop up a selection wheel that you can use to navigate through GUIs.

Vehicles and Mounts 

  • Adjusted the physics of Armored Vehicle tires to tweak their mass, width, and improve traction. 
  • Adjusted the camera when driving an Armored Vehicle to correct issues of the camera clipping inside of tank geometry in first person.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed collision response for the Lesapen plant so it was easier to target. 
  • Added some checks to housing placement to prevent placing structures underground where they can not be retrieved later. 
  • Fixed an issue during housing placement, where harvested resources could cause the ground contact verification to fail when it shouldn't. 
  • Corrected audio ducking issues. 
  • Fixed a stat related issue on some Supply Crate items. 
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent you from respawning at certain bed locations due to proximity. 
  • Fixed an occlusion related bug on NPCs. 
  • Fixed an issue with crafting stations and an issue with items requiring more than 1 slot (such as 3x calibrite knife). The 2nd slot and onward would not be setup properly and would cause issues. This most likely fixed a few other issues as well with overflowing items missing some values. 
  • Single slot items (such as knives) now will properly return the maximum quantity able to be produced based in the inventory size of the crafting station. Over 10 there was a bug and would report 30 when it couldn't clearly do that. 
  • Adjusted the collision on the "purple fern" to make it a bit easier to target. 
  • Fixed the decay timer not starting initially on a new item. 
  • Made some adjustments to the map so the map marker mouse overs would work properly. 
  • Cosmetic fix to initial status message in housing placement dialog. 
  • Fixed some floating Firestrand Plants near the Setlang Infestation engagement.

collectionfifatips | 16.10.1 Build Is Live

We are happy to announce the release of the 16.10.1 patch. This patch brings many adjustments to progression and skills. As a result, there is a wipe built into the patch so all your progress will be wiped out in both single player and online. We will also be renaming and removing a few online servers. All previous servers will be removed so please be sure to check the list of servers carefully for the same ruleset server you were playing on before. 

Due to the larger difference between a low and high level character compared to before all our PvP servers will now be starting players out at level 51. All PvE servers will start out at 1 as before. Custom player servers can decide if they want to start players out at a higher level if they wish.

Below is a bullet point list of all the major changes in this patch.

  • The level cap will be raised to level 75, and as a result the time required to max level will also be increased. We felt players were maxing level too quickly and then running out of things to do.
  • The cap for each skill will be raised from 10 to 15. This allows for a greater range of passive bonuses, and has allowed us to rearrange the skill trees to offer a better level of progression.
  • We will remove the old style giant bases, instead utilizing a new modular platform-support-ramp system, which is being previewed in the current patch. 
  • There are new sub-species for many of the game’s species, similar to what we saw with Setlang previously. This allows us to use different loot tables and to provide a sense of progression that is easier to recognize and to balance, allowing for loot improvements on the higher end variations.
  • Armor and weapons will scale to a greater degree in effectiveness, along with more and variations of each. Both systems have undergone a balance pass, AoEs are more effective, there is a noticeable difference in melee attack speeds, projectile weapons can now have procs, clip sizes have been adjusted, and more.
  • NPC progression are also being adjusted to fit with the new armor and weapon scaling. NPCs should be more difficult at higher levels than before, requiring proper equipment to take on. The types of npcs and their placement will also be shifted in the world to meet these adjustments and the new level cap. Additionally there are AI and loot improvements.
  • Bags and Backpacks now require more inventory space. Beginner bags now hold a few extra slots as a result.
  • We have renamed the tiers of various crafting stations. The new naming convention looks like Crafting Station->Improved Crafting Station->Advanced Crafting Station. This was to avoid confusion on required stations. Storage numbers have also been adjusted.
  • Hieroglyphs are now dropped from harder creatures. These will increase your skill points allowing you to possibly reach 15 points in each skill without tweaking the skill gain values.
  • Genetic Pets now have a new level progression system. It is based on the skill in Subsistance and the player's level. Lower tier pets still have a level cap, but they will be more effective in general than before.
  • There is now a penalty on death of 20% damage to worn equipment. This can be modified using the ruleset options.

In addition we have made a lot of other smaller changes. Please check out the whole list of changes for the patch below.


  • We have renamed the kill 500 Helltyr achievement to Helltyr Skeltyr.
  • The kill 25 drosera achievement has been renamed to Weed Whacker.
  • Added four new achievements centered around Crafting and Repair.
  • Adjusted the text on some of the achievements to make them more consistent with one another.
  • Changed level 25 to level 30 achievement.
  • Added a new achievement which is obtained when you reach level 75.


  • NPCs will cluster around you much better than before instead of stacking behind each other.
  • NPCs will now rotate toward you if they are not facing you in combat.
  • Rhinocs now have a much better hit detection sphere than before and should engage in combat much better.



  • 1st person rifle reload animation was much longer than its 3rd person counterpart. The 1st person animation was adjusted so it matches the 3rd person in speed.
  • Melee weapon animations have been adjusted. Knives now swing significantly faster, where weapons like spears swing more slowly.



  • Reload sound for rifles was adjusted to match the reload speed.



  • Introduced new weapon particle effects.
  • Created new item icons to support many of the new additions.
  • Improved Vulture spit effects.



  • The all-in-one platform/supports/ramp bases (e.g. "Wood Base", "Stone Base") have been removed from the game. They have been replaced by smaller modular platforms, ramps, and supports.
  • Improved ground contact checks for placement of the Tech Shed.
  • Added new stone and iron platform modules, similar to the new wood platform modules.
  • Improved collision checks when moving a platform that has other items on top, e.g. walls. The above items should only be considered colliding if the intersection is above the area of those items that is allowed underground.
  • Added center crossbeams near the top of the medium platform support structures, to make it easier to place a platform module on top.
  • The amount of resources returned when demolishing a housing item is now determined by your construction skill. The odds of recovery for each resource varies from 25% at skill 1 to 95% at skill 15.
  • Reduced the storage size of Tier 2 and Tier 3 crafting stations slightly.
  • When playing offline, pod spawn points are no longer considered to be restricted building areas. The restriction still exists for online servers.
  • Renamed the Storage Containers. They now follow this pattern: Crafting Station, Improved Crafting Station, Advanced Crafting Station. This is to remove some confusion about the "Basic" ones.


Items and Fittings

  • Weapons with AOE Damage (shotguns, shockguns, flamethrowers, phosphori rifle) now do more AOE damage than before. Their base damage was reduced as a result.
  • Armor is now damaged easier during combat. It was also adjusted to damage chest, head, and legs a bit more often as they have a higher armor rating/coverage area.
  • Stone tools will no longer yield any Iron. Need to be using Calibrite or better Picks to get it.
  • There is now a penalty on worn equipment on death of 20% durability loss. If items are dropped on death the penalty will be applied as well. It can be changed in the configuration options using Equipment Damage on Death. Setting it to 0 would cause no damage, setting to 100 or higher would cause all equipment to break on death.
  • Added hides for creatures that were missing them to support the new armor types.
  • The Helltyr Warlord now drops a high end hammer which drips blood when equipped.
  • Projectile weapons now support procs.
  • Adjusted the existing armor (Cloth, Setlang, Lurker, Nanofiber, Rhinoc, Rocharus, Firestrand, Mubark, Studded Mubark) with new armor values. Armor at the higher tiers now reduces a lot more damage. Some armor had some modifier tweaks as well done for Electicity and Heat. Critical Results for these recipes were all tweaked.
  • Added new Cryo Grenade Launchers. These higher end grenade launchers do increased damage, and freeze opponents temporarily.
  • Introduced a new type of artifact which is similar to the Alien Artifacts but grants a higher amount of experience. It is very rare and only on higher level NPCs.
  • Added new Energy Supplements which restore a small amount of hunger, but more importantly grants both a Health and Energy restoration over time.
  • Introduced new Advanced Medical Scanners which heal a higher percentage than standard scanners.
  • Added four new types of artifacts which when studied will provide the player with a boost to their skill points. This is separate from the points that you gain when leveling, but they will be lost if you respec. These artifacts are somewhat common drops off the higher difficulty variants.
  • Phosphori now drop warm meat which can be eaten without being cooked. This is in addition to their other loots and will always drop. It is a potent meal, both in regenerative properties and in filling your stomach.
  • Added new Vulture, Helltyr, Jabberbull, Kaavo, Tralus, and Phosphori Armor Sets.
  • Bags and Packpacks now take 2×2 slots. Initial bags were increased in size slightly due to taking up more inventory space. The backpacks were adjusted a bit as well (they hold slightly less than before).
  • Increased the efficiency of Health Stim regeneration.
  • Leather Backpack is now called Kaavo Backpack and Lurker Backpack is now called Tralus Backpack.
  • Increased the recharge time of medical items from 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Increased the amount of heals per cartridge in Medical Scanners, while closing the gap between them and critical variations.
  • Adjusted crafted melee weapon damage to match new speeds and adjusted base damage to match the new armor progression.
  • Adjusted ammo clip size on some ranged weapons. Pistols got an extra bullet, Rifles, Shockgun, and Flamethrowers were reduced in size.
  • Added new Refined Calibrite and Steel Knives, Axes, and Swords. They are improved versions that do more damage.
  • Pistols now fire at a rate of 2 shots per second versus 3.
  • Added Refined Calibrite and Refined Steel resources. They are used for the new Refined weapons. The Heated and Charged weapons also now require it.
  • Added new Refined ranged weapons. This is for both the regular weapons (Ex: Refined Pistol) and for Beam weapons (Ex: Beam Pistol).
  • Added a new high end Phosphori Rifle.
  • Reduced Ammunition output from 150 to 100 in the recipe. Crit is now 200 as well. Beam ammo now is the same value (down from 200) and Flamethrower ammo as well (down to 100).



  • Added a new configuration option: NPC Max Spawn Rate. This will increase or decrease the min/max spawn rates on a spawner. It is clamped to .02 (should only spawn 1 npc) and up to 3 (3x the normal amount of npcs). This can be useful if you want to increase the npc difficulty, but have less of them to contend with.
  • Phosphori now has a camera shake when the ground attack hits. Like other camera shakes if set to 0 it will not play.
  • Player data, structures, units, and some other backend data will be wiped as of the 16.10.1 patch.
  • Increased the amount of exp required to get the passive EXP bonus as you level. There is a passive exp bonus if you remain active earning exp and do not die.
  • Doubled the max wait time for stamina to start regenerating, but increased the restore rate by 2.5 times what it was before (to roughly 10 a second).


  • Added a Trailus Lurker sub-species.
  • NPCs in x2y1 (east of start area) are now 10-35. Placement of npcs were adjusted.
  • Introduced a new Tralus Rocharus sub-species.
  • Added the "Rocharus Creeper". It is the more difficult version of the Rocharus.
  • Added a new Tralus Helltyr sub-species.
  • Added the "Jabberbull Bully". A more difficult version of the Jabberbull.
  • Drosera Petals are now dropped 3 at a time instead of 1 at a time.
  • Improved the Jabberbull's Collision. They should no longer stand on top of you when attacking.
  • NPCs in x2y0 (northeast most zone) are now 20-40. Placement was adjusted.
  • NPCs in x0y2 (southwest most zone) are now 25-45. Placement was adjusted.
  • NPCs in x1y2 (south zone) and x2y2 (southeast zone) are now 35-50. Placement was adjusted.
  • NPCs in x0y0 (northwest zone) and x1y0 (north zone) are now level 55-80. Placement was adjusted.
  • NPCs have their armor, damage, HP values adjusted based around the new armor values/damage available for players. Higher level npcs should be much harder to take on without appropriate weapons.
  • Added extra difficulty spawners to all zones. These spawn the harder mini-boss type enemies more often than normal spawners. There are only 2-3 in each zone.
  • Adjusted Setlang Alpha to give out slightly more experience.
  • Added a tougher version of a Vulture called a "Vulture Predator". They are similar in difficulty to the Setlang alphas.
  • Rocharus now have a spitting special ability.
  • Calprates Charger now has a new tint making it easier to tell apart from regular Calprates. They also got a bump in experience like the Setlang Alphas.
  • Added a new tougher Rhinoc called a Rhinoc Bull. They now have the artifacts that were originally on the normal Rhinoc.
  • Added respec kits to some of the tougher npcs that were missing them (including Setlang Alphas). They should be on all harder npcs now.
  • Large Rhinoc renamed to Kaavo Rhinoc and use a new texture variation.
  • Adjusted the npcs in x1y1 (center/starting) part of the map. Region is mostly 1-20 now with tighter enforcement of levels and creatures. There are more lower level creatures than before as a result.
  • Introduced Kaavo Vulture sub-species.
  • NPCs in x0y1 (west of starting area) are now 5-30. NPC placements were adjusted and a few extra spots were added as well.



  • Improved performance when placing snappable housing items, with snap option is on.



  • Ferocious Rocharus Hybrid was added as the new high end pet. It requires the drosera petal. The Ferocious Rhinoc is lower tier now and only requires Parasites.
  • Genetic Engineered pets now have a new level system. It is based on your skill in Subsistence, your level, and the level/skill range on the pet. The pet can not be higher level than you and lower skill level pets have a level maximum that they cannot go over. The pets were distributed and adjusted through low and high point requirements in Subsistence so you can start using pets early on.
  • Pets are now using the same rotate code as normal NPCs. They should move/rotate a bit cleaner as a result.



  • The large boulders common early in the game now have a very small chance to yield Gold if using a Pick. You will get a larger supply in the usual spots, but since it is needed in some early recipes wanted to make some smaller amounts easier to get without venturing into higher level zones.


Skills and Abilities

  • Increased the level cap from level 50 to level 75.
  • Increased the skill cap from a maximum of 10 skill levels to a maximum of 15.
  • Made adjustments to the experience curve. This primarily affects higher levels.
  • All characters will be wiped as a result of this patch. This is our first wipe during Early Access, and we felt now was a good time to do it due to the level and skill changes, and the many changes in recent patches such as the more modularized construction system, and combat difficulty changes. We never take wipes lightly, but this is a good opportunity for players to get a fresh start with a level playing field.


Trade Skills

  • Genetic Pets now have a critical chance to produce 2 whistles instead of 1.
  • Crafting Stations now in the 10+ level now require Refined Steel instead of Iron+Calibrite.
  • You can now create Baked Vulture Legs with a Subsistence skill of 10. These last longer than Tangy Rhinoc Steaks, but are a bit less filling.
  • Setlang Jerky recipe is now obtained before the Jabberbull Jerky recipe.
  • You can now create Cryo Grenade Launchers with a 14+ Ranged skill.
  • Players with a Subsistence skill of 13 or higher can now create Energy Supplements.
  • You can now create Drosera Salad with a Subsistence skill of 15. This new food item is the most powerful currently in game, though it requires a Drosera Petal as one of its ingredients. It has a high regeneration value.
  • You can now cook Setlang Meat even with an untrained Subsistence skill.
  • Health Stims are now created in sets of 3.
  • Replaced the cloth pouch/backpacks. They are all now leather using and match up close to the armor made in textiles around their level.
  • As part of the skill cap increase we have adjusted the skill requirements on many recipes. During this process we have also made some adjustments so players will receive certain components earlier than was previously the case in relation to other recipes to improve the skill progression. The curve here should be similar to before in early levels, but at higher levels things are spaced a bit more than was previously the case.
  • The Textiles line now supports a wide variety of new recipes. This includes all-new Helltyr-hide, Jabberbull-hide, Kaavo-hide, Tralus-hide, and Phosphori Infused armor sets.
  • Skills now have a level restriction. You are restricted to 4 points per skill until level 10, then 7 until 30, 10 until 50, and 13 until 65.
  • You can now create Advanced Medical Scanners (as well as a new critical variation) with an Electronics skill of 15.
  • You can now create Phosphori Rifles with a Ranged weapon skill of 15.
  • Recipes will now give out experience based on their skill level and modifier. Higher level recipes should give more experience as a result. Batching does get a modifier for the batch size, but it is scaled down as you increase the batch size.
  • Added 9 new Refined weapon recipes to the Ranged skill. These are new tiers of weapons.
  • Reduced the craft queue count and significantly reduced the speed bonus on Improved and Advanced Crafting Structures.
  • Added two new recipes to the Refining skill which are used in the creation of Refined weapons and armor.
  • Added increased crafting times for armor and melee weapons.
  • There are now 3 genetic engineering stations like other "crafting" stations.
  • Backpacks now require a crafting station to make.
  • Introduced 6 new Refined weapon recipes to the Melee skill.
  • Removed Iron from any early level recipe. Was only a few spots, it was swapped out for Calibrite.

User Interface

  • Ranged weapons with AOE damage (shotguns, shockguns, flamethrowers, phosphori rifle) now show their AOE damage.
  • Added numerous new hide icons, both for existing and for new hides.
  • Reset the recent server list as there are going to be some changes with the patch.
  • Added some missing information about Campfire usage on recipes.
  • If you are at max level it will now display N/A as the experience required on the Character Sheet, so as not to confuse players.
  • There is now a message if you lack the skill points when trying to increase the skill.


Bug Fixes

  • Removed the 3D HUD Option as players were often checking it not realizing what it was and then running into issues.
  • Fixed a localized typo in the Sturdy Vulture Tunic name and description.
  • Fixed an issue which was giving credit for PvP kills in situations where it should not have.
  • Added the proper meshes to Sturdy Cloth Boots (they were erroneously unset).
  • Fixed a number of gravity related issues in housing.
  • Fixed a bug which was allowing weapons to proc on players who had PvP immunity up.
  • Updated Sturdy Rocharus Armor to use the right mesh.
  • Level achievements should properly work now. There was some instances where they would not trigger.
  • Kaavo Hounds had the wrong names assigned to them. Flipped them.
  • Now when playing in single player mode, if you quit while on top of a housing structure, when you restart the game you will still be on top of the structure, instead of below on the ground (and possibly stuck).
  • Fixed the misspelling in Hieroglyph.
  • It will no longer consume Ancient or Alien Artifacts if you attempt to use them when already at max level. It will instead warn you that you must be below max level to use these experience raising items.
  • Fixed the issue with extracting resources online. If you are getting the hand/outline you should now properly extract the resource
  • Fixed the StartingLevel not working.
  • Mousing over the Textiles or Construction skill icons on the Character Sheet will now indicate that you are at max level if you have already maxed out. It was previously displaying a blank tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue with housing items where it was possible to have 2 or more platform modules overlapping and floating in space.
  • Rest Stations will no longer appear as Reclining Beds in tooltips or target displays.

collectionfifatips | 16.10.2 Build is Now Live

16.10.2 is mostly a bug fix and optimization patch. Some time was spent profiling and fixing some issues to get the game running better on the xbox one build we are currently testing. This includes a massive decrease in memory consumption (roughly 1-1.2GB in single player, same amount if running a server instance), reduce CPU usage for some UI elements that were causing issues, and reduced CPU usage for grass updates. These will be mostly unnoticeable on a decent gaming CPU if you are running under 60fps, but perhaps would at 90-120fps as it could of been the limiting factor. The memory adjustment should make the game run on a 4GB system now. 

Another major optimization improvement was done to the recipe/batching window. It is now a bit faster after finding an issue and now updates quietly for inv changes instead of rebuilding the whole window (shouldn't be constantly scrolling moving items or after crafting now) and should refresh pretty quickly. 

Beyond that we pulled from the Repop icon archive and updated many inventory icons that were used more than once, housing tweaks from the latest housing changes, more lenient grounding for some housing items (Campfire!), new Refined Steel Pick so regular Steel Pick isn't refined, fixed the handful of broken crafting stations that only had 1 slot, improved z-sorting for UI elements, and a handful of other bug fixes and tweaks. 

Finally, a bit long overdue, but there is now a password option that can be set on a server when launched that forces the person connecting to type in the password before they can play. Once the password is provided they will not be asked again unless it is changed. We also introduced shortly after 16.10.1 new server documentation including new batch scripts (included in the build) for running a server on windows MUCH easier. Check if out if you are interested. 

Full notes are below. 


  • Tweaked Grenade and Rocket Launchers to have better explosion sounds over distances.
  • Altered the lurker hunting sounds.
  • Fixed a problem with the Armored Vehicle sounds attenuation.


  • Introduced many new inventory icons.


  • Fixed a bug with housing placement that allowed for floating platforms on the water. To compensate for the resulting sinking of the rogue floating items, the resource return rate for housing demolition has been temporary changed back to 100%. In addition, as the floating bridges were kind of cool, added the ability to place any of the platform modules in water, provided they are grounded and not free floating.
  • Tweaked the geometry data for the following small housing items, to make them easier to place: Campfire, Compost Bin, Mortar and Pestle, Large Crate, Small Crate, Silo, Foot Locker, Refrigerator, Farming Plot, and Stove
  • Housing items are no longer subject to periodic gravity checks. They will however, still be checked and lowered if their supporting structure is demolished, destroyed, or moved away.
  • Adjusted the start height for Platforms so that when placed on the ground they will start half buried at the center location. You can raise or lower the platforms as desired when placing.

Items and Fittings

  • Extended the distance at which Traps and Personal Shields can be seen.
  • Increased the durability of tools created with Refined Steel.
  • Many items now have new icons as we attempt to ensure that there are no duplications and to make them easier to identify visually.
  • You can now create Steel Picks with a Refining skill of 8. They no longer require Refined Steel to create.


  • Updated Chinese Localization.
  • Updated Spanish Localization.


  • There is now a -playpassword option when starting a server. This will force a password prompt to come up after you connect to the server. You will need to enter the password to play on the server. Once the password is entered correctly it is stored on the player so it doesn't have to be entered again. Changing the password would require it to be entered again for access.


  • Improved the performance of the crafting/Batch window. It should work a bit faster and with less CPU now.
  • Added small improvement to performance when placing housing items.
  • Adjusted the way some navmesh memory is utilized. This is a pretty massive saving (1.2GB on client if in single player and slightly more on a server). Might need some further testing, but initial testing wasn't showing much difference in performance or navmesh usage.
  • Optimized the networking utilized in housing, traps, turrets, and other potentially problematic areas.
  • Improved the update process for counts on itemSlot UI so it will take up less threading time.
  • Adjusted how often the routine updates for displaying grass. This should improve some game threading performance a small amount.

Trade Skills

  • Nanites now require Samr Berries rather than Ngooberries.
  • Introduced a new variation of Refined Steel Picks which can be created with a Refining skill of 10. This brings picks in line with other harvesting tools.

User Interface

  • The crafting/Batch window now will do a soft update when an inv change is sent. This will update the window without rebuilding it like it was before. This is significantly faster than before and won't force the rebuild/scrolling issues from before.
  • When selecting a filter in the recipe/batching window it should display faster than before.
  • Added some missing information about Campfire usage on recipes.
  • Moving items in/out of a bag will now trigger the recipe/batching window to update.
  • Moving items in/out of storage on crafting containers will now properly update the recipe list in the container.
  • Setup the equipment/container interface so it can be ordered with the other windows. Right now it is setup to be over top of the other windows.
  • Container Windows will now remember their last open position during gameplay if opened again.
  • Equipment Window and containers should now switch their z-order (bring to the front or back) with other windows when opened/clicked.

Bug Fixes

  • Skinning Stones can once again harvest hides.
  • The Mubark Studded Breastplate recipe no longer requires 12 Mubark Breastplates to create.
  • Fixed a bug where the player name validation were not working if player wanted to rename character without login out.
  • Fixed the crafting stations (mostly Improved/Advanced) ones that did not have some values properly set on them. They had 1 queue slot and 1x speed when they should of had more.
  • Fixed a Bug where Guild Name validation where not happening as expected.
  • Kaavo Hounds had the wrong names assigned to them. Flipped them.
  • Fixed a typo in the Rocharus and Vulture armor set descriptions.
  • Fixed the misspelling in Hieroglyph.
  • Fixed the values on improved/advanced stations that were for some reason reset to default values.
  • Fixed an issue with housing placement, where overlapping platforms can sometimes cause a failure in the grounding check for structures being placed on top.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the initial height setting, when placing a housing item, to be incorrect.

16.11.1 Build is Now Live on collectionfifatips

This patch includes some more gamepad support (including options, improved radial menu, camera controls, and you can now map to the quickbar from your inventory). Some housing issues that were reported in the previous build also had some adjustments to fix some errors found. Further changes were made on momentum for vehicles to help prevent them from rolling away.

In addition, some new configuration options are now available. One is to completely disable food from decaying, the other is to limit the amount of decay when offline. The camera and how it moves was adjusted in this patch so you might need to adjust the sensitivity if it is faster or slower than before. A handful of other bug fixes are included in this patch as well along with some other minor tweaks.

Full notes are below.

Items and Fittings 

  • Tinted the generic bag model which is used for many dropped items to be a reddish tint rather than grey, to make it easier to identify and pick up.


  • Added a new configuration option to limit food decay when offline. It will only remove 1 qty of food from a stack when your character returns back to the game (single player or online if enabled). It will also do the same for storage if playing in single player (all containers are live online, so it won't impact them unless the server is down and unable to update the quantities).
  • Newly created single player games will now pop up a ruleset configuration menu after your character is created for the first time. You can still use /ruleset to tweak those options afterwards.
  • Added a new ruleset configuration flag which allows you to disable item decay.
  • Opening the Options or System Windows while in single player mode will now automatically pause the game and then unpause when closed.
  • Increased the range at which selected spawn points become available to players.
  • New players will be unable to spawn away from new player friendly spawn points until level 3, it was previously level 2. That system was implemented before the world changes though so we wanted to give players a little more leeway.

Trade Skills 

  • The Steel Pick recipe is now acquired with a skill of 8, as was originally intended.

User Interface 

  • Fixed an issue where you could sprint while holding down the attack button if you released sprint and tried again
  • Adjusted the selection/radial wheel for the gamepad. It will now close open windows, properly start off in the previous used window (starts at inv as default now) and removed the previous wheel slot rendering as it was pointless.
  • Pressing the Save button on the Ruleset Configuration window will now close the window after it completes saving.
  • Key Bindings are now available in the options window from the Main Menu.
  • Camera rotation is now independent of framerate. Camera speed might be quite a bit different than before depending on your previous framerate. 
  • Mouse sensitivity over 50 now has a slight multiplier to it to increase sensitivity more as it approaches 100. Before it was doubling the speed, now it is 6x faster. If you had it set over 50 you might need to adjust it some.
  • You can now use the escape button to close down the guild window.
  • Added d-pad graphics for the hotkeys when using a gamepad. They should only show up if the gamepad is being actively used.
  • There is now a hotkey option for gamepad to map inventory or equipment to a hotbar. Drop was moved from Y to RB and the hotkey is now on X. You can select an empty slot to remove whatever is present in the hotbar as well.
  • Moved radial menu used to select inv, crafting, etc on the gamepad to the Y button.
  • Crafting Station window now properly remembers previous position when switching panels on a gamepad. It also doesn't do a full refresh when doing so now.
  • You can now hold down the Left Bumper on the gamepad and use the right stick to zoom the camera in/out.
  • You could toggle the filters in the crafting station when interfacing with the inventory on a crafting station accidentally. This was fixed as it reset some values that screwed up interfacing with the inventory.
  • Mouse section was renamed to Camera in options as those settings impact the camera when using both a mouse or gamepad.
  • Removed the Quit button from the options menu.
  • Options menu now supports gamepad usage with the exception of Keybinding. It needs to be done with the mouse (if on PC you can remap gamepad buttons as before, but requires using a mouse to do so). The rest of the controls can be adjusted with a gamepad though.
  • Fixed an issue with sprint toggle (/ or left analog pad) would disable auto attack. You will not keep attacking and it will properly disable the sprint.

Vehicles and Mounts 

  • Vehicles will no longer spawn to the side of you, instead spawning straight ahead. They will also spawn higher in the air to help compensate for uphill terrain. 
  • Vehicles should no longer roll downhill quickly if summoned on an incline.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed a bug which was causing the edge of some text on the character sheet to be cut off.
  • Fixed some display errors with the Key Bind UI, which could cause a key bind button to not show.
  • Fixed food type items not dropping properly.
  • Improved handling of dropping of housing items after their supporting structure has been demolished or moved. There should no longer be items left hanging in the air, nor items sinking into each other on the fall.
  • Dropped items will now be dropped a little further away from the player to help prevent players from tripping over them.
  • Added some checks to some client side code that was running on the server causing log spam.
  • Fixed bug that allowed placement of housing items over the player. This was especially apparent with the platform support pieces.
  • Fixed an issue with housing placement that could cause the client to crash.
  • Fixed a bug with demolishing housing items (and possibly placing them) that could result in a client hang/crash.
  • Corrected an issue which could occur if a container was removed and cause the items inside to go into an error cycle that degraded performance.
  • Potential fix for the issue where Supply Crates are not always clickable. This will need real world testing but we fixed an error which may have been the root of it.

collectionfifatips – Cesc Fabregas not punished further as FA charges Chelsea and Man City

Craig Burley says Chelsea may be title favourites after another statement win over Man City.
ESPN FC’s Premier League correspondents analyse a pivotal weekend in the title race as Chelsea and Arsenal win big.
Stewart Robson explains why he thinks Pep Guardiola’s approach was right in his side’s defeat to Chelsea.
Shaka Hislop says he can’t find a deficiency in Chelsea’s squad, and backs them as current Premier League favourites.
ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Alejandro Moreno debate the impact Kevin De Bruyne’s miss had on Man City’s loss to Chelsea.

Manchester City and Chelsea have been charged with failing to control their players last Saturday — but Cesc Fabregas has avoided additional sanction after apparently striking Fernandinho.

The Football Association on Monday announced the charge after City striker Sergio Aguero’s reckless tackle on Chelsea defender David Luiz prompted a bench-clearing fracas.

Aguero was shown a straight red card, triggering a four-match ban, and Fernandinho was also sent off, with the Brazil midfielder apparently reacting to a slap in the face by Fabregas by shoving the Spain playmaker over the advertising hoardings.

Fabregas was shown a yellow card by referee Anthony Taylor following the melee, for adopting an aggressive attitude.

The apparent slap by Fabregas on Fernandinho was not seen by match officials, so it could be reviewed, but no further action will be taken.

A FA statement read: “Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas will not face any further action in relation to an incident involving City’s Fernandinho. Off the ball incidents which are not seen at the time by the match officials are referred to a panel of three former elite referees.

“Each referee panel member will review the video footage independently of one another to determine whether they consider it a sending-off offence. For retrospective action to be taken, and an FA charge to follow, the decision of the panel must be unanimous.”

Chelsea’s 3-1 win, their eighth straight Premier League victory, finished on a sour note. The clubs have until Dec. 8 to respond to the charges.

Chelsea are already on a warning over previous similar breaches of FA rules. The Blues were fined £375,000 and Tottenham £225,000 after a series of flashpoints in the May 2 London derby at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea’s win over Man City on Saturday prompted a bench-clearing fracas.

Those record fines were reduced on appeal in July to £290,000 for Chelsea and £175,000 to Spurs, but both clubs were warned as to their future conduct. If Chelsea are sanctioned for the behaviour at City, their prior record will likely count against them.

City will feel the impact of the indiscipline immediately. Aguero’s offence was effectively his second dismissal of the season after he served a three-match ban for violent conduct, issued retrospectively after he was adjudged to have elbowed West Ham’s Winston Reid in August.

The Argentina striker will miss City’s matches with Leicester, Watford, Arsenal and Hull this month. Fernandinho will be available for the Hull game on Boxing Day.

City defender Nicolas Otamendi received his fifth booking of the season to prompt an automatic one-match suspension, so City are without three players for Saturday’s trip to Leicester.

The two red cards against Chelsea took City’s number of on-field dismissals to five in the early months of Pep Guardiola’s reign.

Fernandinho and goalkeeper Claudio Bravo were sent off in Champions League action, while Nolito was sent off in September’s win over Bournemouth.

Meanwhile, Manchester United’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic and West Brom’s James McClean have avoided charges for tackles at the weekend.

Ibrahimovic was criticised for a challenge on Everton’s Seamus Coleman and McClean for a tackle on Watford’s Roberto Pereyra which resulted in a yellow card.

Both incidents were seen and dealt with by the match officials at the time.

Chapecoense officially awarded title of Copa Sudamericana after plane crash on collectionfifatips

Thousands gathered at stadiums in Brazil and Colombia to pay their respects to the victims of the Chapecoense tragedy.
Argentina’s Racing will wear the Chapecoense crest on their shirts as a tribute to those who lost their lives.

CONMEBOL officially awarded Brazilian side Chapecoense with the 2016 Copa Sudamericana on Monday.

In a statement, the South American governing body said it awarded the title — the continent’s secondary international club tournament — “as a posthumous homage to the victims of the fatal crash that leaves our sport in mourning.”

Club officials had said on Saturday that the title and $2 million prize money would be bestowed upon the Brazilian side after a plane carrying the team crashed en route to the Copa final last Monday, taking the lives of 71 people on board — including 19 players. 

On Monday, the news was made official, with CONMEBOL also announcing that rival club Atletico Nacional would be given an award for fair play consisting of $1 million.

“For CONMEBOL there is no greater example of the ‘spirit of peace, understanding and fair play’ set forth as an objective of our institution than the solidarity, consideration and respect shown by Atletico National towards its brothers from Chapecoense,” a CONMEBOL statement said.

The Colombian side, who would have been Chapecoense’s opponents in the the two-legged final, campaigned for the title to be given to the Brazilian club earlier this week.

Speaking after a memorial in Chapeco on Saturday, Chapecoense interim president Ivan Tozzo said that the title — complete with the winners’ prize money — will be awarded by the South American football confederation to the club.

“CONMEBOL have testified that they will crown Chapecoense as champions of the Copa Sudamericana,” Tozzo told Globo. “We are receiving support from all federations. The CBF, CONMEBOL, FIFA, and especially the people of Chapeco.

“Right now we are beginning to rebuild the team. People want football, people love football in Chapeco. Therefore, we must continue this. Let’s talk and do well, let the dust settle and rebuild the team for next year.”

As the winners, Chapecoense qualify automatically for next season’s Copa Libertadores, the continent’s top tournament.

It also means that Chapecoense will face Atletico Nacional — the defending Copa Libertadores champions — in an emotion-charged two-game Supercopa Sul-Americana next year between the continent’s two club champions.

Brazil’s leading clubs have pledged to loan players to Chapecoense for free and asked for them to be safeguarded from relegation from the top flight for the next three seasons.

Just three players — defender Alan Luciano Ruschel, reserve goalkeeper Jackson Ragnar Follmann and centre-back Helio Hermito Zampier Neto — were among the six survivors of the crash. Only Neto has a hope of resuming his career, reports have said.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Football Confedation (CBF) confirmed that the Brazil national team will will play Colombia in a friendly at the end of January to help victims of the crash.

A spokesman said the venue will be decided by Chapecoense directors and that all the ticket office revenues will go to the families of the victims.

Chapecoense’s director of communications says the match could happen at the historic Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro or in Chapecoense’s 22,000-seater Arena Conda.

Later on Monday, Chapecoense confirmed they will not face Atletico Mineiro on Sunday in the last round of the domestic Brazilian league, though other games will go on. Atletico agreed with that decision as the result won’t impact the position of either team in the tournament.

Follow @ESPNFC on Twitter to keep up with the latest football updates.

collectionfifatips – Outrage as Bank of England confirms new £5 notes contain animal fat

Bad news, vegans and vegetarians (Picture: Rex/Shutterstock)

The new £5 notes contain animal fat, the Bank of England has confirmed.

Vegans and vegetarians have been left disgusted by the revelations about the note, that has been in circulation for three months.

Multi-millionaire ‘strangled his escort girlfriend’ after hearing her plans to ‘fleece’ him

It contains tallow, a substance made from animal fat that is often used in the manufacturing of candles and soap.

A petition has already been launched calling on the production of the plastic fivers to be stopped – and it has quickly gained 1,000 signatures.

The news came to light when the Bank of England responded to a tweet to confirm that tallow is used in the production of the note.

People have flocked to sign the petition, which reads:

The new £5 notes contain animal fat in the form of tallow. This is unacceptable to millions of vegans & vegetarians in the U.K. We demand that you cease to use animal products in the production of currency that we have to use.

And it’s safe to say some vegans and vegetarians are outraged.

Other people, however, took a more light-hearted view.

collectionfifatips | Volunteer programme changing lives in PNG

Can football make a difference to people’s lives? On the surface it may seem too clichéd to be true. But dig just a little into the back-stories of some of the volunteers at the 2016 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Papua New Guinea, and it is abundantly clear that this tournament is genuinely playing a pivotal role in helping people rebuild their lives.

Volunteer Danish Paul pulls back the top of his shirt to reveal a massive indent in his shoulder – it is a gunshot wound suffered as a result of a village dispute. He admits to a background of petty crime following a childhood of very little schooling, but now is actively trying to get his life back on track. Speaking a mix of Tok Pisin and English through an interpreter, Danish begins weeping simply when asked how the tournament has helped him. “I have experienced a change in attitude which I never thought would happen,” Danish, who is working in spectator services, told FIFA.com. “I have learnt how to smile at other people and become a better person. Hopefully it leads to employment.”

The volunteer programme for the 2016 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup is like no other. With an estimated 70-80 per cent of young Papua New Guineans unemployed, the decision was taken to create a programme where young volunteers were given the opportunity to gain a variety of skills and experience, hopefully leading to enhanced self-confidence and future employment. As a result, a large portion of the 1,000 volunteers working at Papua New Guinea 2016 are from underprivileged backgrounds

Altering attitudes to women
A key focus for the volunteer programme and the tournament has been the #ENDviolence campaign. Violence towards women and girls in the region is a widespread problem. But the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup has offered a perfect platform to transform attitudes. Indeed, the Papua New Guinea players have become role-models of sorts enjoying public affection and media attention wherever they have gone.

“I have never experienced violence but a lot of my friends around me have,” says 21-year-old Yori Auma, a volunteer working in accreditation. “This is a big problem here and that’s why this campaign is so important.

“This experience has been amazing, I learned so many things in this tournament. Before this started, I was at home, doing nothing special and looking for a job. This experience gave me some confidence for later. Now I want to go to college and become a doctor.”

Fifty volunteers will be selected following the tournament to be #ENDviolence ambassadors in their communities. They will receive further training and will be able to support a broad-based community awareness campaign in 20 shanty towns across Port Moresby.

Dulcie Geroia encouraged her sister to come to Port Moresby with the aim of restarting her life. At the age of 32, Mary Philip had never been employed before, but she made the arduous ten-hour trip to the capital determined to do just that. That was three months ago and Mary says her outlook has changed completely in that short space of time. “This experience has taught me to stand up and face challenges,” she says. “It has been a new experience to meet people from all over the world.”

Dulcie, already living in Port Moresby, says the tournament has allowed women to be more self-confident within themselves and the community. “This has been an opportunity for people to grow, and I have seen so much change in a short time,” she said. “It is wonderful to see so many women involved. I want to see women come out of the shed and shine.”

Klopp: Gerrard needs space to pursue coaching, as does Giggs on collectionfifatips

The Reds boss says the Liverpool icon must be allowed to shape a career on the sidelines away from the glare of the public spotlight

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has called for Steven Gerrard to be given space in his bid to move into coaching.

Gerrard, 36, confirmed his retirement from professional football on Thursday, having announced he was leaving LA Galaxy earlier this month.

Klopp: Door always open to Gerrard

Klopp wants Gerrard to be given his chance to settle into management, comparing the situation to what Ryan Giggs went through at Manchester United.

"In Manchester it is the same with Giggs. Where will he go next? But if you want these guys on the bench let them work and don't handle them as the players they were before," he told UK newspapers.

"That is a little advice from a very average football player."

While it is expected Gerrard will return to Liverpool in some capacity, Klopp wants the former midfielder out of the spotlight.

The German said his situation in charge of Mainz, where he started as coach in 2001, was far different.

"In the first few years at Mainz if I was training naked no-one would have seen it. I didn't do that actually," Klopp said.

Gerrard's career highs & lows

"When people accept you will make mistakes it helps of course. The best thing was we could learn everything from doing things right and wrong.

"You have your first game, make the wrong decision, then you develop and it's about collecting points, then to stay in the league, then to win the league or whatever.

"It was not that every day everyone wanted to know, 'how are you?' Most of the time we had no-one around and we had to fight for a little bit of pubic interest, especially in Mainz."

RUMOURS: Man City clause could see Stoke lose Bony to China – collectionfifatips.com

The 27-year-old Ivorian signed a season-long loan deal with the Potters but City could offload him to China in the new year should there be sufficient interest

RUMOURS: Man City clause could see Stoke lose Bony to China - collectionfifatips.com

Stoke City could lose striker Wilfriend Bony in January due to a clause written into his loan agreement with Manchester City, according to the Telegraph.

The Ivorian forward signed a season-long deal with Mark Hughes' side but reports suggest that a release clause could well be triggered by any Chinese club that comes in for him in January.

Bony has scored twice this season, both coming in the recent tie with former club Swansea, in his nine Premier League starts for the Potters.

It is thought that Manchester City are keen to offload the 27-year-old on a permanent basis as soon as possible, even if it means terminating the agreement with Stoke earlier than first thought.


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